Pros and cons of Cesarean section

Today, increasingly and more often the future mothers doctors offer to give birth to a child with the help of cesarean sections. Such a procedure is recommended for possible health risks, both for feminine and baby. But not rarely pregnant women go to this operation in their will, seeing in such a child's birthday only positive parties.

Caesarean section - this is a bandage operation, with the help of which a woman gets from the abdominal cavity. In the modern world, this procedure is very common - according to statistics, approximately 40% of cases resort to it. It is important to note that this method of infants to the light of babies saved the life of thousands of women and children and played a significant role in reducing mortality during childbirth. However, like any operation, Cesarean section has its own risks and potential complications. Therefore, if you do not have any testimony to this operation, you should carefully weigh all «per» and «against» Cesarean section.

What you need to know about the cesarean section

Cesarean section, testification to Cesarean, postpartum, childbirth

The first thing that every woman should determine in front of the Caesarean section procedure is the anesthesia method. For this operation there are three types of anesthesia. One of them is common. With this anesthesia, the female in labor after drug exposure completely loses sensitivity and enters the unconscious state. Next view of anesthesia - Epidural. Her meaning is that a powerful anesthetic is introduced in front of childbirth to the epidural space between the vertebra. In this case, the total loss of sensitivity of the lower body is happening, but the woman has remained in full consciousness at the time of the operation. And the third type of anesthetics - spinal or spinal. At the same time, anesthetic anesthetic is introduced into the subfaste space between the vertebrae. The effect is the same as in epidural anesthesia. Each of these methods of anesthesia has its advantages and disadvantages, to know which every future mother must know, but still the last word about the choice of one or another anesthesia must remain behind the doctor.

During the cesarean section, the doctor carries out two cuts: the first dissection - the abdominal wall (skin, fat and accompanying fabrics), the second - uterus. At the same time, cuts can be vertical or horizontal, sometimes their alternation is practiced. Although the horizontal seam will be more aesthetic, the vertical will allow you to remove the fruit faster and safer for the baby. At the end of the operation, our site recommends learn from a doctor what kind of dissection, because it is undoubtedly useful to you when planning the following delivery.

After the cut of the abdominal cavity and the uterus, the doctor sucks the oily water and removes the kid. If a woman is under the epidural or spinal anasthetic, the child is applied to the mother's chest so that he can get his first microflora. If the woman is surgery under general anesthesia, the attachment of the baby is practiced to the father who prepared in advance to this event. Next, the newborn is sent to all the necessary procedures after the birth: clean the cavities of the mouth and nose from extra liquid and mucus, wiping and evaluating Scale apg. At this time, the newly made mother manually remove the placenta. After this procedure, the woman in labor is sewn the uterus and abdominal cavity of the surgical thread, which will be deleted before discarding from the hospital. In general, the operation usually takes no more than 30-45 minutes.

Cesarean section, testification to Cesarean, postpartum, childbirth

Undoubtedly, one of the greatest advantages of the cesarean section is that both the female and the child will be fully safe from those problems that could arise during the natural genera. So you and your baby will be «insured» From sad outcome. In addition, a woman does not feel much concern and stress towards difficult birth, because the risks for the health of the baby and the mumble itself are significantly reduced. In addition, if there is a medical testimony for Cesarean section, it is certainly about the advantages and minuses of this operation to think.

Some women prefer caesarean cross-section of natural childbirth due to soreness during the second. The birth of a child for each woman is an unpleasant experience that may include long watches of exhausting battles. It is not rare in the femalers arise breaks and various damage to the vagina, which are also accompanied by burning pain. In the procedure of caesarean section, the genital paths remain not touched, the woman absolutely does not make efforts to push the child, and childbirth pass painlessly. Also, due to the fact that the urinary system remains in the same form of a woman will not be in the future problems with intimate life and sexual dysfunction in the first months after the birth of the kid.

Cesarean section, testification to Cesarean, postpartum, childbirth

Another plus of Cesarean section is that a woman can control the child's birthday. It often happens that the girlfriends are waiting for the first signs of natural births for weeks «Source» at home not letting the husband nowhere. From ignorance they experience constant fear and stress. And sometimes delicate situations happen and at all, when the accumulating water begins to move out in a public place and then future mothers experience a real panic. Caesarean section procedure avoids all these unpleasant events, and moreover, even choose a certain day to appear on the light of their baby.

A big advantage is also a child's birth rate by cesarean section. As mentioned above, the operation lasts only 30-45 minutes, natural labor can occur within a few hours, while the woman can feel not only painful contractions, but also embarrassment. After all, in the generic chamber there is always numerous staff, which will constantly monitor the course of the generic process. Sometimes, such attention causes discomfort in the feminine and unpleasant memories in the future.

And without a doubt, the most important advantages of Cesarean section is that the child is completely independent of the injuries obtained during the passage of vacuum extraction and generic pathways. In addition, it is guaranteed not to receive oxygen starvation and other serious problems for the baby's health, which may occur during the natural genera.

Moreover, as practice shows «Caesaryata» much calmer than their peers born naturally. This nuance is not scientifically proven, but happy moms after the sociological surveys conducted with them confirm this fact.

Corsarean cross sections

Cesarean section, testification to Cesarean, postpartum, childbirth

Against the background of the irrefutable advantages of cesarean section, there is also a large number of disadvantages of this method of infants to the light of babies. Because of these minuses between doctors, a dispute about the benefits and dangers of Cesarean sections for many years. Some of them even put forward any suggestions for banning the operation of women without any medical grounds.

One of the risks of Cesarean section lies in the fact that doctors can deal with the term of pregnancy and the kid to appear a little earlier than necessary. It threatens the health problems in infant age and lagging in development. In addition, it is possible that the doctor, cutting the uterus, injures the child, although it happens extremely rare.

Some risks exist for mother. First of all, they are associated with the fact that the operation is introduced a certain dose of anesthetic. It can cause allergic reactions, inflammation of lungs or low blood pressure. After the discontinuation of the anesthesia, the female restaurants may experience dizziness, headache, nausea and malaise. The moral state of the newly minted milf after cesarean section also wishes better. Many women experience the incompleteness of what is happening and alienated from the child. In addition, the guinea has passed through the operation will have to take care not only about the baby, but also heal their wound. Because of this, women often arise postpartum depression and deterioration of mental state. In general, the restoration of the feminine after surgery is a long and complex process that requires the mommy of power and excerpt.

This operation has its drawbacks and for the infant. First of all, they are connected with the fact that the child does not pass the natural path of birth and does not receive a certain adaptation. W «Caesaryat» Indicators on the apgar scale are always lower than that of children who have passed the last stage of birth. This is directly connected with anesthesia, because it affects not only mommy, but also on the child.

And yet we should not forget that the birth of a child is a purely individual process. Some after natural genera can not «move away» Weeks, and some who have passed through the operation, feel great after a few days. Someone will recover faster, someone slower, the main thing is that you got the biggest treasure in life - a child. Despite all the advantages and disadvantages of cesarean section - how to give birth to a child to choose only to you. Our site recommends not to listen to various stories related to this operation, and to trust only your doctor.

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