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  • Celiac disease and child
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  • Celiac disease and child

    Almost always, the diagnosis of "celiac disease", which is seta child becomes a complete surprise to his parents. And this is understandable. Because detected the disease, most often, only when administered in the diet of baby cereal.
    So, what is celiac disease?
    Celiac disease - an intolerance to gliadin (gluten component of the wheat and rye). This disease sometimes develops after introduction into the diet of baby cereal products.

    Important! Since celiac disease it comes to malnutrition, the child has a tendency to bone fragility: the skeleton loses calcium. In many cases, the child may appear cramps and bleeding skin.

    little medicine

    Celiac disease - a violation of the assimilation of the products insmall intestine damage due to its mucous membrane. The disease usually begins gradually in the second and third year of life. Since in this disease the food too quickly passes into the intestine, without having to be acquired, the use of nutrients is limited, the child stops growing, and much thinner. Due to changes in the intestine occurs in the body lack of enzymes, proteins, vitamins and iron.

    How to help your child

    Only a timely transition to the diet and the fullexception of diet foods and flour from wheat, rye, barley, oats and avoiding chronic digestive disorders. Helping a child with celiac disease need, utilizing:
    • Celiac disease is a childspecial foods,
    • natural remedies,
    • home methods
    • physician experience.
    As for foods, the dietaryshop sells special products without gliadin which can be given to a child in accordance with the doctor's instructions. Perhaps he will have to stick to this diet for life.
    However, in a few years, in consultation withyour doctor can give him some products from cereals. If you still manifest the symptoms of celiac disease, the experiment will have to immediately stop.

    The natural means of helping celiac disease refers, in particular, medicinal tea made from blueberry.
    Prepare it simple. Pour 5 teaspoons of dry blueberry 500 ml of cold water, bring to a boil and let simmer on low heat for 10 minutes. Strain. The child should drink three cups a day.

    A child suffering from celiac disease, requires particularlyCare. After all, because of the thinness and anemia in children with celiac disease, increased demand for heat. Put your child to bed warmer (it should not be too hot, so that the child is not burned!). And watch out for, so that he was dressed warmly enough for the day.

    It is very important as soon as possible to make the correct diagnosis. When the first symptoms of celiac disease immediately show the child to the doctor. The physician should carefully monitor the condition of a change in the baby.

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