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  • Normally, if your gas
  • Let's be friends with peas
  • Drink milk and be healthy
  • Without fat in any way

  • Normally, if your gas

    Each of us daily highlights from the guta mixture of gases. Among them, methane, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, as well as rather "fragrant" ammonia and hydrogen sulfide. All you have personally okay? The norm for humans - 14 "emissions" per day. Intestinal gases are put in an awkward position, but whether it is necessary to deal with them?

    Colon - the penultimate departmentgastrointestinal tract; hence the direct path to the anus. This "gas chamber" is home to over 400 species of beneficial bacteria. They are vegetarians, waiting for you to treat them with bread, bananas, peas. Their diet consists mainly of complex carbohydrates, which have no time to the end digested by enzymes secreted by your own cells. Bacteria digested nutrients separating gases, including hydrogen sulfide. It's pure biology.

    The problem arises only when the excessgases causes discomfort - abdominal rumbling, it swells, you feel bad. Or do you feel great, but mess up the air more often than 14 times per day, at the same time, as the Chinese say, losing face. Doctors call this flatulence.

    Get rid of it is easy, even without any food restrictions. It is only important to cook it.

    Let's be friends with peas

    "Gas" foodLegumes are rightly considered "music"food, because they contain carbohydrate raffinose. Oddly enough, not everyone in the small intestine enough enzymes to digest it. Pairwise carbohydrate enters the large intestine, where it accepted for the bacteria that produce so much tearing of gas will. A similar fate at Koç and Brussels sprouts, broccoli, asparagus and whole grains, while raffinose them smaller.

    However, beans are not our enemies. They have a lot of fiber, which lowers cholesterol, and calcium strengthens bones, so that they protect us from heart disease, fractures, and even colon cancer. In addition, these low in fat and high in protein, i.e. it is, in principle, healthy food. It is only important to correctly use it. So that you can advise.

    Pick the best for themselves legumes. These products are similar to each other but not identical. The response to individual pulses in humans. Each of us has one product variety produces more gas than the other. What causes flatulence one person reduces the gas separation at the other. It is necessary to try out different options and choose the best that suits you.

    Change the water. Before cooking, dry seeds of lentils, peas and beans need to be soaked overnight. But you can not cook them in the same water where they lay. Drain it, rinse the product and prepare it in fresh water and then the risk of flatulence caused by beans to fall.

    Get into the autoclave. Undercooked beans produce more gas. What they boiled, the lower the risk of flatulence. Or buy a pressure cooker. In a typical pan will have to boil the beans for about four hours, and the pressure they are completely welded much faster. Optimal mode for bean - 30 minutes.

    Rinse under running water. Canned beans cook faster. Only the first canned beer, drain and rinse the beans under the tap to remove carbohydrates, which have stood out.

    Drink milk and be healthy

    If you milk gases - this is normal. All people, as well as other mammals are born with a lot of lactase, an intestinal enzyme that digests milk sugar - lactose. Approximately 75% of the people on the ground sharply reduces its isolation after three - five years. As for the remaining 25%, the theory says that a thousand years ago their ancestors lived where there was a lot of dairy cattle, - in Northern Europe, Central Africa and the Middle East. Therefore, they remain useful gene mutation, allowing you to save and calmly lactase to digest milk until old age.

    For this minority, any dairy food is not a problem. And the rest of it can cause excessive gas evolution and even diarrhea. However, lactose intolerance is not a disease.

    Symptoms of lactose intolerance occur three timesmore often if you drink milk on an empty stomach. A good option - add it to cereal or cereal. Skim milk is better: whole not increases flatulence, but it is rich in fat, so less useful. A few tips to fans of dairy products.

    Train your digestion. Effusing gas colon microflora incredibly adaptable. If you gradually increase the dose in the diet of milk, bacterial community changes so that will successfully cope with lactose. Such training is much reduced the risk caused by this sugar flatulence. When the body adapts, you can safely enjoy low-fat dairy products.

    Yogurt: the simplest way out. Bacteria Yogurt contains a lot of lactase enzyme (digesting lactose), so this product is great for those who can not tolerate milk. Suitable any brand with a vibrant culture.

    Milk is lactose-free. If possible, buy dairy products, pre-treated with lactase, ie with pre-digested lactose. Look at the ingredients list on the packaging the words: The enzyme lactase.

    "Sparing" dairy products. In the solid cheese is very little lactose. For those who can not tolerate it, is also suitable milk chocolate: cocoa and sugar slows down digestion in the small intestine, and it is time to break down almost all the "musical" Sugar. The same property has a combination of fat and sugar in ice cream, maybe it does not threaten you flatulence. However, remember that the extra calories and fat - not the best option.

    Without fat in any way

    "Gas" foodIf raffinose and lactose were the onlysources of bloating, the problem would be solved quite simply. However, any food that is high in fiber, - a source of gas-forming carbohydrates. At the same time, it prevents constipation, some forms of cancer of the stomach and intestines, and a number of other disorders, so do not give up on fiber. According to experts, it we need 25-35 grams a day. To get such a dose, start the day with porridge (not rice) or cereal bran and in the evening to five times, treat yourself to vegetables or fruit, and if necessary, use the special nutritional supplements. Now tips.

    Get used to the vegetables slowly. Normal pace - for a week to get used to one additional daily serving of vegetables or fruit, as long as you reach the minimum efficiency level - five times a day.

    With the bran - the same thing. If you decide to add fiber in the form of bran, do it gradually. Those who decided to switch to products with bran, is to start with small portions, while the intestine gets used to them.

    Activated carbon - radical means. If these methods to combat flatulence do not help, it is to buy in a drugstore the activated carbon. Take a couple of pills after every meal, and gas in the intestines builds up not so much. Security means only chair darken.

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