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Unfortunately, life is filled with joy, not onlyevents. There are in it and sorrows, troubles, evils are times when a person needs to pull myself together and calm down. One has to resort to the help of sedatives.

Today we are talking about povedёm preparation consisting ofherbal ingredients, is an alternative to synthetic tranquilizers, but has no side effects, characteristic for them. Readers of our site know details Persene - its composition, medicinal properties, indications and methods of use. The drug that can be bought in pharmacies without a prescription of the doctor.

Depression, drugs, nerves, Persia, stress

Stress in daily life

Alas, each of us is familiar with stress. Stressful situations in our turbulent times have become part of everyday life. Stress persecutes a person at work, at home, on vacation, while communicating with neighbors and relatives. The cause of unrest, anxiety, annoyance can be any event - terrorist attacks, plane crashes, accidents, loss of documents, dismissal from work, problems with children, conflicts with neighbors, poorly made repairs, betrayals, betrayals, insults in vehicles or other public places ... Concept “Stress” was first formulated by the Canadian endocrinologist Hans Selye in the distant 1936, which then became the winner of the famous Nobel Prize. Selye's experiments showed that the cause of pathological changes in the body after external contact with stress factors (stimuli) is not stress itself, but the reaction to the person himself and his further behavior. Improper attitude to external stimuli can lead to hair loss, menstrual irregularities (in women), ulcerative processes in the digestive tract, hypertension, Heart disease, skin, immunity fall, infertility, impotenceOncology. It is not always your own body is able to cope with the stress piled on top of him. Sometimes it is necessary to resort to using drugs to deal with anxiety, irritation and other symptoms of stress to avoid serious illnesses and health problems. Especially now available drugs, which are based on medicinal plants. Their timely reception is able to restore harmony in your inner world, relationships with people and everyday life.

As part of the drug?

So, let's get acquainted with the preparation of the Persians,able to calm our nerves, produced in Slovenia. It is shaped tablet round, biconvex, film-coated, having a dark brown color. What's inside a tablet?

  1. 50 mg dry extract of valerian root.
  2. 25 mg dry extract of peppermint leaves.
  3. 25 mg dry extract of lemon balm leaf.

This is our website listed active substances. There is also auxiliary: corn starch, microcrystalline cellulose, lactose, crospovidone, talc, colloidal silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, povidone, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, sucrose, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, calcium carbonate, glycerol, dyes.

The package put 40 tablets.

Depression, drugs, nerves, Persia, stress

In pharmacies you can find more Persen forte,produced in capsules. They are reddish brown in color. Inside the capsule there is a mass of compressed pellets or interspersed with brown. Note that the same active substance as in Persene, but the amount of one of them differs. One capsule here is a part of:

  • 125 mg dry extract of valerian root;
  • 25 mg dry extract of the leaves of peppermint;
  • 25 mg dry extract from the leaves of lemon balm.

Excipients include: lactose, talc, magnesium oxide, colloidal silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, colorants, preservatives.

The carton is placed 20 capsules.

pharmachologic effect

This herbal preparation has sedative (sedative) and antispasmodic effects thanks to its member components - valerian, lemon balm, mint.

When can I take Persen?

Indications for use of the Persians can be:

  • often occurs increased nervous irritability, irascibility, irritability, tearfulness, inability to cope with emotions, control your behavior;
  • anxiety, restlessness in behavior;
  • insomnia, Difficulty falling asleep, restless sleep.

Are there any contraindications and adverse effects?

Sometimes people taking the drug cancause allergic reactions, and prolonged admission is constipation. Although the drug is made on the basis of herbs, but the manufacturer specifies the following contraindications to its reception:

  • hypersensitivity to at least one of the components of the drug;
  • hypotension (low blood pressure constantly at the patient);
  • Tablets should not be given to children, if they are younger than three years;
  • Capsules should not be given to children, if they are under the age of twelve years.

Application of Persia in women during pregnancyand breastfeeding has been insufficiently studied, so this drug is very rare appointed during these periods of life of women. The appointment solves only doctor.

reception method

A single dose in adults or adolescents who are older than twelve years old, is from 2 to 3 tablets (or 1-2 reddish-brown capsules. The number of receptions per day may be from two to three.

When insomnia method of receiving a somewhat different: it is necessary to drink for an hour before going to bed two or three tablets, if you purchased the capsules, they rather swallow one or two.

Children age three to twelve years,medicine is prescribed only in the tablets, the treatment is carried out under medical supervision. The dose depends on the patient's small weight average it is usually one tablet one to three times during the day.

Restrictions on the length of the reception of the funds are not available.

special instructions

When people stop taking this medication, the withdrawal does not occur as often happens after the cancellation of tranquilizers or other psychotropic drugs.

Doctors recommend at the long courses of treatment still do a half or two months of reception interruptions.

If parents believe that their child would have to drink a tablet of Persia, then be sure to check before buying their pediatrician, who will give the right advice, pick up the dosage.

If you comply with the dosage, the Persians did not impact negatively on the ability to transport management or other mechanisms that require special attention.

Persen while reception with antihypertensive, hypnotics, analgesics may enhance their effect, requiring in some cases a reduction in their dose.

Overdose is possible only whenPeople once took 39 capsules or 103 tablets. Then, you may experience stomach cramps, fatigue, dilation of the pupils, dizziness, limb trembling. All this takes place in a day. If at the same time to seek medical help, the gastric lavage is performed, and is assigned when necessary symptomatic treatment.

Do not forget that you need to store the medicine indry place that is inaccessible to small children. Try as much as possible to calm the nerves and prevent the effects of stress without resorting to serious drugs. Consult your herbal remedies.

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