What is the diabetic foot


  • Diabetic foot
  • Diagnosis of diabetic foot
  • Treatment of diabetic foot

  • Diabetic foot

    Diabetic foot - one of the most common and severe
    complications of diabetes. Prolonged high glucose
    in the blood vessels leading to shock and lower limb nerves
    there is a disorder of innervation - neuropathy and / or blood supply -
    angiopathy. Against the backdrop of the changed security forces patient
    diabetes, minor foot trauma (corn, crack,
    prick sloppy haircut nails, injury, etc.) can lead
    the various manifestations of diabetic foot syndrome.

    there are:

    • trophic ulcers;
    • chronic, nonhealing sores;
    • cellulitis of the foot; osteomyelitis of the foot bones;
    • gangrene of one, several,
      finger portion or the entire foot.

    All this increases the likelihood of high
    lower limb amputations.

    Diagnosis of diabetic foot

    What is the diabetic foot First, the surgeon identifies
    disease, determines the degree and appoints the necessary examination
    to determine the immediate cause complications (neuropathy, ischemia
    or neyroishemiya):

    • A blood test and biochemical urine test.
    • Glycemic and glyukozurichesky profiles (patients during the day several times determined blood sugar and urine).
    • X-ray of the foot in 2 projections (to detect bone lesions).
    • Bacteriological examination (determined by the microbe that caused inflammation) to assign the appropriate antibiotic.
    • Ultrasound patency of the main arteries of the lower extremities.
    • The neurologist determines the character of neuropathy (tactile definition,
      temperature, pain sensitivity, reflexes and degree of violations
      of nerve impulses in the lower limbs - electromyography).

    Treatment of diabetic foot

    Based on the results of blood tests and urine endocrinologist conducts
    correction of blood sugar levels. As a rule, the period of a stationary
    treatment of diabetic foot, all patients were transferred to the introduction of
    regular insulin doses adequate.

    Depending on the symptoms and the degree of diabetic foot neuropathy prescribers alpha-lipoic acid.

    If the diabetic foot struck the main vessels
    (Macroangiopathy), consult a vascular surgeon
    for the possibility of surgical correction of ischemia. at
    the absence of such a possibility should be conservative therapy
    diabetic foot prostanoids (vazaprostan, alprostadil)
    heparinoid (sulodexide), desagregants (tromboass).

    Depending on the symptoms of diabetic foot carried
    complex treatment including surgery (in one or more
    steps) and conservative (dressings with antiseptics
    and medical wound dressings). Patients with diabetic foot are
    Hyperbaric oxygen therapy course (in a hyperbaric chamber the patient breathes pure
    oxygen at elevated pressure).

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