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Every pregnant woman, as a rule,I am looking forward to the moment when he first saw her baby. Through ultrasound that moment comes earlier than nine months. And what a joy to see how your toddler yawning, or finger sucking. All you need to know about the ultrasound during pregnancy - today readers our website.

The principle of safe ultrasound: as little as possible.

Each pregnant womanAs a rule, is looking forward to the moment whenfirst saw her baby. Through ultrasound that moment comes earlier than nine months. And what a joy to see how your toddler yawning, or finger sucking. All you need to know about the ultrasound during pregnancy - today readers our website.

What is the US

Ultrasound device is in almost every city, and every expectant mother could see his chips before he was born
US - is ultrasonography. Simply put, the diagnosis by ultrasound. And, despite the fact that ultrasound has been opened earlier than the X-ray beam is used for diagnosis it is not too long. So in such a short period of ultrasound has become a mandatory procedure in the survey of pregnant women. Ultrasound device is in almost every city, and every expectant mother could see his chips before he was born. How does this device work? It generates inaudible to the human ear sound waves that are reflected from the body tissue, a response signal is sent, and he, in turn, gives us an image on the monitor.

Previously, the survey was conducted the probe (specialsensor) directly from outside the body. But with such ultrasound and the picture was not clear, and the sound wave power is too large, and the patient had to be prepared in advance - to drink a liter and a half of liquid. Now, in modern equipment the probe replaced by a vaginal probe (inserted into the vagina of a pregnant, but only in the early stages), reduced the power of the ultrasound, and the increased accuracy of the survey.

Moreover, if only previously been available to the publicdimensional ultrasound (when the monitor could see vague outlines of the fetus in black and white), but now there are three (3D) and even four-dimensional (4D) ultrasound, which allows you to see the image in color dynamics in detail to consider each body of the baby, even in the early pregnancy. But that's not all.

With the help of Doppler (ultrasound kind)vascular doctor may even evaluate and placental blood flow and blood flow (and thus oxygen supply) of the baby. Previously, such studies have been impossible.

And here is the valuation. Normal pelvic ultrasound - 800 p., Ultrasound (3D, 4D) with an estimate of its organs, the photo and the conclusion - 1200 r. vascular Doppler - 800 p. And if you want to make a video recording of a baby - 300 p. Prices vary from clinic to clinic, but, in principle, are very affordable.

When undergo ultrasound

Many mothers run on US just yet since the first days delay. And that's not worth it. The Ministry of Health does not recommend the passage of ultrasound to 10 weeks of pregnancy without any evidence. Yes, in the early stages of pregnancy will confirm the fact and even say if the pregnancy prolific. But without good reasons, such as bloody issues, Abdominal pain and lower back, ultrasound is better to ignore. While you decide.

The first "mandatory" Ultrasound pass for 10-12 weeks. During the ultrasound the doctor will determine the exact delivery time, tell you in general terms about the pregnancy. And, of course, will give heart to listen to the baby.

The second ultrasoundIf I may say so, more interesting. At 20-24 weeks you already show your beetles. If 3D-ultrasound, then you will increase each arms and legs so you look the number of fingers. And the kid sure yawn or smile. And you'll finally know what color to buy a dowry - the doctor will determine when your wish sex of the child. An expert will be able to see the development of the internal organs and ensure there are no defects.

The third ultrasound done already before birth at 32-34 weeks. The doctor will examine the bodies of the baby again, its presentation, and other important features of sorts. However, you will not see the whole baby - it is too big. But he always waves its handle!

The use of ultrasound

During the ultrasound the doctor can diagnose abnormalities of child development issues flowing pregnancy itself, and many, many things
Why do all pregnant women do ultrasound? And not once, but three or four, or even more. During the ultrasound the doctor can diagnose abnormalities of child development issues flowing pregnancy itself and many more things. Our website will list that can tell us about our ultrasound baby. Moms, read carefully, and think about each item.

So, with the help of ultrasound machine, you can:

  1. confirm pregnancy in the early stages;
  2. determine the number of bear children (aftersixth week) - to twins did not surprise you, and you can prepare for it the appearance of moral and material, and the doctors could monitor the pregnancy and make the right decisions);
  3. to determine the exact age of the fetus (in the first trimester of pregnancy);
  4. ectopic pregnancy (in the early stages) - to avoid surgical intervention and to correct the situation without surgery;
  5. determine the pathology of pregnancy (placental abruption, the threat of interruption, hypertonicity of the uterus, etc..) - to save the pregnancy;
  6. identify fetal malformations - in order to make an objective decision about the necessary termination of pregnancy (If the defects are not compatible with life) or carry out the necessary treatment (if appropriate);
  7. prepare for some features of birth - learn fetal weight, determine its presentation, to diagnose the presence or absence of cord entanglement, specify delivery date;
  8. find out the sex of the child.
  9. in some cases, ultrasound can turn unwanted pregnancy in the coveted, as many mothers heard the sound of your baby's heart, resolved to keep him alive.

Three-dimensional ultrasound of the 29-week fetus
You have carefully read all of these nine points. Now consider that in case of failure of the US, you really complicates the life of a doctor - he is forced to act blindly. Yes, experienced midwives have much to learn in the ordinary examination. Much, but not all! But just one wrong move could cause greater harm to the kid than a twenty-minute ultrasound.

