Symptoms and treatment of peritonitis

Every year, modern medicine is increasingTurnover: to make scientific discoveries, create new technologies to combat a variety of diseases, new drugs. But, nevertheless, there are still diseases, which in the absence of timely treatment ends not only serious complications and death. Doctors in such cases, alas, could not help.

One of such terrible diseases - peritonitis. He is spoken of as a strong inflammatory process starts in the peritoneum, with the body facing intoxication (poisoning).

Features of the development of the disease

the peritoneum, the abdominal cavity, inflammation, gastroenterology, infection, peritonitis

Peritoneum - a collective name for thinconnective tissue sheets, carpet the abdominal cavity from the inside. They serve as a barrier, protecting the abdominal cavity from the muscles. With the attacks of pathogens peritoneum cope on their own, producing antibodies that destroy pests. But when dangerous microorganisms becomes too much and the immunity of the peritoneum can not cope with them, she is transformed into a source of the disease - so developing peritonitis. Medical practice calls this life-threatening disease.

Factors causing peritonitis

  1. A large accumulation of pathogenic microorganismsnature in the abdominal cavity. Often, this is due to rupture of one of the walls of a body cavity as a result of abdominal mechanical trauma or disease. Much less the cause becomes of infection through the blood or lymph. Peritonitis often becomes a complication of acute appendicitis, Perforated gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer,intestinal obstruction, necrosis of the colon against the backdrop of a hernia, organ failure due to the collapse of the tumor, injury to the abdomen, damage to the integrity of the gastric or intestinal wall foreign body.
  2. Inflammation can provoke the blood that gets intothe abdominal cavity of the torn vessel. First, consider a peritonitis-bacterial, but after a few hours it becomes a bacterial as to hemorrhage are beginning to enter the intestinal pathogens.
  3. Complications such as peritonitis may be crowned with ascites - fluid accumulation in the abdominal cavity in patients with renal and heart failure.

As peritonitis manifested externally

the peritoneum, the abdominal cavity, inflammation, gastroenterology, infection, peritonitis

It occurs three days after developmentinflammation, and after 2 to 3 days it basically ends in death. The patient is already in intensive care by this time - the vital activity of the body is artificially maintained. The patient's condition is very serious: the face is a pale bluish tint, the cheeks are very sunken, the facial features are sharpened. Pain during palpation of the abdomen is gone. A person’s breathing is confused or does not listen at all, pressure and pulse cannot be measured.

Diagnosis of the disease

Primarily the doctor pays attention to the typical external signs of peritonitis, as well as disease, which caused it.

About peritonitis in general blood analysis saysraising the level of white blood cells, sometimes a decrease in the number of red blood cells and hemoglobin, in the last stages of the disease interfere with the function of the coagulation system.

With the help of ultrasound technician can assess the magnitude of the problem - how far had spread inflammation.

peritonitis Treatment

the peritoneum, the abdominal cavity, inflammation, gastroenterology, infection, peritonitis

The road to recovery - only through surgery. If the doctor is not in doubt the diagnosis is correct, emergency surgical intervention. What are the objectives pursued doctors during surgery? Source inflammation, organ or part of an organ, carefully examining, if necessary, the affected wall is sutured, the tumor is removed, the bleeding stopped. Antiseptic solution certainly is washed purulent lesions. If extensive washing peritonitis do for several days after surgery. The final stage of post-surgical therapy includes receiving strong antibacterial drugs and correction of violations of water-electrolyte balance.

Prediction and prevention of disease

The outcome of the disease is determined by how quicklythe patient was operated as a full and quality was postoperative therapy. Unfortunately, if not properly respond to the disease, diffuse peritonitis claims the lives of about 45% of cases: the cause of death becomes purulent intoxication and multiple organ failure.

Prevention of the disease is primarily lies in the rapid detection and treatment of the underlying disease, because the essence of peritonitis is not a separate and secondary.

our website warns: If you experience very severe abdominal pain and can not suppress their pain medication, which usually helps you, you need to assess your general condition. In the presence of high temperature, nausea and vomiting should immediately call a doctor! You may need urgent hospitalization.

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