How to avoid stomach ulcers?


  • Ulcer - bomb
  • Factors contributing to the occurrence of gastric ulcers
  • How to avoid a dangerous disease?

    Ulcer - bomb

    How to avoid stomach ulcers? Gastric ulcer, like a time bomb,appear at any time of the year, but more often in the winter or in the spring during avitaminosis. It may be accompanied by severe pain in the stomach immediately after a meal - in the stomach ulcer or over 2 hours after a meal - 12- ulcer duodenum. Dangerous is that gastric ulcer often gives terrible complications such as perforation of the abdominal cavity, degeneration into cancer, gastric bleeding. And so we give an example: a man of 45 years, a lot of smoke, drink beer every day and, of course, loved the smoked fish. The stomach had ached, but it was not surveyed, and when the night had a strong pain in the stomach, as - as if a dagger blow, it appears that came ulcer perforation. Man took away "ambulance" right on the operating table.

    Another example: female 32 years, also did surgery for perforation of gastric ulcers. She forgot all about their sufferings, many continued to smoke 25 cigarettes a day. It is again in serious condition was taken to hospital. This time, it formed a new gastric ulcer, which at the time of perforation rooted to the gallbladder and gave the strongest, to shock, pain attack.

    Factors contributing to the occurrence of gastric ulcers

    Peptic ulcer disease - a chronic,relapsing disorder in which as a result of disorders of the nervous and humoral mechanisms governing secretory - trophic processes in the gastro - duodenal zone, formed an ulcer in the stomach or the duodenum, at least two or more ulcers. Factors contributing to the emergence of a lot of gastric ulcer. In the first place, is the hereditary factor. It lies in the fact that the body itself is prone to increased production of gastric acid and gastric enzymes. In second place - Helicobacter. It is in the stomach and also at a convenient destroys mucosal cells. In third place are such provocative issues as the violation of the diet, eating fatty, fried, smoked, salted hard, very hot or very cold food. Fourth place in the occurrence of gastric ulcer takes smoking and drinking. And the last place in the appearance of gastric ulcers, or exacerbation of existing stomach ulcers, take the negative emotions, prolonged mental strain, conflicts, disturbances of sleep rhythm and power.

    How to avoid a dangerous disease?

    However, many factors prophylacticallyYou can be avoided, and therefore, to avoid such a severe illness as gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer. To do this, you must comply with these requirements:
    sleep 6 - 8 hours;
    abandon a fatty, smoked, fried foods;
    during stomach pain need to be examined and food to take 5 - 6 times a day wiped easily digestible: cereal, jelly, steam cutlets, sea fish, vegetables, eggs;
    treat patients teeth to chew food well;
    avoid scandals, because after a nervous overstrain stomach pain intensified;
    I do not eat very hot or very cold, as it can contribute to cancer of the esophagus;
    Do not smoke;
    do not abuse alcohol.
    We must remember, peptic ulcer - is not only a local damage to the stomach. This painful disease of the whole body, which is easier to prevent than a lifetime to adapt to it and treat it.
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