Physiotherapy for hair


    Physiotherapeutic Baldness Treatment Methods

    Physiotherapy for hairThe best results in the treatment of baldness in the early stages bring comprehensive programs, such as therapeutic masks for hair and scalp, preparations for rubbing hair roots and scalp, hand massage head and collar zone, physiotherapeutic treatment methods.

    Physiotherapeutic procedures recently conquer wide popularity. They allow us to be uniquely influence only on the affected parts of the body and internal organs, not harming healthy. Physiotherapeutic devices, as a rule, do not lead to toxic or allergenic damage to the body and have high efficiency. Naturally, in the treatment of all forms of alopecia, physiotherapeutic methods play not the last role. Among the main, the following physiotherapy methods of treating baldness are distinguished: microcurrent therapy, ionophoresis, darsonvalization, electrostimulation, vacuum massage, cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen massage).


    Ionophoresis is a procedure at which medicines in the deep layers of skin occurs. Introduction is carried out under the action of permanent electroplating current. Ionophore effect accelerates subcutaneous blood circulation, stimulates cell division and metabolism in them. In addition, ionophoresis facilitates the penetration of regulatory and nutrients to the hair lows and in skin cells, thereby reinforcing their hair and enhance their growth.


    Electrostimulation (myostimulation) is called the use of pulsed currents to restore the activities of tissues that lose normal function. Therapeutic properties of electrostimulation are known for a long time, but only recently this method has begun to use for the treatment and prevention of hair loss. Pulse currents affect the walls of large vessels, the backup capillaries are opened, the metabolism and the totality of these factors are activated to reduce the volume of fat cells and align the hormonal background.


    Physiotherapy for hairThe technique consists in freezing skin sections with liquid nitrogen. Freezing is carried out using a special applicator. As a rule, it is a wooden wand for about 20-30 centimeters. At its end, a small cotton swab treated with liquid nitrogen is fixed. Along with a wooden applicator with a cotton swab, a cryoapplist in the form of a tube can be used. The tube is a reservoir filled with liquid nitrogen and equipped at the end by replaceable metal tips of various shapes that are used for cryoissage. Cryotherapy is applied with many forms of alopecia, such as fatty seborrhea of ​​the scalp, circular baldness and others.

    Liquid nitrogen, mainly performs massage functions on the scalp. Also, cryotherapy is used for nest alopecia. In this case, the treatment of liquid nitrogen is only a hearth focus. Total to obtain a good result you need to get 2-3 courses. Temperature properties of liquid nitrogen may adversely affect the fragility and dry hair, in connection with which it is necessary to carefully monitor the salo-waste and other side effects.

    Vacuum (Roast) Massage

    Vacuum massage helps to improve blood circulation, removes the lymph stagnation, allows the skin to breathe and remove toxins. Vacuum massage is produced by setting cans within which the vacuum is created mainly by burning oxygen.

    Microcurrent therapy

    The essence of this procedure is to exposure to a person by a modulated pulsed supermal electric current (from 40 to 1000 μA) with a frequency of 0.1 to 500 Hz. Current has a pronounced effect and causes pleasant sensations. Transfer currents on the skin according to special electrodes that are different types. Most often there are electrodes in the form of metal sticks, lipukes, gloves (their masseur is put on and spends a special massage).

    Due to the special parameters, microchets penetrate into the skin cells, subcutaneous tissue, improving metabolic processes in cells, stimulating the absorption and synthesis of beneficial substances, and the removal of the exchange products, accelerating the restoration of tissues and hair lows.


    Is an impact of small currents of a large voltage frequency of 100 kHz to skin. It gives a good result in the treatment of seborrheal baldness, since the currents of Darsonval blocked the operation of peripheral nerve endings and thereby contribute to the resorption of lymphocytic infiltrates. At the same time, the expansion of blood vessels occurs, and the bulb gets more blood from the blood. The work of the sebaceous glands is reduced. Due to spark discharges, ozone is produced, saturation of the skin of the head and bulbs of hair oxygen occurs.

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