Talk about gynecomastia in men is of particular interest to those interested in a serious
cosmetic defect with obvious signs of a woman's breasts. This can sometimes
seen on the beach or on a hot day in the city, when a thin T-shirt large
status discernible human breast emerges, more typical of women
image - as manifested benign breast enlargement in men.
Some adolescents during puberty and may receive
gynecomastia, which is associated with age-related rise in testosterone levels. Besides
, the newborn boys may have signs of the disease, which remain
for 2-4 weeks and then disappear completely.

It does not threaten the life or health of the stronger sex, but can
cause stress and anxiety. Answer all questions related
and increased with increasing mammary glands in males able specialists
endocrinology, mammalogy, oncologists and surgeons during complex survey

All about the causes of gynecomastia,
diagnosis and treatment of

the cause of gynecomastia is in the violation ratio of estrogen and testosterone
in the male body. Changing this balance occurs when there
hormonally active adrenal tumors, pituitary, testis, and also at
the primary function of the lack of genitalia - hypogonadism, prostate adenoma,
inflammation of the testicles, and Addison's disease.

secretion of prolactin - hyperprolactinemia, hypothyroidism, metabolic disorders
processes, such as diabetes mellitus, diffuse goiter, obesity can be
cause gynecomastia. A number of diseases are also not endocrine nature
can cause the development of this pathology: pulmonary tuberculosis, intoxication
alcohol and drugs, cirrhosis of the liver, cardiovascular and
renal failure, HIV infection, herpetic lesion chest
cells, multiple trauma. Sometimes this state depends on the prolonged
receiving drugs that acting on receptors mammary increase
production of prolactin and estrogen, have a toxic effect on the testicles.

The formation
gynecomastia note 3 stages:

  • developing - the initial stage of the disease;
  • intermediate - maturing process of glandular
  • fibrous - connective appearance in the glands
    and adipose tissue, the occurrence of an irreversible process.


About false gynecomastia

According to the classification
gynecomastia in men
It is 3 types and can be represented as follows:

  • True - breast enlargement is due
    through the glandular tissue.
  • False gynecomastia or lipomastiya - proliferation of breast happens
    by adipose tissue, usually caused by obesity banal.
  • Mixed form.

most common causes of this pathology, it should be noted
the use of steroids, which is characteristic of the current athletes and those who
stop active sports life. The body begins to accumulate
a large number of female hormones, this is due to the occurrence of side
effects: the deposition of adipose tissue on the female type and swelling as a result of
fluid retention. Obesity is also a very popular reason for breast growth
men. It should be noted that the cessation of active sports activity
not at all and does not always cause a similar problem, it all depends on the sensitivity
the female hormone estradiol and personal genetic data.

Treatment and prevention

It is aimed primarily at getting rid of obesity and excess weight. Exist
a number of drugs, avoiding gynecomastia - antiestrogens, including
most popular - Tamoxifen, which the mechanism of action is
blocking estrogen receptors. If necessary, the removal of gynecomastia is performed
surgically, during endoscopic or subcutaneous mastectomy.
liposuction method involves the removal of excess fatty tissue, restore
It occurs within 4-6 weeks after surgery, and the recommended wearing elastic
linen for the proper formation of muscle contour and painless seam

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