Autism or ADHD?


The history of one diagnosis

Autism or ADHD? «The psychologist in kindergarten said that he has autism, and he is socially unadapped! - young dad was alarmed. - We now go to this kindergarten for a month, and yesterday we were called for conversation and said that the son was an autistist!»

How could I tried to calm the excited parent. First, I said, if you already go to the kindergarten for a month, then this is definitely not autism. Secondly, before putting such serious diagnoses, the child must be examined, and it should be exactly not a kindergarten. Visit the neuropathologist or psychoneurologist, and then - let's meet.

During the next conversation, the dad is already nervously giggled. The psychoneurologist from more than a respected medical center put a child... Syndrome deficit attention against hyperactivity (ADHD). Here I could not stand. «Listen, - I said rather sharply. - Or sinier, or dancing! In the sense of these diagnoses mutually exclude each other. Yes, and do not put ADHD in three years!»

On Saturday morning I went to watch a miracle child.

«Empty fortress» or «Circus on wheels»

Diagnosis «autism» I had to cancel literally from the threshold: Vovka met me at the door, I took my hand and led to show my room and toys. Forty minutes (!) We spent in a detautant conversation on the topic «comparative characteristics «Nissan-Patrol» and «Jeep-like it-there». I was demonstrated very extensive knowledge in various fields, aged modern man. Without any discounts on age. After which I was graciously let go to the kitchen, drink a seagull and chat with parents.

For those one and a half hours that we chased tea with buns, Vovka went to us three times, to ask something, show how he was laundered the notorious «Nissan» And ask you, will we finally walk. Everything. So with a deficit of attention and hyperactivity, too, somehow did not work out.

Extremely interested, I asked the parents to set out the whole story from the very beginning.

In September, Vovka went to kindergarten. Since the family moved to this area recently, there were no places anywhere, there was only a private garden with small multi-year groups working on the Montessori system. «So nice, - thought young parents, - the child will be interested and not hard. And that the group is different, so it is good at all: there is anything so developed that with the kids it would be boring».

At first everything was really very good: the child flew in the garden in the garden «to children», From the walk he took a nanny. Everyone was happy. And then the baby fell ill and no month did not go to the garden. Recovered finally comes. And he is told: «We have a new game today. Everyone sits in a circle, call your favorite thing and explain why we love her» (type - development of speech). It comes to turn to Vovka, and he is a good developed language announces that his favorite thing he has a bottle with a compote, with which he falls asleep. Here this educated teacher says: «Fu, what a shame! Big boy, and drinks from a bottle. Children, well, say together: «Fu, Vova!» Vovka buried, jumped to the educator and hit her foot. (Here is smart! I would just kill!)

The teacher dragged him to a stately psychologist. Young girl whose relative, education, apparently, approximate. She's with the go: «In the eye does not look? In the hands is not given, in the corner clogged? Autist, socially adapted». And - dad to call to call.

So, say. With autism figured out. Now let's talk about ADHD.

From the ADHD, it turned out to be approximately the same: came to the medical diagnostic center at three in the afternoon, went to eight. The child missed sleep, afternooner, walk, as an angel made it possible to make all sorts of inhuman experiments like Encephalogram, and only at the very end allowed himself somewhat relax. Based on his behavior, the psychoneurologist was diagnosed with ADHD and offered parents to file tranquilizers.

And you yourself, I say to the dad, as it were to behave at the end of a fourteen hour working day without food and smashing? I look, dad somehow twisted, and my mother, apparently, clearly presented this silent picture.

Genesis determines... all

Autism or ADHD?Unfortunately, adults are quite often forgotten about the physical possibilities of the kids, demanding, for example, that the child decently behave in the store, where Mama had to go on the road from kindergarten. Or in the subway I am very often watching such a picture: heat, stuffing, cubs in the fur coat, in a hat, in Kusakh sweater with a throat, begins to capricious. Mom tries to influence him, requires that he immediately stopped hysterical, although everything that at this moment can and needs to be done - to remove excess clothes.

Good children's doctors once taught me one simple thing: if the child is capricious, there can be three reasons for this: boring, stuffy or ill. My experience added some more circumstances: Hungry and too much impressions. At the time of my childhood (70s of the last century, with your permission), the hungry children were a fairious rarity, well, in addition to very difficult cases. But impressions could not be altogether.

But back to our «Heavy case». Unfortunately, a huge army of freshly baked psychologists came to kindergartens and schools. These are usually very young girls who entered the psychological faculty or on the principle «From nasty» (not a philologist, not mathematician, I love children, but I don't go to the teacher), or to solve your own problems. They are not forced to pass personal psychotherapy, do not lead to practical classes in children's psychiatric hospitals. Seized several simple tests, they come to their new place of work and with the move sorce parents with applications such as the above.

If this girl saw with her eyes at least one child-an autista, she would have thought a hundred times before calling Wovel Dad to work.

We agree on the terms

Autism (early children's autism syndrome, DRD) is considered distorted by the development of the psyche. Until now, in World Psychiatry, there is no consensus about the causes of this violation. There are supporters of genetic theory, there is a psychoanalytic branch, whose largest representative was Bruno Bettelheim (his book «Empty fortress» in more detail describes the work of the center created by him).

In America, autistic children are not treated, and adapt and socialize (see. movie «Rain Man», Everything is shown as reliably). European tradition, on the one hand, calculates SRDA «Big Psychiatry», On the other hand, assistance in the form of gestalt therapy and behavioral therapy.

Russia is one of the few countries in which they work with autists. We adopted a differentiated approach to the diagnosis, in particular, the DRD is put only if there are all seven points from the list of Leo Kanner. I will not list them here, after all, this is not a completely scientific report. I will only say that one such a sign like «does not look into the eyes - not going on hands» Autism is not diagnosed.

Boys ADHD is more often observed than girls. Its very rarely put in the younger preschool age - just the kids have age rules others. But, most importantly: in the same way, as in the case of autism, there are clear criteria for diagnosis - actually «attention deficit syndrome with hyperactivity», separately «Lack of attention», And separate - «Hyperactivity». And in each category there is a direct indication how much the factors should be observed (for example, 5 out of 7).

So, if your child is cleared, sometimes it does not want to communicate with anyone, goes «Leg behind the leg», before bedtime should be born, and the bread cuts strictly with triangles - in itself it does not mean anything! Do not listen «Aboutized» specialists. Contact the one you recommend that people you trust. Listen to yourself and your child.

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