Types of abortions and their consequences

Abortion is an interruption of pregnancy for a period not exceeding 28 weeks. And let the child still tiny, but it is already a little man. Having for writing this article, I set a goal - to tell girls and women all the nuances of pregnancy interruption, probable consequences of abortion.

Pregnancy - an unusually joyful event. What could be better than just one thought that soon you will become a mother and you will keep the tiny, the most native creature in the world - your child. But sometimes under the severity of circumstances, many women are solved to make an abortion. Today, our site will tell about the types and consequences of pregnancy interruption.

This is a terrible word «abortion»

8-week abortion
Abortion is an interruption of pregnancy for a period not exceeding 28 weeks. A terrible word - 5 letters denoting the killing of his own child. And let him still completely tiny, and doctors call it «fetus», But this is already a little man. Having for writing this article, I set a goal - to tell girls and women all the nuances of pregnancy interruption, probable consequences of abortion. And I will be incredibly glad if this article saves at least one small life.

Abortions are different

Yes exactly. Abortions are spontaneous. This is when due to various diseases, under the action of infections, poisoning or other factors, pregnancy is interrupted. The people are called «miscarriage». So that this does not happen, the future mother must take care of themselves, eat right, not nervous, do not smoke and not drink alcoholic beverages. I note that in our country about 20% of all pregnancies end up with miscarriages.
With the butlesting pains in the stomach and lower back, with bleeding or any other disclosures - urgently contact the doctor, and better without delay, call the carriage soon. In many cases, with operational response, the child's life can be saved. Do not tighten, remember that your life is also threatened!
All other abortions are called artificial. That is, the exile of the fetus from the uterine cavity occurs when interfering with. If the abortion is made by a doctor, it is called legal. If a woman interrupts pregnancy independently - this is a criminal abortion. And there are a lot of such women. They deliberately take hot bathrooms, fall on the stomach, they independently try to scream the fruit of the fruit from the uterus, take some more measures. And, as a rule, absolutely not thinking about how it can end. I do not want to scare anyone, so we give only the facts. The consequence of such an abortion: infertility, irreversible damage to the uterus, inflammatory processes, blood infection, bleeding of varying severity, death. And, nevertheless, most often young girls are introduced in the search engine Solovnaya «Home abortion», Then follow the Internet recommendations, risking two lives! Never take attempts to interrupt pregnancy yourself!

Ira got pregnant in 19 years. She and her boyfriend - students of a prestigious university, and the decision on abortion was adopted unanimously. And, despite the fact that she and her partner are future doctors, they decided not to contact the clinic (and suddenly parents find out!). The girl accepted the mustard bath, and at night I woke up from a terrible pain. She has a bleeding. Caused ambulance (parents still learned!). Several hours of doctors fought for the life of a failed mother. Then the month of the hospital and infertility. Today Ira is 37 years old, she is a good pediatrician, every day heals children. A thought sits in my head - I could also have such a baby. I will add only one, that guy left her immediately after what happened. Now he has a family and two daughters.

Analyzes before abortion

If you still decided to make an abortion, then this procedure will begin for you with preliminary analyzes. As a rule, it is an ultrasound or urine analysis to confirm the fact of pregnancy (it is better to pass an ultrasound to make sure that the pregnancy is not ecticated). Then blood test for HIV, syphilis and hepatitis, as well as smear on the microflora of the vagina. In some clinics, conduct more thorough preparation - make a cardiogram, carry out a detailed blood test. Practically always requires the presence of the results of fluorography (maximum - one year old ago). After the tests are handed over (by the way, some other tests are possible in the event of chronic diseases), the type of abortion is determined.

Mini abortion (vacuum aspiration)

Such an abortion is made on the period of pregnancy not more than 4-5 weeks (optimally up to 20 days from the date of delay). The procedure lasts about five minutes and is carried out under local anesthesia. In the uterine cavity, vacuum suction is introduced, which removes a fruit egg. A few hours later the patient goes home, and in two weeks a must visit to the gynecologist.

