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  • Vitamins for the Eyes

    In what vitamins needed people with impaired vision and eye diseases? Says ophthalmologist Moscow Medical Center "Phlox" Olga Aksenova.

    Modern drug market is saturated with generousvitamin preparations intended for treatment and prevention of eye diseases. It is natural to ask whether it is necessary to take eye vitamins capsules or enough to provide a wealth of vitamin daily diet? For what ailments the eye is eyedrops? And most importantly - how to find their way in the selection of fortified products?

    A varied diet, vitamin-eyedrops and tablets vitamins - the links of one chain. They all affect the eyes the healing process from various angles, enhancing the efficiency of the effect of each other.

    Who should take vitamins for the eyes

    Who should take vitamins for the eyes?

    • Anyone who suffers from myopia and hyperopia.
    • People whose age is close to 40 years, oralready "crossed the" Jubilee line - in this period of age-related changes occur all the vessels of the body, including the eyes. It's one of the main lines of action of ocular vitamins - strengthen the vascular system.
    • Women with varicose veins, even negligible, as these ladies make up the group "eye risk." The retina is extremely dangerous predisposition to thrombosis.
    • Patients with cataracts and glaucoma. Vitamins are able to inhibit the development of these diseases in the early stages.
    • People with diabetes mellitus, which inevitably affects the organs of vision.

    All eye drops with vitamins only applyon the recommendation of the treating ophthalmologist. Vitamin drops often buried courses, they should not be used continuously. Drops "Kvinaks" and "Sankatalin" most effectively stimulate the metabolism and inhibit the growth of any of cataracts: senile, diabetic, traumatic. Also, the "clean" the lens and prevent cataracts "Katahrom", "Vitafakol", "Oftan-Katahrom".

    It is believed that widespread drops"Taufon" help in the fight against cataracts. This is a mistaken view. The main direction of their otherwise: these drops are useful for the eyes, whose visual functions are weakened in the evening light, which is the beginning of a process leading to a "night blindness".

    People with allergic diseases of the eye of naturedeliver the anxiety and discomfort during the spring and summer flowering plants. With this handle eye drops such as "Claritin" and "octyl". "Prenatsid" and "Lakrisifin" directed also against allergy, but are more potent.

    In the treatment of allergic conjunctivitis importantrole prophylactic and therapeutic use of such fortified products as "Ifiral", "Optikrom", "Hi-Chrome". Starting the use of drugs of this series, it is desirable for 2-4 weeks prior to allergen exposure. If you are late and allergies "caught" you unprepared, use the "alomid", the effect of which brings the fastest results.

    What vitamins are needed eyes

    Vitamin A is essential for maintaining normalthe work of the retina and is found in most orange fruits and vegetables. Rightly believes that the most powerful natural eye vitamins are blueberries and carrots. But do not go for the carrot, turnip and grapefruits - in a lot of "red delicacies" harmful to the liver.

    What vitamins prefer eyeMyopic eyes also need calcium, which is notIt makes it impossible to "stretch" connective tissues of the eye, that is, to prevent the development of myopia. Most calcium-containing foods - cabbage, lettuce, onion and cheese.

    Riboflavin - vitamin B complex, helps withcorneal dystrophy, found in vegetables, mushrooms, dairy products. B vitamins have a positive impact directly on the nerve cells, ie those "wires" through which a nerve impulse is transmitted from the retina of the eye directly to the cerebral cortex.

    And this important vitamin, such as vitamin C, rich inrosehips, potatoes, sauerkraut, citrus. But in food products vitamins concentration sufficient not only for treatment but also for prevention of eye diseases. This oftalmofarmakologov forced many countries to "develop" software ocular vitamins with the combined components of the composition.

    The difference between vitamins different manufacturers inthe concentration of a particular component. Looking annotation of the preparation, you can decide which one is most suitable when your eye disease: the Swiss "Diffrarel" German "Vizioned" Italian "Mertilen forte", "Adruzen zinc" and a variety of domestic vitamins - "Biofit", "Veteron "" fetters "," equity-vigilance. " In each of them dominated by one component: carrots, blueberries, black currants and parsley.

    If blurred vision, feeling of eye fatigueafter working with the computer or printed texts useful riboflavin, vitamin in the form of drops or tablets or solutions. In addition to this function, riboflavin in combination with vitamin A is good "zarubtsovyvaet" consequences of eye injuries and burns.

    When progressive myopia, reinforcedeye strain, and at the first signs of farsightedness recommended preparations with a high content of blueberries, "Strix", "Mirtille", "Diffrarel", "Vizioned", "Biofit blueberries", "Okovit blueberries", "Bilberry-forte".

    Violation of the twilight, when a personlose vigilance in dim light, shows a deficiency of vitamin A. You can restore it by taking "Aevitum" capsules, "Retinol" - oil solution, "Vitrum" with beta-carotene or "Duovit".

    "Biofit parsley" helps with diseaseoptic system and strengthens blood vessels. Juice of parsley - a potent tool for the recovery of visual acuity, reduced when the hard work of the eye. An excellent stimulant of the optic nerve are also injection "emoksipin".

    The addition of the preparation "Citral" or vitamin C affects the recovery of the eye functions in the postoperative period.

    The composition of elements that make up the "Superokovit" drug prevents the formation of blood clots and has a vasodilating effect.

    Admission to the eye vitamins

    Eat ocular vitamins and nutritional supplements should be eye-course: after three months of receiving the required month break. Vitamins injections are administered intramuscularly to 15 times a day.

    It is hardly fair to call vitamins for the eyestherapeutic, they are likely to inhibit the development of disease. But the preventive effect of ocular vitamins unique. I would have carried them to the category of essential for all suffering from various eye disorders.

    In general, the eyes are sensitive to the state ofbody as a whole, and if you take a multivitamin, which strengthen the immune system, reduced mineral deficiency and purify your blood vessels, this aid will be consequences for the eyes.

    From vitamins to their patients, I recommendcomplexes "Complivit", "Oligovit", "The Queen" and the new "Tsygapan". This bracing preventive medicine in capsules or tablets. They are affordable and great influence on the state of the eye, and in addition, easily absorbed by the body.

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