Acute intestinal obstruction

Acute intestinal obstruction called dangerousa condition where the broken pieces of the free movement of food in the gastrointestinal tract. For emergency surgery, this pathology is one of the most severe - mortality and complications after surgery is very high.

Depending on what caused the disease, acute intestinal obstruction is mechanical and dynamic.

Causes of intestinal pathology

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Mechanical obstruction:

  • It can be caused by strangulated hernia;
  • It occurs some time after abdominal surgery - adhesions in the gut lumen is closed;
  • It appears as a result of retraction of the other part of the colon with a lumen overlap (so-called intussusception);
  • It is a consequence of cancer of the bowel or organs in the immediate vicinity;
  • inevitable when BLOAT intestine to form nodes;
  • not be ruled out when the gut tube overlap gallstones and stool, foreign bodies, or the accumulation of worms.

Dynamic obstruction:

  • It develops in the first few days after surgery in the abdominal cavity;
  • It becomes the result of intoxication (eg, lead poisoning);
  • a complication peritonitis, Sigmoid colon abnormalities, hernia, diverticular disease of the large intestine, inflammation in the abdominal cavity and its organs;
  • may occur after both open and closed abdominal injury.

External symptoms of intestinal obstruction

gastroenterology, gastrointestinal tract, digestive diseases, intestinal obstruction, bowel

After the surgeon to visually assess the condition of the patient, the patient will have to take a blood and urine samples for general analysis.

Also, do X-rays of the abdominal cavity, which inIt indicates increased presence of disease in the intestinal loop size and so-called intestinal arches, which are characteristic for the indicator of intestinal obstruction. Abdominal ultrasound specialist will help set the diameter of the intestinal loops.

In cases where the physician for any reason,difficult to confirm the diagnosis, laparoscopy is carried out - the anterior abdominal wall is pierced and with the help of special equipment is carried out visual diagnostics of internal organs.

How to cure acute intestinal obstruction

gastroenterology, gastrointestinal tract, digestive diseases, intestinal obstruction, bowel

For starters, preference is given to conservative therapy. Whatever the cause of intestinal obstruction, all patients, without exception, are recommended for therapeutic fasting and complete rest.

To stop vomiting, use nasogastricprobe: a device inserted through the nose into the stomach, thus freeing it from accumulated contents. In parallel, a number of administered intravenous solutions of drugs that relieve the patient from cramps, pain and vomiting. Be sure to use a solution of neostigmine 0.05% - subcutaneous injections of the drug restores normal intestinal motility.

If acute intestinal obstruction occurred onbackground infringement of hernia, emergency surgery is performed as an obstruction to stop will not work without it. The treatment ends with the operation and when conservative methods do not bring the proper result.

Operation on liquidation of acute intestinalobstruction takes place under general anesthesia. The surgeon makes an incision midline anterior abdominal wall that allows you to adequately assess the picture of the disease and find the direct cause of its development. Depending on the reason for the doctor performs the necessary operational actions.

On the first day after surgery, the patient shouldadhere to bed rest. Get up and walk, he will be able to later. The recovery period involves wearing special orthopedic brace: device relieves pain and protects joints from fresh differences. After the operation, and for some time after discharge, the patient should be bandaged leg elastic bandage.

How to protect the intestines

gastroenterology, gastrointestinal tract, digestive diseases, intestinal obstruction, bowel

  1. Diseases that in any way may adversely affect the ability of the free movement of food through the intestines, should be treated promptly and competently.
  2. If the patient has the opportunity to choose which way to be operated, better to give preference videolaparaskopii: method significantly reduces the risk of adhesive disease.
  3. The man who had surgery in the areaabdomen, should radically change their eating habits and mode. There should be modest meals every 2-3 hours. Consumption of foods high in fat and spices irritating the intestinal mucosa, it is better to limit.
  4. Constipation, even occasional, it is impossible to leave anyone chance. In a difficult situation, you can use candles bisacodyl for rectal administration, liquid paraffin (1-2 tbsp. L. During meals), basic enemas.

Intestinal obstruction: the price paid for carelessness

The consequences are not permitted in time problemsileus sad: on the walls of the intestine appear necrotic areas through which the contents of the abdominal cavity of the intestine gets. So developing peritonitis.

This is a serious condition that is very difficult toadjust and heal. Inflammation of the peritoneum, in turn, gives a complication - abdominal blood poisoning. The chances of survival are slim a person. The conclusion is clear: for any ailment their health are best left to professionals, rather than relying on the notorious "maybe".

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