Application troksevazin

"Troxevasin" - the drug, which has found wide application in the treatment of hemorrhoids, varicose veins, as well as many other diseases associated with impaired circulation.

Description, composition, pharmacological effect "troksevazin"

cream circulation, ointment vessels troksevazin

The drug "Troxevasin" refers toangioprotectors - substances, which action is directed at reducing the permeability of blood vessels, normalization of microcirculation and metabolic recovery processes in vascular walls. when treating Varicose Veins "Troxevasin" helps achieve many effects, for example, to remove puffiness, eliminate pain, fatigue, feeling of heaviness.

The main component of this drug istroxerutin, which is supplemented with lactose and magnesium stearate as excipients. To date, the drug is available in two versions: in the form of capsules and gel. The gel is intended for outdoor use, the capsules - oral.

MirSovetov found that "Troxevasin" has a fairly broad spectrum of action on the body and has the following effects:

  • reduces the permeability of the capillary vessels, reduces their fragility;
  • relieves inflammation and swelling;
  • acts as an antioxidant and venotoniziruyuschee means;
  • reduces the risk of blood clots;
  • increases the tone of the capillaries, seals vascular walls.

"Troxevasin" is effective in the treatment of chronicvenous insufficiency, and at any stage of the disease. After treatment the patient's state of health is significantly improved, it disappears feeling of tiredness and heaviness in the legs, swelling disappear.

Gel "Troxevasin" intended for outdoorapplications, is well absorbed through the skin, getting into the blood. Upon receiving the capsule formulation absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract, maximum concentration in plasma is observed after 2 h. The therapeutic level is maintained for a further 8 hours, after which the components are excreted in the urine and bile.

The drug is in the form of capsules sold in pharmacies by prescription, for the acquisition of the gel "Troxevasin" A doctor's prescription is not required. To save the medicine should be in a dark, dry place where the temperature does not exceed 25 ° C.

Indications and contraindications to the use of "troksevazin"

cream circulation, ointment vessels troksevazin

The capsules of the drug taken orally asTypically, during a meal. The dosage of the drug the doctor expects, based on the particular disease and individual patient characteristics. There average therapeutic dose "troksevazin", it is 600 mg of active drug substance per day, equivalent to 2 capsules. When it comes to supportive care should be taken half - 1 capsule per day for a month.

Gel "Troxevasin" is intended for the localuse. It is applied to the sick area 2-3 times a day. The gel is rubbed into the epidermis leisurely stroking movements until the substance is completely absorbed into the skin. Duration of treatment may range from several days to several months, depending on the disease. Apply the gel only on intact skin without wounds, scratches, abrasions, and so on. N. Hit the substance on the mucous membranes in the eyes and should be avoided.

Side effects of the drug

"Troxevasin" usually toleratedpatients well enough to cause side effects in rare cases. However, some adverse effects after treatment still sometimes present, these include:

  • hives;
  • allergic reactions;
  • dermatitis;
  • eczema.

If while using the "troksevazin" you see at these or other side effects, talk about this with your doctor.

The use of "troksevazin" during pregnancy

Hemorrhoids and varicose veins - frequentsatellites pregnancy. Get rid of these unpleasant diseases, or at least alleviate their symptoms can help drug "Troxevasin". It can only use the second trimester of pregnancy, and only if such therapy prescribed by a doctor. When it comes to oral capsules, the decision to accept the appointment of a gynecologist and phlebologist previously assessed the degree of risk to the fetus and the expected benefit to the mother. The dosage of the drug as prescribed by the physician, based on the severity of the disease and the personal characteristics of the patient.

Efficiency "troksevazin" in the treatment of hemorrhoids

cream circulation, ointment vessels troksevazin

The drug "Troxevasin" effectively treatssymptoms of hemorrhoids because of its ability to reduce the permeability of veins and capillaries, reduces swelling, eliminate and prevent inflammation. The drug is considered to be a good tool for the prevention of venous damage of microcirculation disorders. For the treatment of hemorrhoid medication prescribed complex, both for external use, and oral - this therapy has a high efficacy and helps cope with the disease faster.

The effectiveness of the drug due to its features such:

  • the drug increases the tone of smooth muscles of the venous walls and reduces their permeability, reduces inflammation;
  • drug improves blood circulation in the affected area to reduce the risk of blood clots.

The average therapeutic dose for treatmentHemorrhoids are considered to 3 capsules per day to be taken for 14 days. Concurrently used tampons lubricated gel. Such pads are applied topically to the anus, without entering inside.

The two-week course of treatment allows to reduce inflammation, eliminate pain, soften and reduce hemorrhoids.

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