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  • ORVI prevention in children & ndash; Change the lifestyle!Frequent colds in children — Result of the secondary decrease in immunity. Cases when a child is born with immunodeficiency, extremely rare. Influenza and ORVI in children with impaired immune defense proceeds hard, with complications and a real threat to life. Secondary decline in immunity when children are born healthy, and then become «weak» often lie on the conscience of parents. The point is not in the absence of parental care and love, just the opposite, the case in ignorance rules for the prevention of ARVI in children.

    What implies the prevention of ARVI in children? Antiviral action preparations, patient contact restriction — It's not bad, but not the main thing. Reduced immunity in a child — The result of the conflict of its immune system with an external environment, the lack of healthy lifestyle conditions.

    What should be the living conditions so that the influenza and ARVI in children arose as less as possible?


    In the room where the kid is located, the air should be clean and cool (18 0WITH). In winter, in the period of central heating in the apartment it is necessary to use humidifiers, optimal air humidity 50-70%, dry air contributes to the spread of viruses. It should be limited to the contact of the child with fragile substances, they irritate the respiratory tract and increase the likelihood of the disease.


    The best option — Single baby room. Useful thermometer, hygrometer, humidifier, water filter vacuum cleaner. Toys should be stored in a box, books — behind the glass. Before going to sleep the room and carry out wet cleaning, in the morning the room is also necessary to refresh.


    Sleep the baby should in the cool room, if necessary in warm pajamas and under a warm blanket. Bed linen is preferably white, dyes negatively affect skin condition. Were laundry needed using a children's powder that does not contain surfactant.


    Child food must match age. Do not get involved in overseas products, less dangerous for inconsigned immunity vegetables and fruits growing in the area of ​​accommodation, sweets should become dried fruits. You need to feed the child only on demand, you do not need to force there, but you should stop the snacks between meals. It is necessary to learn rinse the mouth and brush your teeth after meals.


    The kid should always be able to quench thirst, but not a sweet carbonated drink, but a simple drinking water, mors, fruit tea or compote. Beverage temperature — room.


    On the street should be worn on the weather, at home — a little easier than parents, overheating — Real opportunity to get sick, like supercooling.


    They must be high quality, odorless, should not get a stack of hands, not having small parts and sharp corners. Stuffed Toys — Dust drives, they should be cleaned regularly, and in the case of allergies — better get rid of them.

    Walking and sport

    Baby need daily walks, outdoor sports, active communications with peers. For a often ill-friendly child, there are impractical games in closed rooms and a visit to the public pool.

    Mugs and sections

    Visiting additional occupations — it's for healthy children. If the child often sick, first need to strengthen the immune system, and then — Choir, Drawing Studio or Dance Circle.

    Vacation in summer

    Parents mistakenly believe that the best rest for a often ill child — This is the sea, sun and sand, it is this basis for the prevention of ARVI in children. Preparations from allergies, food poisoning, temperatures also reasonably occupy a place in a suitcase, like bathing suits and summer things. Rest in hotels by the sea — This is a public catering, high level of solar radiation, endless disorders of sleep and wakefulness, this is not for a often ill child.

    Perfect holiday for frequently ill children — This is summer in the village, in shorts and barefoot, fresh air, inflatable pool with well water, natural products, limited contacts with the urban environment.

    ORVI prevention in the family

    It is very important that all family members be vaccinated from influenza and ORVI, so that during the epidemics, the child did not attend public places, did not contact patients. You need to teach it to wash your hands, teach to wash your nose and rinse the throat. If the kid often sick — It is often infected, and therefore, in addition to the reduced immunity, the model of family behavior is to blame. Agree, it is better to change the model than to kiss a child with pills and constantly treat from ORVI.

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