Treatment of varicose veins

Varicose veins - the trouble is not onlythe elderly, but also very young. As it often happens that a young woman after childbirth becomes convex knotted veins in the legs, pain, varicose veins and other troubles. Today on our site pages we'll look at how to recognize the beginning varices, how to treat and slow down its development.

Varicose veins - the trouble is not onlythe elderly, but also very young people. As it often happens that a young woman after childbirth becomes convex knotted veins in the legs, pain, varicose veins and other troubles.

Today on our site pages we'll look at how to recognize the beginning varices, how to treat and slow down its development.

Symptoms of varicose veins

Symptoms of varicose veins
The initial symptoms of varicose veins is considered to bethe appearance on the skin surface small vessels. They appear in small groups on the hips. This is especially noticeable cellulite. By the way, cellulite is directly related to varicose veins. Modified cellulite fatty tissue impedes the outflow of blood from the lower extremities and increases the risk of developing varicose veins. Vials that appear on the skin doctors called telangiectasias. These vascular mesh formed small blood vessels, which can be a simple cosmetic disadvantage, and may be a sign of the beginning of varicose veins.

To find out if your varicose veins, our site is not threatenedHe recommends that you consult with your doctor. The doctor will advise and method, which should be treated with vascular mesh. Another sign of varicose veins can be swelling of the legs. However, the legs may swell and in other diseases (renal diseases, heart, etc.), So that first it is necessary to remove these disease. And finally, the most embarrassing and indicativesymptom of varicose veins - pain in the legs. The pain usually occurs in the afternoon, the field of heavy physical exertion. Sore calf muscles, pulling the pain and not very strong.

So, if you present these symptoms: Spider veins, edema, leg pain - you should see a doctor.

Drug treatment of varicose veins

compression hosiery
There are many effective drugs onthe initial stages of the treatment of varicose veins. This so-called venous drugs. They provide tangible results only in the treatment of (Detraleks, Lioton-gel Venoruton, Troxevasin and others). Thus, to enhance the action venotoniki, varicose veins patients have to wear compression stockings. This special socks, stockings and tights. They gently compress diseased limb, do not peredavlivaya vessels. Thus, the veins get an additional tone, and the disease progresses slowly.

However, our site pays special attention to the factthat medical treatment can not completely rid you of varicose veins. This is only a reduction of venous insufficiency, prevention of thrombosis (which often complicates the lives of people with advanced varicose veins).

The doctor may advise the patient to take a courselymphatic drainage. This is a special massage performed manually or hardware. After lymphatic drainage reduces swelling, improves blood flow and lymph from the lower extremities. However, the effect of this procedure is a temporary, short-lived, so stop taking venotoniki and wearing compression hosiery can not.

Folk remedies for treatment of varicose veins

A good effect in the treatment gives the shower vaoikoza
In addition to medical treatment cantry to use folk remedies. For good effect shower. Gradually, over several days, you need to massage the foot jet of water from the shower. Every day, slightly reducing the temperature of the water, you will gradually go to a cold water - and this will give the most significant results. If it is difficult to pour cold water on themselves, make a contrast shower: a few seconds, turn on the hot and cold water then, and finish the procedure should necessarily cold. After such a soul legs should blush. Mash them with a towel and brush with a nourishing cream.

Well help foot baths. Note that varicose veins can not take hot baths.

To the feet do not get tired during the day, domorning bath on the recipe. Birch leaves, nettle and burdock (each takes 1 tablespoon) brewed with 1 liter of boiling water and infuse for half an hour. Next, the resulting broth must be diluted with warm water (so as to bring to a body temperature), and the tray can be taken. Keep the legs in the broth should be for at least 20 minutes.

It tones the legs vessels and tub of lemon balm,marjoram, chamomile and nettle. Take 2 cups of mixture (all the herbs, mix in equal parts), and brew a liter of boiling water. Once the broth infusion, topped up with 2 liters of water and keep your feet in a warm bath for 20 minutes.

