I expel chlamydia


  • Deceit of asymptomy
  • Without self-medication!
  • Foci defense!

  • According to statistics, the main victims of sexual infection become young
    People aged 20–30 years. Women infection affects five times more often,
    than men. And the most terrible — chlamydia is extremely difficult and
    Diagnose and treated. Does this mean that medicine is powerless? Our
    companion — Head of the department, obstetrician gynecologist of the highest category,
    Dermatovenerologist Olga Savelyev — So does not think.

    — Here is a typical case: a woman turned to me with complaints about pain
    At the bottom of the belly. The patient had inflammation of appendages. At
    Additional abrasion of the spouse, it turned out that he has long
    hid from his wife a fleeting connection. Laboratory tests allowed
    Install treason treason: random lover awarded chlamydia
    man and that — His wife. Recently emerged term «Three P» (Polov
    by purchased) became a sign of the disease for this married couple.

    Deceit of asymptomy

    The entrance gate for infection is usually used by the urinary system. Hit
    In the body, chlamydia can settle in the conjunctival of the eyes, urethra, cervical
    uterus, nasopharynx mucosa and rectum. Note the invasion of these
    Microorganisms are quite difficult, symptoms are often too weak. Clearly
    Determine the nature of unpleasant sensations, some discomfort
    Most patients can not. Only a very careful man will turn
    Attention in the morning urination on scarce whitish allocations,
    which do not have a pronounced purulent nature, itching and
    soreness in the groin area, in the scrotum. Women have so
    called endocervicitis with mucous membranes youI expel chlamydiadivisions and burning, pain
    At the bottom of the abdomen, the failures of the menstrual cycle.

    And alas, most often the doctor always comes over the disease. Not surprising:
    First of all, infertility. Pregnant infection leads to
    Premature childbirth, inflammation of pelvic organs, pathogen
    Transferred to babies. There is even a concept as chlamydia
    family when all close relatives, including small girls and
    boys who did not have sexual ties are carriers of malicious

    In children born by the mother, which suffered from chlamydia, high
    The likelihood of the development of pneumonia or serious eye infections in the first
    a few months of life, and in the future it is possible irreversible damage
    Lungs or joints.

    Long presence of one of the types of intracellular parasites,
    For example, chlamydia pneumonia is fraught with such disadvantaged
    consequence like asthma. The influence of bacteria on the development of ischemia,
    Atherosclerosis. It happens that chlamydia cause cystitis and pyelonephritis.

    Sometimes, especially in men, there is simultaneous or consistent
    The defeat of urogenital organs, joints and eyes, which leads
    mostly to disability. In men, first of all in the process
    Urethra is involved, then the prostate gland and then develops

    After all, chlamydia «silently», not disturbed until the time of their owners,
    live in the body, patients for a long time and are not suspected of secretive
    infection. And when some malfunctions are found, go to specialists —
    the oculist, rheumatologist and only after some time fall to
    Venereologist. In women mostly, chlamydia is a random find
    when examining before pregnancy or during it.

    Unfortunately, despite the abundance of diagnostic methods, one,
    perfect still not created. Mainly used analysis
    blood and the most modern — Molecular genetic study. Only
    Since 1993. Russian laboratories were equipped with special
    microscopes that made possible reliable detection of such
    Little bacteria.

    Without self-medication!

    Nevertheless, the disease is quite healing. Typically fight chlamydia
    Complex — using antibiotics, immunomodulators and
    Physiotherapy. This is due to the features of the life of a microorganism. Time
    Growth and development of chlamydia is small — 48–72 hours. However, to detect I
    You can only affect the parasite during its reproduction. T
    Time when chlamydia, moving with blood current, infect nearby
    cells, find and kill the aggressor is almost impossible. Like
    viruses, chlamydia at this moment are insensitive, «Deaf» Even to the most
    Powerful drugs.I expel chlamydia

    Doctors in the hunt for «Microdic» Focus on «Cold» phase development
    bacteria using antibiotics that can penetrate affected
    Cells and block infection there. Such properties have
    Tetracycles, macrolides and quinolones.

    With uncomplicated chlamydia, doxycycline is usually prescribed for 10
    Days. From macrolides The only drug with which you can
    count on getting rid of chlamydial infection after one course
    Treatment, this is azithromycin (Sumamed). Less effective is considered
    erythromycin, however its advantage — Proven halfway practice
    Safety in the treatment of pregnant women.

    Given the tendency of Russians to self-medication, I want to warn
    Use of antibiotics without doctor control. In this way of infection
    rushed inside, and in the future anything will be done with her
    Very difficult. The tactics of the fight against the disease chooses a doctor, and each
    Once it is determined individually, taking into account various factors.

    By the way, during treatment and within a week after therapy, patients
    must refrain from sex contacts not to become
    Distributors of chlamydiosis. Only after control analyzes
    cureness of patients and examination of their sexual partners The doctor may
    give «good» on the «protected» sex to avoid recurrences chlamydia.

    Foci defense!

    Since infection with chlamydia occurs, as a rule, when weakening
    Immunity, strengthening the protective forces of the body — One of the most important tasks
    Treatment. After all, malicious bacteria have a negative impact on
    Immune system. Naturally, the doctor uses in complex treatment
    urogenital chlamydia such immunomodulators like polyoxidonium,
    Tabuti, Timalin, Derinat.

    Great help in restoring certain damaged functions
    The body has vegetable adaptogens. Echinacea, Ginseng,
    Levsa, Lemongrass, Cranberry, Lemon, Sea buckthorn oil — All these natural
    Medicines perfectly stimulate strengthening «Related link».

    To normalize the operation of the gastrointestinal tract and recreation
    Destroyed intestinal flora antibiotics are very useful for lactic acids
    Products (fat, salty, smoked, by the way, are generally excluded),
    Golden herbal fees.

    Here is an example of choleretic tea:
    Cutlery Spoon Mixture Grass Celebre, Chamomile Flowers
    Pharmacy, three-lines watch leaves (all equally) brew a glass
    boiling water, insist, biting, 1 hour, drinking a third cup twice a day
    an hour after eating. You can prepare a similar infusion from the collection
    Herbs Cellular, Golden Water, Perestle Mint Leaf. Drink such
    «tea» follows a glass in the morning and in the evening half an hour before meals.
    No less effective people are considered «slaughter» for parasites juices
    from lingonberry, wild and dark crops, cranberries, cranberries,
    Bounds, Raspberries, Red Beets, Blueberries, Black Currant.

    Still that procedures such as baths and lubrication of foci
    Defeasure drugs. For women need
    Drying the genital zone by anti-inflammatory free chamomile,
    Calendulas, Salfa and other herbs. Healers recommend douching or
    The use of tampons with garlic infusion as
    antiparasitic agents. For the preparation of infusion crushed
    five–6 globes of garlic hold overnight in cold water cup.

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