Diseases of the nervous system in children


Diseases of the nervous system in children
Nervous system of children
It has immaturity. Newborn most of the day spend in a dream and
wake up only from feeling hunger or discomfort. But as we grow
The child's nervous system undergoing a number of changes corresponding to
Age. But due to innate or acquired, abnormalities may occur in children
nervous system that often proceeds imperceptibly for parents.

Therefore, doctors recommend
Regularly show children up to 3 years qualified neuropathologists,
conduct a number of surveys and in case of identifying any pathologies, immediately
Start active treatment. Many violations
The nervous system in children is dangerous to health and threaten social
child activity in the future. But with early diagnosis, many of them are easy
Amenable to correction.

Common disorders of the nervous system in children:

  • Stuttering
    neurotic nature;
  • Nervous
  • Neurosis;
  • Neurotic
  • Anorexia
    and bulimia of neurogenic type;
  • Neurotic
  • Violation
    Brain circulation combined with the injuries of the cervical spine
    (generic injuries).

Most often neurological disorders
Newborn arise on the background of injuries during childbirth or caesarean section, various
infectious lesions. But when qualified assistance and early examination of the nervous system in children, they
recover, without having no deviations in the future.

At a later age reasons
The appearance of neurological deviations may be stress, some chronic
pathology, injury and damage. For the innervation of vessels, muscles and internal
organs, ensuring the operation of the respiratory center, the spinal cord meets the vegetative nervous system in children.
The functioning of its subcortical formations is due to the bark of large
Hemispheres of the brain.

In children, vegetative departments nervous
Systems are quite difficult arranged. Upon receipt of generic injuries or
the development of pathologies often passes a large amount of time without diagnosis and
Treatment. But today the illness of the highest nervous activity is easy
diagnosed, it is necessary only to show vigilance and not fencing kids from
prophylactic communication with doctors.

nervous system in childhood

Diseases of the nervous system in children

To identify the pathologies of the nervous system
Children are often prescribed a number of studies, including:

  • Lubalian
    (Spinal) puncture: Research is used to obtain
    cerebrospinal fluid (liquid) with inflammatory diseases nervous
  • X-ray diagnostics
    skulls (craniography) and various spinal departments (spondylography);
  • Computer
  • Magneto-resonance
  • Electroencephalography;
  • Neurosonography;
  • Positron emission tomography;
  • Reoencefalography.

A comprehensive examination of various departments of the nervous system in children allows you to quickly and
painlessly identify common pathology. Timely diagnosis I
Early treatment — guarantees that the child will receive maximum medical care
From possible. It increases his chances of full recovery and reduces
The probability of the development of complications, among which is complete or partial loss
Motor and adaptation capabilities, backlog in mental development -
the most common.

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