Furunkul (Chires)


  • Symptoms and current
  • Treatment of furunculov

  • Provisible to the development of the disease Pollution of the skin and microtrauma,
    the weakening of the body's protective forces due to depleting chronic
    diseases, avitaminosis, diabetes, etc.

    Symptoms and current

    The time of formation of the pustula in the form of a nodal patient feels a light itching and
    tingling. On the 1st day there is an inflammatory infiltration. He
    acts cone-like above the skin level that blues and becomes
    Painful when touched. At the top of infiltrate marks
    Small accumulation of pus with black dot (necrosis) in the center.

    Usually breaks and dries, and for 3-7 days, infiltrate fibot
    Melted and necrotic fabrics in the form of a rod together with
    Hair residues are distinguished with pus. The resulting wound is cleared,
    filled with granular tissue and heals. Swelling around it
    gradually decreases, pain disappear. At the site of inflammation remains
    small, whitish, somewhat rotten scar.

    Furunkul (Chires)
    damage to boils that appear simultaneously or
    sequentially one by one in different parts of the body - called
    Furunculese. When it lasts with small remissions during
    for several years, it is chronic, recurrent.

    On the
    places devoid of hair (palms and palm surface fingers, soles)
    Furuncula do not develop. Most often observed in skin sections,
    exposed pollution (forearm, rear brushes) and friction (rear
    Neck surface, loin, buttock, hips). Usually a furuncle does not cause significant impairment of well-being. Pains are moderate,
    But during localization, for example, in the outer hearing aisle, in the nose -
    Significant. In the area of ​​the face (lips, forehead), as well as on the scrotum of fuss
    accompanied by significant swelling of the surrounding tissues, which is explained
    the subcutaneous fiber here.

    Heavy clinical
    Current is often observed in the bolunculaes of the upper lip, nasolabial
    Folds, Nose, Supportal (Olol-eyed) Area. Peculiarities
    development of the venous and lymphatic network on the face contributes to rapid
    Spreading microbes. Thrombophlebitis of veins in a furuncle face can
    to spread across the anastomoses on venous sinuses of solid cerebral
    shell, which leads to their thrombosis, creating a threat to purulent basal
    Meningita. Fast swelling ramps, tight painful painful
    veins, sharply deteriorates the overall condition of the patient, body temperature
    reaches high level (40-41c), can be expressed by rigidity
    Calm muscles, violation of vision (Hiazma defeat).

    Furunculus complications include lymphangitis and regional lymphadenitis.

    A special danger is the violent progressive acute thrombophlebitis and sepsis.

    Thrombophlebitis is usually developing in borunculaes located near
    large subcutaneous veins, and sepsis - with furunculaes of the face. They are often
    are a consequence of attempts to squeeze the contents of the furuncle, cutting
    Its during shaving, injury during massage. Forecast with these complications
    Very serious.

    Heals the chirns always with the formation of a scar.

    Clinically distinguish:

    • single furuncle;
    • Localized furunculosis when the elements consistently occur in
      The same area, for example, on the forearm, lower back, etc.
      The causes of localized furunculose are most often incorrect
      Methods of therapy and regime (application of compresses, unlapping
      residual seal, washing the place where elements appear);
    • General (scattered) furunculosis - chronic appearance of all new and new elements on various sections of the skin.

    Treatment of furunculov

    Careful toilet leather around the focus of inflammation: wiping 70% alcohol, 2% salicylic alcohol
    or lubrication 1-3% alcohol solution of methylene blue,
    Diamond Green and DR. Hair around infiltrate carefully
    Distribute. At the very beginning of the process, abortion action is sometimes
    re-lubrication of pustules tincture iodine. Mazi S
    Different antiseptics use only when the focus revealed
    and empty from pus. In the presence of necrotic masses are suitable
    Sodium chloride hypertensive solutions.

    Single furuncle Sometimes one external therapy is enough
    ichthyol stickers, cessation of washing affected seats, applications
    Physiotherapeutic UHF methods, dry heat, ultrasound. but
    Localization of even one furuncle on the face, and, in particular, in the area
    nasolabial triangle, nose and on lips requires urgent
    hospitalization of the patient, full rest for the Mimic muscles (prohibition
    speech communication, translation into liquid food) and carrying out general therapy.
    When localizing the furuncle on the face and with the total furunculese apply
    Wide spectrum antibiotics. Need careful
    Examination of the patient and, based on its results, appointment
    Correctional events. To increase the body's resistance
    Patients with chronic furunculosis are prescribed autohemotherapy, injection
    Aloe Extract, Gamma Globulin and T.D. In persistent cases is carried out
    Immunotherapy of staphylococcal vaccine, sometimes techniques inside
    Fresh beer yeast and sulfur in powders.

    Dry warmth (heater, solux, minina lamp), as well as UHF, which has an painful effect.

    Furunkul (Chires)
    do not do, as they contribute to the formation of multiple
    Infiltrates. In furunculaes of the body, neck and limbs follows
    apply stickers that protect the skin in the field of inflammation from
    friction. Sometimes in the early stage, the furuncle is glued by an antibiotic with
    Novocaine or make electrophoresis with him, but many surgeons give
    Preference to intramuscular injections.

    furuncules face dressings usually do not apply. Categorically
    It is prohibited to extrude the contents of a furuncle and massage in the field of the hearth
    Inflammation. At high temperatures, a strict bed mode is prescribed,
    Liquid food, the patient is forbidden to talk, chew. Needed as
    You can earlier to start energetic treatment with antibiotics, and
    It is advisable to combine them with meals inside sulfonamide
    drugs. Operational intervention is rarely used. However
    The development of phlegmon is subject to urgent autopsy.

    recurrent furunculach conduct nonspecific stimulating
    Therapy in the form of autohemotherapy (intramuscular injections of aggroes by
    5-10 ml after 1-2 days, only 3-5 injections), making small transfusions
    Doses of canned blood. In chronic furunculese effective
    Immunization of staphylococcal anatoxin, the introduction of a hyperimmune
    Serum, Gamma Globulin and Repeat Transfusion of Small Dose Blood.

    Clean ichthyol therapy should be used only before opening the furuncle,
    Then, several layers are superimposed on it (for peel suction)
    gauze moistened with hypertensive solution. After deletion
    necrotic rod and pus from the blurred furuncule prescribe ointment
    Antibacterial and promotional granulation (ointment of Vishnevsky and others.),
    On infiltration around ulcers, you can apply ichthyol again.

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