Red root


Red rootRed root — Root of the Altai Plant Tea Kopechnik. This healing plant grows only on the territory of Altai and endowed with a pleasant smell. His root has an action preventing the development of prostatitis and impotence and preserving male sexual health. Red root does not have toxicity, so it is safe to use. The positive impact of a penny impact on the exchange processes, if applied during a bath visit. The beneficial effect of Altai herbs opened the Old Believers, their recipes and this are successfully applied in the preparation of non-penetrations of red root. Herbs should be collected manually at a certain time of year and to be specialized.

Red root called red because of the color of his root. Also this plant is called a bearish and blood root. Tea penny is successfully used at:

  • prostate;
  • prostate adenome;
  • reduce potency;
  • lung diseases;
  • breast pathologies;
  • male and female infertility;
  • cystitis;
  • disorders of the central nervous and immune system;
  • diseases of the kidneys, liver and blood;
  • Tumors of women's mammary glands, mastopathy and uterine hemorrhage.

Therapeutic properties of tea poison

The advantage of the red root is that it is not a medicine and not chemistry, but a natural remedy with healing properties. Elderly people are recommended to drink decoction from this plant to improve the work of the heart and blood circulation. It is successfully used in neurosis: the active components of this agent have a beneficial effect on the central nervous system, contribute to the removal of fatigue and increase endurance. Nature awarded a poisoner with diuretic, anti-inflammatory, painkillers and hemostatic actions. Its favorable effect on the vessels. This Altai plant can remove spasms and normalize the operation of the urinary system.

Red root even with long-term use does not cause addiction, and even children can consume it. Let's summarize the treatment properties of tea penny, confirmed by doctors and biologists:

  • restoration of sexual function, both in men and women;
  • Removing inflammation in diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • Prevention of cancer;
  • normalization of the work of the tract and salt metabolism;
  • stimulation of the work of cardiovascular and respiratory systems;
  • blood purification;
  • Strengthening immunity in children and adults.

Red root has contraindications (pregnancy, breastfeeding and other.), so coordinate its application with its therapist.

Medicinal forms of bear root

From a bear root can be cooked:

  • tincture;
  • tea:
  • balm;
  • decoction.

Medicinal forms of bear rootFor the preparation of tincture you need to mix finely chopped red root with vodka or alcohol and insist for two weeks. Before use, the tincture must be strain and diluted with water. Such a dosage form is convenient for the treatment of diseases of the respiratory system (tuberculosis, pneumonia), blood, prostate gland, infertility, influenza and ORVI. Tincture can be used to strengthen the immune system. Red root — Beautiful choice for making tea. Such tea will stimulate the cardiovascular system and brain circulation. It also has a common toning property and well relieves fatigue. Balm is a mixture of chopped penny with medical alcohol. Balsam insists ten days in a dark and cool place, and then ready to use 30 drops three times a day. Balm is well suited for people with prostatitis, impotence, disorders of the tract and nervous disorders. Red root is used in the shape of a beam and in microclism.

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