Symptoms and treatment of gastritis

Gastritis is inflammation of the stomach walls, which occurs under the influence of chemicals, Helicobacter pylori bacteria and mechanical damage. If a person often eats acute, saved or spicy food, the epithelium of the stomach is thinned, the cells lose the ability to resist the gastric juice, and it begins to destroy the walls of the stomach. Gastritis arises.

Gastritis symptoms, gastritis treatment
What kind of beauty is a fiery-burning smoking piece of meat... Mmmm, fingers license... But for some reason the stomach does not think so, after acute and fatty foods, pain in the stomach appears, and then vomiting, yes in general there is heard. All these are symptoms of acute gastritis.

Gastritis is inflammation of the walls of the stomach, which occurs under the influence of chemicals (not only food, but also some drugs), bacteria Helicobacter pylori and mechanical damage. Among the causes of gastritis can also be called alcohol abuse, smoking, passion «Fast Food». The fact is that our gastric juice is a strong hydrochloric acid so that the walls of the stomach are not «Digger», They have a layer of epithelium (cells), which resists the destructive effects of acid. If a person often eats acute, saved or spicy food, the epithelium of the stomach is thinned, the cells lose the ability to resist the gastric juice, and it begins to destroy the walls of the stomach. Gastritis arises.

Types of gastritis and their symptoms

Allocate the acute and chronic form of gastritis. Acute gastritis manifests itself 4-8 hours after a man will take acute food. Suddenly there is a severity in the stomach, nausea, general weakness, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness. Man pale, tongue is covered with a white raid, saliva, or, on the contrary, dry mouth.

Gastritis symptoms, gastritis treatment
It often happens that the symptoms of acute gastritis appear to be blurred, weakly, the patient is trying to endure the inconvenience, not referring to the doctor. Gastritis does not disappear anywhere, he only goes into a chronic form. The mucous membrane of the stomach is constantly inflamed, and in some cases inflammation applies to the deeper layers of the stomach walls. Patients with chronic gastritis periodically feel pain in the epigastria (this place is located in front, right under the ribs), nausea, the appetite decreases, the metallic taste periodically occurs in the mouth, frequent extermination - air, with a smell of rotten egg, food residues.

In chronic gastritis, the selection of gastric juice is disturbed.

If the juice is allocated too much, the patient suffers from pain in the stomach, the attacks of nausea, bumps with sour, constipation. This disease is typical mainly for young men.

Gastritis with a reduced secretory function of the stomach (gastric juice stands out too little) is characterized by nausea, metal flavor in the mouth, constipation and diary. If such gastritis is not treated for a long time, the patient loses appetite, gradually lose weight, develops general weakness and impotence. Such a form of gastritis is more common in men of older. It happens that gastritis with a reduced secretion of the gastric juice is the harbingers of the development of tumors - because when gastritis the walls of the stomach are atrophy, losing their functions.

There are other forms of gastritis. Corrosive gastritis develops in the stomach of strong acids and alkalis in the stomach (for example, the suicidal-loser who tried to reduce the scores with life, drinking a cutlery vinegar). Hypertrophic gastritis - with it in the stomach, numerous cysts and tumors are formed, hemorrhagic gastritis - the wall of the stomach is ulcerated, and gastric bleeding occurs periodically. But these forms of gastritis are far less likely, so we will not stop at them.

Gastritis diagnosis

The following studies are conducted for diagnosis: ultrasound, gastroscopy, bacteriological analysis of cells taken from affected and healthy parts of the stomach.

With ultrasound, everything is clear: during his holding, the doctor sees darkened and brighter areas, determines where changes are.

Gastroscopy is a study with a thin tube, at the end of which is an optical device. The study is conducted on an empty stomach. Before conducting a study, the gastroscope is treated with alcohol. The patient is injected with an atropine solution, the throat is treated with an anesthetic agent. Then the patient purses the throat in the mouth, you need to relax the throat and make one sip. During the swallowing movement, the doctor will succeed in the gastroscope in the throat and further, before the stomach (a very unpleasant procedure, but will have to suffer) and examine its inner surface. After a careful inspection, the doctor takes pieces of the gastric mucosa for further analysis - biopsy. All this is done at one time: and gastroscopy, and the taking of cells for analysis is carried out by the same gastroscope. For biopsy, a very small piece of cloth is quite enough, so it does not harm the stomach. In the study of tissues mined during gastroscopy, determine the form and degree of affectance, which helps to choose the right tactics of treatment and eliminate malignant changes.

Gastritis treatment

Gastritis treatment
Most often, the treatment of gastritis is reduced to the diet and appointment of drugs that facilitate pain relief.

Regardless of the gastritis form, the treatment begins with a diet. The doctor will surely recommend excluding fat, salty, sharp. Drinks should be warm - hot and cold food or drink annoying stomach walls. Food must be carefully chewed to facilitate the work of the stomach. There is no less than 5 times a day in small portions.

If the gastritis is caused by Helicobacter Pylori, you will have to spend 10-14 daytime course of antibiotics (Levomycetin or more often enteroseptol), and only then treat a diet. Helicobacter pylori is a bacterium, which, getting into the stomach, irritates the mucous membrane and causes the development of gastritis. The main pedestals of this bacterium are cockroaches. But our site would like to especially note the fact that the bacteria Helicobacter pylori is dangerous more that they are easily transmitted during contacting (the use of common dishes is allowed), so everyone has a chance to get sick.

Acute gastritis is treated with diet and enveloping substances that reduce the aggressive impact of gastric juice on the walls of the stomach. This medicine is an almagel.

In chronic gastritis with increased secretion of gastric juice, Vicalin, Almagel, Platifillain, Atropine use. These drugs reduce the acidity of gastric juice. In addition, drugs are used to restore the normal structure of the stomach walls - methyluracil or pentoxyl.

If, with gastritis, the secretion of the gastric juice is reduced, quasteron is used. This drug does not reduce the selection of gastric juice, but removes spasm and reduces pain. Seat plantain use natural funds - it reduces pain and heals the walls of the stomach.

Diet with gastritis

Diet with gastritis
Diet - cornerstone in the treatment of gastritis. When gastritis with a reduced section of the gastric juice, the patient can eat cereal and vegetable soups, welded on broths from low-fat meat (rabbit, turkey), low-fat fish (pink salmon), ryazhenka and other non-acidic dairy products, stale bread, fresh and boiled vegetables and fruits, eggs, porridge, cocoa, coffee, tea - frown and not hot.

With an increased secretion of the gastric juice, the diet must contain products that reduce the acidity of juice. You can eat dairy products (fresh and not acidic), cottage cheese, prostroprious, boiled eggs, low-fat boiled meat and fish. Vegetables can be only boiled, rubbed. And in the raw form you can use only salad, green onions and dill. Soups are boiled on low-fat meat, with rubbed vegetables. You can use sunflower oil, low-fat sausages, vermicellies, porridge, stale bread, tea, coffee.

With any kind of gastritis, it is categorically prohibited: alcohol, freshly flour products, rye bread, peas, beans, lentils, scrambled eggs, fatty meat (pork), fatty fish (mackerel, salmon), fried potatoes, fries, onions, cabbage, Solid cheeses, rustic sour cream, chocolate, candy. I still can not eat fruits with peel - even grapes.

Observing the diet can be fully restored its stomach and get rid of unpleasant sensations. It is better not to deviate from the diet not to cause new gastritis development.

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