Educational program for contact lenses


Educational program for contact lenses

It would seem, to get contact lenseseasy, this is not the glasses, which have to suffer for hours, picking up the frame. However, when it comes to visit in optics, we get lost ... Eyes run from the diversity and consultant confusing clever terms, names of firms and materials.

Now what are

Now on the Russian market producerscontact lenses is more than enough. The most famous: Johnson & Johnson, Vision Care, CIBA Vision, Bausch & Lomb, Maxima. Almost all of them offer a full range - from one day to the lenses extended wear mode.

Incidentally, it was a one-day (one-off) and the lensthose that can be worn without removing are the priorities of scientific research leading manufacturers. "Dailies" attract the consumer to their convenience - "put, shot, thrown out", "long-playing" - the fact that the "put and forget '.

Daily lenses

The main disadvantage of "dailies" - the lack of moistureand low oxygen permeability material. Therefore, manufacturers tirelessly invent humidifiers, "embedded" in lens and released during the day, or, conversely, add components to help keep the already existing moisture. Such lenses are made of biocompatible materials, which allows for their safety and comfort.

However, in recent years the Russian market is notspoiled novelties "dailies" - remain the most progressive issued a few years ago «Focus Dailies All Day Comfort», «1-Day Acuvue Moist» and «the Maxima 1-Day».

"Dailies" - the most expensive of the presented to thelens market. That is why doctors often do not even try to offer their patients. And for good reason. In the end, each of us is able to independently plan their budgets without the help of doctors. "Dailies" are ideal for people suffering from allergies, those who usually wears glasses and lenses are used only occasionally, and the children, travelers and lazy. Such lenses according to doctors - the safest.

The lenses extended wear mode

Previously lens made from a material calledhydrogel - they certainly had to withdraw for the night and put in a disinfectant solution, and in the morning again to wear. All attempts to sleep in such lenses ended in failure - patients were red and swollen eyes, increased risk of developing eye diseases. All this was due to low oxygen permeability of hydrogel. It is, of course, higher than the "dailies" (which can not be categorically sleep), but still insufficient for eye comfort for a long time.

Modern long-lasting lenses are made from aperfect material - silicone hydrogel. These lenses have the highest indicators of oxygen permeability, which allows for increased comfort during continuous wear - eye lens in a "breathing".

The latest achievement of developerssilicone hydrogel contact lenses - «Acuvue Oasys with Hydraclear Plus». Their composition added to the so-called wetting agent. It prevents drying eye and thus increases the comfort of the lenses.

"Moisturizers and breathable" lenses can be worn withoutshooting seven days, after which they go to the trash. None of the previously issued silicone hydrogel lenses contain wetting agents, so that the emergence of new products is likely to make other manufacturers, too, to think of some sort.

When there is no agreement

Unfortunately, despite all the innovations and inventions, complete unanimity between producers of contact lenses and eye yet.

Judge for yourself. Information-advertising from some manufacturers: silicone hydrogel lenses can be worn without removing, for 30 days. Yes, certificate authorities give permission for such a long wearing, but doctors strongly opposed! The most recent model - the already mentioned «Acuvue Oasys with Hydraclear Plus» and comparable with them "O2optix" appeared a little earlier, it is designed for continuous wear for only 6-7 days. You see the difference?

Doctors warn that continuous wearlenses longer than 7 days is fraught with serious complications (up to corneal ulcers). If you too lazy to follow the timetable to tinker with solutions and containers, not bring themselves to a state of Gogol Wii (when there will be able to raise the eyelids some neprekrasnym morning) - buy "dailies."

The choice of professionals

From the appearance of contact lenses have won everything. And bespectacled, with childhood zadraznennye unkind classmates, and people with very poor eyesight, glasses which often look ugly because of the thickness of the glass, and those who spend hours staring at the screen as mEducational program for contact lensess with you.

It is believed that sit at the computer in contactlenses much more comfortable than wearing glasses. They do not glare, and the field of view more. On the other hand, computer users who wear contact lenses, often complain of eye dryness. This is due to the fact that people looking at the screen, blinks approximately 3-4 times less than usual. In addition, the eyes dry office air conditioning and dust mikrochastichki. Plus moisture evaporation from the surface of the lens is higher than the surface of the eye. So much for the "dry eye syndrome" with the feeling of the sand mote, a burning sensation in the eyes. Therefore, experts recommend for the computer to put on lenses, which retain moisture well, that is the very latest developments.

Perhaps more than anyone else from the appearance of comfortcontact lenses have won the athletes (and people leading an active lifestyle). Imagine a football player or a biathlete in glasses ... It is ridiculous! But contact lenses it is even to-face. Even swimmers can wear contact lenses. Moreover, lenses protect the eyes from chlorinated water basins. The only thing at risk waterfowl linzonositeli - emerge without lens. As the water lens can simply "swim" out of the eye, and look for it in bluish chasm is unlikely to succeed.

Contact lenses that protect the eyes fromUV radiation is not uncommon today. But while even the manufacturers can not decide whether it makes sense to do in the material of the lens UV-filter or not. For example, the company «Bausch & Lomb» still not UV-absorber is introduced into any kind of contact lenses produced. The Company believes that the lenses with UV-absorbers do not provide absolute protection of the eyes from ultraviolet radiation.

Lenses against astigmatism

Most recently appeared on the Russian marketUnique Novelty - soft contact toric lenses designed for correction of astigmatism. It is practically a revolution in the world of contact lenses, as previously about the possibility of astigmatism contact lens could only dream of.

Today hang in many optical storesposters, on which is painted a symbolic sun of the features, and below the signature: zazhmurivayte turns right and left eyes. If some of the rays "of the sun" will change the color - you urgently need to see a doctor for a diagnosis and novelty.

Fair to say that we are with a friendrecently on a poster squinting. As a result, innovation had to go to both - and it long ago diagnosed with astigmatism, and I had just optometrist confirmed its absence. So trust the doctors, not the advertising poster!

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