Bioparox, instruction manual

When the pain in the throat, nose flows, it is difficult to breathe,the mood is spoiled. Unpleasant symptoms of it. In the cold season, people often pick up the throat, sore throat, rhinitis or sinusitis. That in-store sweat in winter clothes, and then jumped out of the cold and the wind. That leg drenched, overcooled ... Many people prefer to take in a drugstore Spray for the throat or nose. But so many of them - what to buy?

Often, standing in front of a showcase or pulling in the hands ofdoctor's orders, people are at a loss - drugs a lot, their prices are different, what will help quickly? And the pharmacist in the pharmacy most of all, it is inconvenient to distract him with questions. So today our site introduces readers to one of the spray, which is called Bioparox. If the medicine is used correctly, you'll be happy with them.

General information about the preparation

Bioparox comes in the form of an aerosol, the mainactive substance is antibiotikfuzafungin having more and anti-inflammatory action. Fusafungine was isolated from the fungus Fusarium (Fusarium). He has a local effect in inflammation of the airways. He produced the French company. Bottle volume of 20 ml contains 400 doses.

Mechanism of action

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The particles of active ingredient Bioparoxattracted to the membrane walls of pathogenic microbes damaging them. Instantly fungal and bacterial cells do not die, but to multiply they can not release toxins too. The bactericidal effect of the drug has on various harmful microorganisms, such as staphylococci, streptococci, actinomycetes, mycoplasma, fungi Candida. All of them can not develop resistance to the drug. In addition to the damaging effects on microbes appears more and anti-inflammatory effect, reduces pain, swelling of the mucous, secretions from the nose and respiratory tract becomes less. Drug manages to penetrate deep into the respiratory tract by inhalation. Drug in the blood almost misses.


ENT physicians, internists and pediatricians recommend Bioparox the following diseases:

our website notes that efficient usethe drug at the first symptoms of sinusitis or sore throat. If the disease has gone away, the condition worsens, it is required in addition to the appointment of Bioparox other drugs.

How to use the drug?

angina, bioparoks, medicine, runny nose

  1. Bioparox use is quite simple, it is easy todosed touch of a finger to the base-spray bottle. Inhalation irrigation done in the nasal passages or mouth, it all depends on where the infection is settled. Experience shows that some people do not know how to properly do the inhalation of an aerosol can with the drug substance. Therefore, the effect of the drug they are lower than it could be.
  2. If you want to use for the first time bought a balloon, the first release of it four times the dose, thus you adjust the amount (dose) when exiting medication pressed.
  3. When administered drug in the nasal passages for firstthe upper part of the vial dress specially designed for this purpose tip (it is yellow or colorless). Then turn the bottle upside bottomed. The nozzle gently insert into one of the nasal passages, another run at the same time close the finger. Then inhale and then click on the bottom to occur inhalation. During the procedure, keep your mouth shut.
  4. For inhaled events in the mouth the nozzleTake white. Open your mouth, enter the nozzle by turning the can upside bottomed. Close the lips and press on the base all the way, when you carry out a deep breath. After dosing to hold his breath several seconds to this point in the drug particles penetrate deeper and settled on the mucous membranes.
  5. Do not be afraid to introduce the drug in this way, making a breath, pain or other unpleasant sensations will be.
  6. In the case of shallow breaths drug remains in the oral cavity, the effect is weak.
  7. Do not forget to blow his nose inhaled, release the nose of mucus.
  8. Be sure to disinfect daily tips by wiping them with a cotton pad, previously dipped in alcohol.

Now doses. Their doctor sets. Babies after 12 years of age and adult patients often require 4 doses twice (or four times) per day in the oral cavity. Or two doses four times a day administered in each nostril. But kiddies from 2.5 to 12 years should be done 2 to 4 doses or in mouth 1-2 doses of each of the nasal passages. Making irrigation procedure is necessary to four times per day. The duration of treatment should not exceed seven days.

If treatment bioparoks start on time, he is able to quickly stop the inflammation and proliferation of microbes.

Note that Bioparox appointedchildren from 2.5 years. Parents and pediatricians good about it speak. When a person is dissatisfied with the data of spray, when clarifying how he used the drug, found errors in reception. If a child under that age, the drug is not used, since kids inhalation dose can lead to laryngospasm (a narrowing of the glottis, through it, the air enters the lungs).

This tool can be used in combination therapy.

Are there any contraindications?

If you are sensitive to the detection of fusafungine Bioparox medication can not be used. You have to be careful and to those who suffer from allergies to medicines.

Try to use the drug so that itthe particles do not fall into the eye. If still unsuccessful clicked on base, published the material gets on the mucous eye, immediately rinse thoroughly with water.

Data on whether the harm to the fetus fusafungineduring its formation or the baby, whose mother uses aerosols, very little. Therefore, the drug can be used pregnant or nursing women only when his doctor wrote.

Side effects

Bioparox usually well tolerated by patients.

In very rare cases, it is tearing,sneezing, coughing, dry mucous membranes, allergic reactions, nausea, redness of the eyes. Some patients complain of a burning sensation or the unpleasant taste of the drug.

our website cautions readers that store Bioparox should be at a temperature not exceeding 30-degree mark.

Clinical trials show that manyBioparox helps patients recover faster when ENT diseases, when treatment is started at the first symptoms, and complied with all the rules and dosing regimens. Do not forget to consult your doctor for any questions.

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