Note that traditional remedies can not completely rid you of varicose veins, but only suspend its development.

What is sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy - this is one of the most effectivenonsurgical treatment of varicose veins. The method consists in the fact that a doctor inserts into a varicose vein of the modified special preparation. This medicine causes the destruction of the inner layer of the vein, and then itself Vienna is gradually resorbed and glued for 1.5 years. Blood circulation starts to go on the healthy veins. For sclerotherapy treatment requires 3-6 sessions for each leg. After sclerotherapy sessions you will see the results only after 2-8 weeks and all this time may be unpleasant phenomenon: bruising, tingling, pain. But over time, it will pass, and swollen veins disappear. The doctor chooses the drug for the individual patient, and the risk of side effects and minimal complications. After quality sclerotherapy varicose veins rarely recurs.

If sclerotherapy is performed usingan ultrasound scanner, it is known echosclerotherapy. This method is the fact that the scanner allows the physician to fully control the movement of the syringe in a vein, and follow the uniform distribution of the drug.

Foam-form sclerotherapy - a method in whichin diseased vein preparation administered in the form of microfoam. Microfoam has more intimate contact with the vein wall and this leads to higher efficiency of the method. Micro-foam displaces the blood from a vein - and therefore Vienna glued and ceases to function faster. In addition, the blood squeezed out of the veins do not dilute the drug as normal sclerotherapy, so that the drug is more effective.

Operations for varicose

Operations with varicose veins: before (left) and after (right) Operations
One of the most advanced surgical techniquestreatment of varicose veins is considered surgery under tumescent anesthesia. This kind of local anesthesia, a mixture based on natural anesthetics. This method has many advantages: the patient leaves the clinic within 2 hours after surgery, almost no postoperative hematomas occur no toxicity that occurs with general anesthesia. Vienna radically removed, the effect lasts for many years.

Operations under general anesthesia is not less effective, with the only difference being that the patients are much easier to tolerate local anesthesia than general anesthesia.

Our site offers you familiar with the surgical methods of treatment of varicose veins, which are now available in modern hospitals.

Miniflebektomiya - Send the Prince for this operationlocal anesthesia. The doctor makes a puncture through which removes varicose veins tributaries. This operation may serve as a substitute in some cases sclerotherapy. Patients recover quickly, no scars, and compression stockings should be worn only 1-2 weeks.

Short stripping - this method involvesnot remove all veins, and only the affected portion thereof. The doctor determines the exact position of the patient vein, its length, then made two small incisions through which the varicose veins removed portion. Operation turns short, soft tissue legs are not cut - it allows the patient to recover quickly and not feel the pain after surgery.

Operations with varicose veins: before (left) and after (right) Operations
method is now widely used endoscopicdissection of the veins. In simple terms the affected vein incision into which the endoscope. The doctor is able to see the inside of the affected vein. By moving the endoscope, the doctor finds out the extent of varicose veins section, and then cuts it. Advantages of this method is that the doctor sees all that does is it allows you to avoid mistakes and minimize injury, which inevitably gets the patient during the operation. This is a very promising method for the treatment of varicose veins, as a consequence of such an operation is a gradual decrease in venous insufficiency and venous improvement.

Intravascular laser photocoagulation - anotherlow-traumatic method of treatment of varicose veins. Ultrasound Scanner monitors the introduction of fiber vein. Then, the optical fiber is moved to the point of confluence of the veins in the deep venous system. They include laser, under the action of which boils blood plasmaAnd sick Vienna securely closed and ceases to function. Our website would like to note that this operation is quite expensive, and for its implementation by trained personnel required.

Most often suffer from varicose veins from generation togeneration. Doctors do not know exactly why there is a disease, but they believe that those who have suffered from my grandmother and mother varices should be particularly attentive to his feet. As preventive measures our site recommends jogging, swimming, massage shower, try not to gain weight, eat right ... and never lose heart!

Good luck!

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