Dysplasia of the hip joints

According to the national program a full inspectionexperts child should begin in one month. The list includes specialists and orthopedic surgeon. Imagine the surprise and frustration at the mother when the orthopedist, guiding the baby on ultrasound hip joints, put the diagnosis "dysplasia." Not everything is so terrible, if noticed in time and treated properly.

According to the National Programme, which seeks tofollow now the majority of pediatricians, child experts complete inspection should begin at 1 month. The list includes specialists and orthopedic surgeon. Imagine the surprise and frustration at the mother when the orthopedist, guiding the baby on ultrasonography hip, diagnoses "dysplasia" ...

MirSovetov hastens to reassure: not so scary if noticed in time and treated properly. First you need to figure out what is a disease, then - because of which it arises, and in the end learn to properly treat it.

The disease comes from ancient times

Dysplasia of the hip joints
Many experts believe that in one way or anotherthe degree of hip dysplasia are born all children. But further progression (worsening) occurs at the wrong care, adherence, etc.

Dysplasia, as such, is a violation ofstructure and properties. Therefore, if we are talking about the joints, we are talking about violation of cartilage structure, its limited mobility, increased density, sometimes close to the bone density.

The causes and reasons for such violation myriad. You can start with the wrong lifestyle, alcohol, smoking in the first months of pregnancyWhen not every woman knows about herposition. In this period there is a bookmark all organs are formed the first structure of which will continue to grow the cells of the body. Further, a weighty role for environmental factors, the environment, as well as sedentary lifestyles and poor nutrition pregnant woman.

Summing up on the prevention of the disease, we can say that these factors are not only able to stimulate dysplasia, but also cause other diseases.

Carefully examine the baby

From the earliest days more than any other, exceptneonatologists in the hospital, your child sees his mother. Therefore, it is important to carefully apply to all changes occurring with the baby. Do not be afraid to ask your local pediatrician, we should not overestimate their capabilities and skills.

Every day when swaddling the baby, diaper changing, bathing worth paying attention to:

  • the mobility of the legs;
  • their visual symmetry.

The child, lying on his back, legs up to 1 monthThey are bent or half-bent position. To suspect hip dysplasia can be if one of the legs sag or raised stronger than the other.

It is believed that if any dysplasia TBSChild legs of different lengths. And this is wrong! Every healthy human limb length is always different. And that's fine. Mom, for obvious reasons, it is often difficult to adequately assess the proportionality of the legs.

When vykladyvanii baby on his tummy longer legs straightened and become better visible folds on the inner thighs. The number of folds, their location must be strictly symmetrical.

By popular According to statistics, the first concern, which is associated with dysplasia, mothers evince it in relation to asymmetry or different numbers of folds on the hips kid.

So above are the main symptoms thatmay notice any sufficiently attentive mother. There are also a number of special symptoms, due to which an orthopedic surgeon can make a diagnosis of dysplasia. For example, "click symptom." He probed the thumbs of both hands laid on the area of ​​the joints, with a certain deep cultivation feet. But do not try to define it yourself. With proper practice harm such manipulation impossible. But the young mother, that not wishing, can cause dislocation or subluxation of the joint, which are amenable to conservative (non-surgical) treatment significantly worse.

Therefore, at the first suspicion or concern should consult a pediatrician and get a referral to a podiatrist.

In the US hip various changes, most often, it's just a difference of rotation angles and the absence or dysplasia tissue.

We treat dysplasia home

After the diagnosis of dysplasia orthopedistshould give some guidance. But, often, moms difficult the first time to remember and complex physical therapy, and the rules of care for the baby. Therefore MirSovetov recommends a sequence of actions aimed at restoring joint function and recovery.
Physical education at the hip dysplasia

  1. Put the baby on the changing table and undress.
  2. Remove the diaper.
  3. Make a light massage, which consists in stroking the skin and light rubbing.
  4. Do not forget to lay on his tummy.
  5. When air baths coming to an end, we putchild on the back, hands set on knees and fingers - on the hips. In a circle, quietly and smoothly, legs begin to breed in hand, focusing on the knees. We strive to squeeze the entire outer surface of the legs from the surface of the changing table.

    IMPORTANT: Observe the measure, do not just follow the movements of the baby or use excessive force. Choose the "golden mean."

  6. Keep an eye on the kid emotions: if she starts to cry, do not rush to finish the procedure. The reason may lie crying in flatulence and colic.
  7. Another important detail: the leg in which dysplasia joint to a greater extent and will fall downward. At first. But gradually, with due time, the legs will be discharged absolutely equally.
  8. Dressing your baby, use a rigid frame on top of the diaper. This can be tightly folded diaper. Feet baby at the same time to remain in the diluted state.

This "simple" method should be used at least 2 times a day for at least two months.

It is worth mentioning that dysplasia can bea few degrees. Therefore, massage and physiotherapy to help with the treatment of mild dysplasia. But when the average degree of the complex includes special tires and spacers.

Now, in the era of the Internet, you can find a lot ofinformation about the possible treatment and secondary, and severe dysplasia. However, the mother must remember one very important detail: it is better to help other physician who has seen the child. Therefore MipSovetov recommends not to make her baby being experimental, and strictly follow the wise advice of a podiatrist.

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