Contraindications For mini abortion are any inflammatory processes, female sexual infections.
Consequences: Despite the speed of the procedure and minimize the uterus damage, unwanted consequences still have. The likelihood that the fruit egg will not be completely extracted, and this is fraught with infections and repetition of the procedure. However, with this abortion of pregnancy, the probability of complications are somewhat lower than after other types of abortions: the period of healing of the uterus is much smaller, and the probability of severe consequences leading to infertility and unbearabity, practically zero, especially if there is a mini-abortion on very small Dame.
Cost of operation - about 2500 rubles.

Medical abortion

Medical abortion
Even out of the name it becomes clear that surgery does not occur. Exile of a fetal egg is carried out with the help of specialabe tagletized drugs. Such an abortion is done until the 63th day from the moment of delayed monthly and only under the supervision of the doctor.

It hurts to see how drugs for medication abortion are freely sold in Internet pharmacies. After all, only a qualified specialist can determine the correct dosage of the drug. Therefore, do not try to do a medical abortion yourself!

This procedure is also held in the hospital. Patient takes a tablet and 2 hours is under the supervision of a doctor. After which it gets the necessary instructions and go home. Two days later, the control inspection and ultrasound, which will show, whether the eagle egg is completely expelled.

Contraindications. Since in this abortion a blow goes throughout the body, and not only in the uterus, there are a lot of contraindications here. These are diseases of the stomach, liver, adrenal glands, hearts, hypertension, Myoma uterus, breastfeeding and even hemorrhoids. Therefore, a qualified doctor must carefully examine your medical card.
Consequences: With such an abortion, the uterus is not injured, as in other cases, it takes serious interference in Hormonal background of women, What threatens the failures of the menstrual cycle and the work of some glands (thyroid, adrenal glands and t.NS.). Bleeding is usually not exacerbated.
Price - about 6000 rubles.

Instrumental abortion

Or classic. This is the most traumatic and most common abortion. Held in terms of up to 16 weeks of pregnancy.
The doctor blindly shakes the patient with special tools, then removes large pieces of the fetus by forceps. Made under local or complete anesthesia. The patient is in the hospital for several hours, then goes home. After two weeks, a test inspection is appointed by a doctor.

Contraindications: infectious and inflammatory processes of female sexual sphere, the situation when six months have not passed from the previous scraping.
Consequences This abortion can be the most serious. The cervix is ​​injured, sometimes the uterus itself, which can threate it with removal. As a rule, uterine bleeding appears almost always. It is possible to bring various infections, the appearance of inflammation, unbearable pregnancy, cervical erosion and etc.
Price - 1500-2000 rubles.

Other types of abortion

They are not very common, but still exist. In terms of 16 to 28 weeks, a small caesarean cross section do. Conventional Caesarean, only meaning that is carried out at small pregnancy timing. Children on such timing are already able to survive. It is scary when the doctor of a beating child kills, putting it in the refrigerator.
Intraumnial injection of the liquid - salt solutions are injected instead of accumulating water in a fruit bubble. The child dies long and painfully.

I note that it is not correct to say which of the types of abortions is the best. They are all dangerous for health, and sometimes women's life. There is no better method! Any abortion can turn into serious consequences for your body, regardless of whether it is first or the third and which way was made.

Hygiene after abortion

Many women who have made an abortion, all their lives in perfect, suffer insomnia, fall into depression
To minimize the possible consequences of an abortion, it is necessary for three weeks after the procedure to adhere to some rules. Discard this deadline from sex. Try not to rebuild, do not lift gravity, do not heal. Do not take a bath, only shower - twice a day. Change underwear more often, do not bathe in open reservoirs. And when there are strong pain, strengthening bleeding - consult a doctor immediately.

P.S. And I will add the next. Abortion is very serious! After all, there is also a psychological moment. Many women are all their lives in perfect, suffer insomnia, fall into depression. It is very scary - to live and know that you killed your child. And whatever circumstances, find the strength and sagging your life to your baby. Believe me as soon as you first take it on your hands, you will understand what together with him and for the sake of him overcome any obstacles and decide all the problems. After all, more happiness, rather than motherhood for a woman!

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