Bioparox, instructions for use

When in the throat pain, it flows out of the nose, it is difficult to breathe, then the mood is spoiled. Unpleasant this symptoms. In the cold season, people often pick up pharyngitis, angina, rhinitis or sinusitis. Then the store swept up in winter clothes, and then jumped out on the cold and wind. Then the legs were knocked, overcame ... Many prefer to take a spray for throat or nose in a pharmacy. But there are so many of them - what to buy?

Often, standing in front of the showcase or tolerant in the hands of the doctor's prescriptions, people stand in confusion - a lot of drugs, their prices are different, which will help faster? Yes, and the pharmacist at the pharmacy is a large queue, it is inconvenient to distract him in question. Therefore, today our site will introduce readers with one of the sprays, which is called bioparox. If the medicine is used correctly, then you will be satisfied with him.

General information about the drug

Bioparox is produced in the form of an aerosol, the main active substance of which is antibioticfuzafungin, which also has an anti-inflammatory effect. Fuzafungin was allocated from Fusarium Mushroom (Fusarium). It has a local impact in inflammation of the respiratory tract. He is produced by the French company. Volume of 20 ml bottle contains 400 doses.

Mechanism of action

Angina, Bioparox, Medicine, Rubber

The particles of the active substance of bioparox are attracted to the membrane walls of pathogenic microbes, damaging them. Instantly fungal and bacterial cells are not dying, but they can no longer multiply, allocate toxins too. Bactericidal action The drug has for different harmful microorganisms, for example, staphylococci, streptococci, actinomycetes, mycoplasma, candidate fungi. All of them can not develop drug resistance. In addition to the destructive effect on the microbes, the anti-inflammatory effect is manifested, the pain, the ethnicity of the mucous, discharge from the nose and the respiratory tract becomes less. The drug can be deeply penetrating into the respiratory tract when inhalation. The drug almost does not fall into the blood.

Indications for use

Lor doctors, therapists and pediatricians recommend bioparox with the following diseases:

Our site notes that it is more efficient to use the drug at the very first symptoms of angina or a sinusitis. If the disease has already come far, the state is deteriorating, then appointment is required in addition to bioparox other drugs.

How to use medicine?

Angina, Bioparox, Medicine, Rubber

  1. Bioparox use is quite simple, it is easily dosed by pressing the finger on the base of the spray bottle. Inhalation irrigation is made in the nasal moves or in the mouth, it all depends on where the infection settled. Practice shows that some people do not know how to properly make inhalations from an aerosol pottery with a medicinal substance. Therefore, the effect of the drug is lower than he could be.
  2. If you first want to take advantage of the purchased can, then first release four times the dose from it, thereby adjust the volume (dose) of the exit when pressed the medication.
  3. With the introduction of medication in nasal moves, first on the top of the bottle, the nozzle specifically designed for these purposes (it is yellow or colorless). Then the bottle turn over the bottom up. The nozzle carefully enter into one of the nasal strokes, the other turn close your finger. Then make a breath and immediately click on the bottom to the inhalation occur. During the mouth procedure, keep closed.
  4. For inhalation events in the mouth nozzle take white. Open your mouth, enter the nozzle, turning the balloon with a dress up. Communicate lips and click on the base until you stop when you take a deep breath. After the introduction of the doses, hold your breathing for a few seconds so that at this moment the particle of the medicinal substance penetrated deeper and downtown on the mucous membranes.
  5. Do not be afraid to enter the drug in this way, making breath, pain or other unpleasant feelings will not.
  6. In the case of a shallow breath, the medicine will remain in the oral cavity, the effect will be weak.
  7. Do not forget to unimpose inhalations, free nose from mucus.
  8. Be sure to disinfect the nozzle every day, wiping them with a cotton disk, pre-dipped in alcohol.

Now about doses. They are installed by the doctor. Children after 12-year-old and adult patients are most often required by 4 doses twice (or four times) per day in the oral cavity. Or two doses four times a day introduced into each nasal stroke. But kids from 2.5 to 12 years old must be made from 2 to 4 doses in the mouth or 1-2 doses in each of the nasal moves. Do the irrigation procedure four times a day. The duration of treatment should not exceed seven days.

If the treatment of bioparox start on time, it is able to quickly stop the inflammation and reproduction of microbes.

Please note that bioparox is prescribed to children from 2.5 years. Parents and pediatricians are good about him respond. When a person is dissatisfied with this spray, then when clarified, as it used the drug, errors in the reception are detected. If the child is under the specified age, then the drug is not used, since the kids inhalation of the dose of the drug can lead to laryngospasm (narrowing the voice slot, the air penetrates through it).

This agent can be used in complex therapy.

Are there any contraindications?

When a high sensitivity is detected to fuzafungin, the bioparox medicine cannot be applied. Careful should be those who suffer from drug allergies.

Try to use the drug so that its particles do not get into the eyes. If still unsuccessfully pressed on the base, the released substance fell on the mucous eye, then we immediately rinse them with water.

Data on whether the fuzafungin does not harm the fuses during its formation or infant, the mother of which uses an aerosol, very little. Therefore, the drug can be used for pregnant women or nursing women only when he discharged his doctor.

Side effects

Usually bioparox is well tolerated by patients.

In very rare cases there is a tear, sneezing, cough, dryness of mucous membranes, allergic manifestations, nausea, eye redness. Some patients complain about the burning or unpleasant taste of medication.

Our site warns readers about keeping bioparox at a temperature not exceeding a 30-degree mark.

Clinical trials show that many bioparox patients helps to recover faster with ENT diseases if the treatment has begun at the very first symptoms and complied with all the rules and dosing regimes. Do not forget to consult a doctor on issues.

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