Treatment of enuresis in children

When a child develops their own pot,All moms sigh of relief: the problem of "diapers" and endless change panties exhausted! And what if the time turns back and the baby's bed in the morning wet again?

How to behave parents

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The scientific name of this "trouble" - bedwetting,or urinary incontinence. Facing him often children who are over 4 years. By the way, up to 4 years of age the child reaches wet "incidents" is considered the norm, after 4 years of life - pathology. Not immune to the disease, and 6-7 yrs, and the boys are 3-4 times more likely to suffer from the girls. Probably do not need to say how much upset and confused parents and the child itself - too delicate question!

However, there is nothing to be ashamed of here. MirSovetov strongly draws attention to the parents that the treatment of enuresis does not begin with a visit to the doctor, and a confidential conversation with the child at home. Some moms especially not focus a son or daughter to "wet bed" in order to, say, once again not to injure the child. This is fundamentally the right approach.

Talking about this, it is imperative, for the treatment of any disease begins with her understanding and acceptance.

A child can not understand why wakeswet - so there are fear and shame. Scold the child, trying to shame is strictly prohibited! On the contrary, it is necessary to choose such words to calm and reassure him. The child must be sure - in spite of all his love, and to cope with the problem it is required to help mom and dad.

Types of "child" of enuresis

  1. Primary - makes itself felt at night, when the child is fast asleep at the time, as the bladder, it is imperative to empty.
  2. Secondary - called congenital and acquired disorders of health physical and mental nature. It appears at any time of the day.

Factors of development of urinary incontinence in children

childhood diseases, children enuresis, urinary incontinence, enuresis

Any drug taken a course from 1 to 2-3months. You should be prepared for the fact that after the treatment the disease can come back again, so the doctor usually appoints several courses of treatment per year.

The main cause of the enuresis, definesspecificity of treatment. For example, if incontinence appeared on the background of an infectious disease of the urinary system, can not do without antibacterial therapy. There may also be employed such groups of drugs, like antidepressants, adaptogens and nootropics.

Huge demand for today enjoysa new drug from enuresis - Adiuretin-SD. Means dripping nose. The active ingredient of the drug, desmopressin, allows the bladder to fill up to the level that will allow the child to wake up dry.

Other fairly effective tool - Driptan. Actually its use when the cause of enuresis is in the violation of the nervous regulation of the urinary system. The drug relaxes the smooth muscles of the bladder, thus increasing it in size, and eliminates the involuntary contraction, which is the direct cause of spontaneous urination.

If the tone of the bladder is lowered, parentsWe should ensure that the child is forced to empty the bladder every 2-3 hours. Complementary medicine treatment techniques that increase the tone of smooth muscles (Minirin, Neostigmine).

If the cause of an unpleasant disease, as they say, "in the head" in a young patient, the doctor will prescribe drugs that regulate metabolic processes in the brain - Nootropil, Pikamilon, Persen, Novopassit.

The required additional activities to the basic treatment are common massage and physiotherapy.

Traditional medicine recommends:

  • sage, lavender and coriander in the form of essential oilmix, keeping the proportion of 3: 2: 1. Get the medicine you need to spray the room (2-5 drops per session). The course of treatment is 20 sessions.
  • hawthorn flowers, horsetail grass field, leavespeppermint, St. John's wort grass mix in equal parts. 1 dessert spoon pour 1 cup boiling water and wait for about a quarter of an hour, cooled and filtered. Take half a cup 5 times a day, last admission at 16.00
  • mint leaves (one piece), sage leaves (onepart), motherwort herb (two parts), valerian root (one part), herb Hypericum (two parts), calamus root (one part) is mixed and prepared in the same manner as in the previous recipe means. Just take this healing drink an hour before bedtime.

How can parents help the child

childhood diseases, children enuresis, urinary incontinence, enuresis

  1. Monitor the child fell asleep andI woke up at set hours. Active games and television is better to move in the morning, and for some time to sleep just chat or read a book. Useful short evening walks. Mattress in bed baby must be of medium hardness, but in any case, not soft. Experts advise to raise a little bed on the side where the baby legs are.
  2. Gently limit the child's desire to drinkin the evening and at night, filling the missing amount of liquid in the morning. Better shortly before bedtime to offer him a piece of cheese or a handful of salted nuts (everything that can delay fluid in the body).
  3. Externally, it is impossible to show even the slightestdispleasure or irritation at the sight of another wet spot in the bed. The fear of "falling out of favor," my mother only postpone the child a few steps back in the treatment of enuresis. It is necessary to assure him that he is no different from other children, that his problem is temporary and soon he get rid of it.
  4. Before going to sleep you need to make sure that the child wentthe toilet. At night, the pot is left next to the bed, just in case the baby wakes up. To the darkness, afraid that many children do not become a hindrance to spravleniya natural needs, the room left to work a little muted night light glow.
  5. If the mother took the responsibility to wake upchild at night to get him on the pot, it should be remembered that it should be done at the same time. And half asleep can not raise a baby, you need to make sure that he is fully awake, otherwise the problem will only worsen incontinence.
  6. Disposable diapers are worn at night is strictly forbidden! Then there is no sense to take any measures for the treatment of enuresis.
  7. Parents should make every effort to strive,that the family was for their baby's refuge from all that only he can be afraid of the safe haven where you can be sure of its necessity and importance.

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