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  • For those who do not know

    Heartburn is called a feeling of warmth or burning

    "pit of the stomach "- the
    It exists in the upper abdomen and lower chest (or
    breastbone). Sometimes heartburn extends up, reaches even to the neck and
    mandible. Often, it is accompanied by increased salivation,
    bitter or sour taste in the mouth.

    All admit, no one out

    Burning in the stomachThe main reason due to which there is heartburn, the poultry
    medical language is called "gastroesophageal reflux

    ". "Gastro" -
    Latin stomach, "esophagus"- The esophagus, and the mysterious word "reflux"
    (Not to be confused with reflex) represents motion or regurgitating
    direction. In other words, gastroesophageal reflux (sounds like
    magic spell from the book of the Harry Potter) - it is only a
    getting into the esophagus of the stomach contents, that is the inverse of its cast.

    As is known, the basis gastric contents - a hydrochloric acid
    very high concentrations. The stomach is protected from its caustic effects, and
    that's esophagus - alas. At the junction of these bodies (called
    cardia) is the muscle fibers which comprise a dense ring
    opening therebetween. This muscle (sphincter, ie "constrictor")
    operates so that only one-way movement of food - from
    the esophagus into the stomach.

    If it ceases to cope with their responsibilities, sour
    It begins to penetrate the stomach contents into the esophagus. This state
    It called the failure of the cardia. As mentioned above, the esophagus
    vulnerable to the destructive action of hydrochloric acid, burning
    its inner shell. Here are some of the esophagus flour and give what we
    We call heartburn.

    Why is there an incompetence of cardia

    And why muscle gates close tightly? The reasons are many, and they can be conditionally divided into "disease

    " and "not disease".

    From "no disease" often causes heartburn over a hearty meal,
    simply overeating. Filled to overflowing stomach is stretched beyond
    measures the diameter of the cardia and because of this increase. It is understood that
    stretched muscle-flap can no longer work on the conscience. Same
    It happens when we stretch the stomach is not food and gas - they are
    in sparkling wines, beer, lemonade and other carbonated beverages ...
    Now you understand why from them is heartburn?

    And heartburn comes from coffee, pickles. from
    fried potatoes, oranges and so on. d., and so on. n. the list is to
    infinity. Each has his own, and each may, by writing it
    somewhere in memory, turn away from foods that cause heartburn,
    as if they were not enticing.

    Of the other "is not a disease" it makes sense to mention the age-weakening
    esophageal muscles, which is felt somewhere after 40 and, unfortunately, not
    is subject to correction. But obesity and smoking - is not the last
    causes heartburn - this is a "disease"From which it is necessary to get rid of.

    On gastritis, more

    Gastritis (inflammation of the stomach lining) - one of the most frequent
    perpetrators heartburn. When gastritis mucosal damage becomes less
    stretchable. Because of this, the pressure in the stomach after meal increases
    faster, and hence more difficult to fulfill its sphincter valve function, and
    he begins to act up.

    Among other ailments that cause heartburn, esophageal hernia call
    aperture. It's not too dangerous thing, but not so on
    stomach ulcer and development of neoplastic processes in the stomach and esophagus.
    Meanwhile, the first symptom of a serious illness called just
    It is still the same, though harmless heartburn.

    Doctor, I have heartburn!

    You find yourself heartburn does not necessarily rush to the doctor. At first
    it is necessary to understand what food it is, and try to eliminate it from the
    diet. It is important not to overeat. For this we need to abandon
    as giant portions and eat more often but less. Do not forget about drinking. And
    about the order to lose weight and quit smoking - even to speak it is not necessary.

    When running to the doctor? Once the heartburn begins to interfere with the live,
    ie if it occurs almost every day, or is accompanied by belching and
    abdominal pain. There can not be to delay.

    To determine the cause of heartburn a doctor is likely to prescribe
    gastroscopy. This method allows to significantly explore the top
    sections of the digestive tract. With the results in the hands of doctor
    advise what to take, how to exterminate heartburn.

    help yourself

    Until now, there is an opinion that should be taken for heartburn soda. No,
    do not. Nothing good from this will not happen: first, the soda itself may
    esophageal mucosal damage, and secondly it causes increased
    flatulence that only stretches the stomach. Looking for heartburn
    drugs belonging to the group of antacids (Almagel,
    Maalox, Aluminium phosphate gel, etc.). And someone manages to get rid of it,
    simply drinking a glass of warm water or milk.

    People's medical work

    From heartburn helps the juice of white cabbage (1/2 cup) and juice
    raw potatoes (1/3 cup). There are more complicated recipes, for example,
    this: take 20 g of herb St. John's wort, yarrow and cottonweed, 3 tbsp.
    Spoon this mixture, pour a liter of boiling water and infuse for two hours. Drink
    1/2 cup 4-5 times a day. Good help and infusion of centaury (1
    Art. spoon herbs 2 cups of boiling water).

    This seemingly small thing - heartburn. But it's nice to not feel like a heretic, who was sentenced to be burned from the inside!

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