I'll tell you one incident. In the seventh month of pregnancy my sister put on preservation. Ultrasound showed that she had broken bag of waters and began to leak water. To give birth at the time was no way, as the baby could not survive. Doctors appointed intensive care full of peace and fought for every day. At the same time almost every day on US looked the amount of water, so as not to miss the moment when the child would be in danger. It lasted two weeks, after which Pauline was born. She now two years old girl active and healthy. That judge about the benefits and dangers of this study, because in addition to the planned three ultrasound baby made nine unplanned.

Indications for ultrasound

For the compulsory passage of ultrasound have a whole list of indications.
Ultrasound during pregnancy

  • For example, chronic diseases - Sugardiabetes, high blood diseases. In this case, it is necessary to go through ultrasound. Moreover, the physician-geneticist, a visit which is now mandatory in the case of your family have these diseases, will give you a referral for a free ultrasound. So, of course, luck is not everything, but it is practiced in many clinics.
  • Insist on the ultrasound the doctor will be the case ifyour family, and especially you personally, there have been cases nevynashivaemoy pregnancy fading fetus, miscarriages, malformations or hereditary diseases. In this case, you will be directed to a special blood test, which is conducted twice during the entire pregnancy and allows us to determine the probability of occurrence of various diseases in your baby.
  • If you pre-pregnancy work in chemical laboratory or X-ray room, ultrasound is also a must.
  • Good reason to pass ultrasound are suspected violations during pregnancy - whether placental abruption, the threat of interruption or fading of the fetus.

You are completely healthy? You never anything seriously ill? And no chronic diseases in your family is not listed? You're just lucky! Your baby is very lucky. But, let's take a discount on the frantic pace of our lives, disgusting environment, constant stress. Only these, and it's not all factors can cause many problems. Why not insure? Just twenty minutes and you will be absolutely sure that your chubby little boy is not in danger.

In the sixteenth week of pregnancy forUltrasound results loomed diagnosis of "heart disease and certain abnormalities in brain development." My husband and I were shocked. No similar genetic disorders in our families were not, pregnancy is wanted and planned, and now this! The doctor tactfully silent about the fact that if the diagnosis is confirmed, we will have to make a decision about abortion. But 3D ultrasound in a specialized regional center is completely refuted the diagnosis. The doctor was shocked, I asked all who have so "qualified" examined. After the baby was perfectly healthy, and even waved us to handle just the screen. From this situation, I made for myself a conclusion: it is better one time to go on a modern ultrasound machine to a specialized clinic, the doctor than to listen to ordinary clinics, has only antediluvian equipment.

And if as a result of your pregnancy ultrasoundproceeds not so rosy as we would like - do not worry! Yes, the proportion of serious abnormalities in children is great, but do not immediately panic - the doctor is required to save the situation. Gipertonus treated with bed rest for a week and vitamins, abortion threat will disappear after proper treatment, and cord entanglement is not such a terrible thing (I have no problem and the consequences borne a son with a single cord entanglement). Medicine is developing rapidly, and many diseases are treated in the womb, or adjusted, at least.

To do or not to do?

Lately it has become fashionable to do baby photos in the womb or even record to disk with a real video antics toddler in my mother's tummy
Everything in this world is relative. Particularly in medicine. When you drink a painkiller, not particularly think about how it will feel the liver. So it is with an ultrasound. Currently, ultrasound harmful to the mother and fetus has not been formally proven. To this must be carried out extensive studies, and the last time they were carried out in the seventies of the last century. Since then much has changed, and now ultrasound was performed on modern equipment, which has a lower signal strength, and other radiation range. Officially established and valid time period - up to 30 minutes, during which ultrasound is safe for mother and beetles. Yes, radiation and lasts less than a minute, the rest of the unit is working at the reception.

Lately it has become fashionable to take photosbaby in the womb or even record to disk with a real video antics toddler in my mother's tummy. Sure, it's cute, and years later the baby will look with pleasure, "a movie about himself." Not so it is harmless. It is often to get "beautiful" picture, the doctor increases the power of the signal, and the signal lasts a moment, but a few minutes, and it is not clear what impact on your baby's health. Therefore, our site does not recommend to abuse such innovations, it is reasonable to assess risks!

Recently, the network was walking an article in whichWe were told the shocking effects of ultrasound for the child. It said that the ultrasound leads to disruption of the structure of DNA and cause the formation of a normal fetal tissue. Strange one - not a word was said about any findings became the basis for such a grim conclusion. While officially only proved that ultrasound increases the temperature a few tissues. Therefore, when indicated, should not be afraid of this study. After all, we already know the benefits of ultrasound is much greater than the harm.

I once read that ultrasound can be heard for a child,as the whistle of the train for us. Indeed, I note from experience that during the ultrasound toddler tummy constantly spinning, pounding his little hands, and sometimes turns his back so that neither the floor nor the other desired characteristics can not see a doctor. Yes, and after the procedure, he behaves quite violently.

Maybe the kid is really unpleasant or evenpainful effects of the sound wave. And every mother has the right to decide how many times she held ultrasound, and is not strictly according to the schedule approved by the Ministry of Health. The choice is yours, dear mother. But in any case, unnecessary extremes: it is not necessary to completely ignore this procedure, but also to run on the US also does not need a week. Think about your child and listen to your intuition - because a mother's heart does not lie.

Health to you!

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