iersinioza Treatment

Iersinioz - it is dangerous to human acuteintestinal infection, carriers which are allowed. The disease is complicated by symptoms of intoxication and allergic reactions, which are affected by many of the internal organs and body systems. The highest risk group includes residents of regions with moderately humid climate.

Sources disease

bacteria, gastrointestinal tract, yersiniosis, infection, bowel, intestinal diseases

The causative agent - a special bacterium Yersiniawhich has a low threshold of sensitivity to different environmental conditions. More yersiniosis known as "refrigerators disease": the pathogen survives, gives offspring and generally feels perfectly at temperatures below 40 ° C, it is absolutely not afraid of cycles of freezing and thawing, can be a long time in the ground or water.

But there is a microbe and vulnerability. The bacterium is afraid of sunlight, can not tolerate boiling and dying under the influence of household chemicals. Health hazards are toxins (waste products) microorganism that the most devastating impact on the state of the internal organs of the infected organism.

As a "vehicle" maliciousBacillus selects small rodents, cattle and dogs in rural areas and mostly mice and rats in the city. In the human body it flows through the microbe animal foods, grain, which was in direct contact with rodent excreta and water-contaminated Yersinia.

In extreme cases, non-compliance with hygiene regulations microorganism passes from one person to another through a common dish.

Adults who do not complain of health, withyersiniosis rarely encountered. In children and people with weakened immune systems and chronic disease indolent disease occurs in very severe and severe form. Large outbreaks of disease are very rare: they can happen except that after eating a lot of food contamination of people.

Varieties disease

bacteria, gastrointestinal tract, yersiniosis, infection, bowel, intestinal diseases

Suspicion of this infectious disease may occur in the therapist or doctor Ambulance, But the final word rests with the infectious disease.

To confirm the diagnosis, it is possible to explorefeces, urine, blood, bile or cerebrospinal fluid of the patient for the presence of the microbe. Relevant and treatment of bacterial sputum culture or flush with the oropharynx.

Detecting a harmful bacterium is not so easy- Specialists may need 28-30 days for this. If the patient is interested in express diagnostics, then the study of its biological secrets is carried out for the antigens of the microorganism.

If so, the patient should consult with a number of "narrow" specialists, including a gastroenterologist, cardiologist, nephrologist and neurologist.

Treatment of the disease

bacteria, gastrointestinal tract, yersiniosis, infection, bowel, intestinal diseases

Even mild yersiniosis treated underinfectious hospital as an insidious disease can be transformed into a chronic condition. To thoroughly suppress the activity and vital activity of the pathogen, the courses administered:

  1. Antibacterial and antimicrobial agents. The patient takes them as long as it stabilizes the temperature, after which treatment of yersiniosis course extend another 2 weeks. Some antibiotics may be replaced by other, not to cause habituation reaction.
  2. Introduction gemodez reopoliglyukina and with the aim to cleanse the body from disease-causing toxins.
  3. Antiallergic drugs to prevent the development of secondary forms of yersiniosis.
  4. Anti-inflammatory drugs non-hormonal origin.
  5. Multivitamin preparations and natural enzymes to stabilize the metabolism.
  6. Drugs that "treat" microflora.
  7. Immunotherapy.

Do yersiniosis compatibility and traditional medicine

bacteria, gastrointestinal tract, yersiniosis, infection, bowel, intestinal diseases is strongly recommended not to undertake independent attempts to cure the disease, using traditional recipes, because it is fraught with the development of serious complications. But when the difficult period of struggle with a serious illness is over, you can help your body recover more quickly using one tool proven effective - juniper.

This gift of nature contributes to the overall strengthening oforganism, improving the blood plasma. forces, or time-consuming treatment does not require: Fresh juniper berries need to chew daily and take on an empty stomach. The course begins with 1 berries, each day the amount of "medicine" is increased by 1 unit. The maximum daily dose must be brought up to 12 berries, and the amount eaten juniper begins to decrease - and 1 berry a day. This means that the treatment takes 24 days yersiniosis. Checked that using this method can significantly improve overall health, improve the tone of the body and strengthen the immune system.

Note that pregnant juniper berries is strictly prohibited!

To prevent yersiniosis enoughpersonal hygiene, and monitor the quality of food intake. You must be sure that the products that appear on your desktop, underwent a thorough health inspection. The same requirements apply to the quality of drinking water. In addition, you can not leave the slightest chance of rodents in homes.

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