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    How to open ulcerA little sour ...

    At first, nothing terrible happens, sometimes just a little improved gastric acidity. but prolonged stress, Chronic gastritis, duodenitis, infringementPower Mode (irregular, with long intervals, overeating), or a sudden change in diet, excessive smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages events may develop in another scenario.

    gastric acidity rises strongly,develops inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach (gastritis). And if not treated, develop peptic ulcer disease, t. E. A chronic inflammatory disorder with alternating periods of exacerbation at which defects are formed ulcerative gastric mucosa.

    Peptic ulcer may occur aftera long gap between meals, and sometimes without any apparent reason. Because of digestive disorders appears belching air, food, nausea, sometimes vomiting, constipation, combined with pain and bloating. If you have any symptoms of peptic ulcer disease, consult a gastroenterologist to confirm the diagnosis.

    Simple rules

    Avoid illness is simple:

  • Several times a day, wash your hands with soap and water. In that case, if soap and tap water are not available, carry a package of wet wipes impregnated with antibacterial fluids.

  • Never eat from a common dish: it is so often happens infection.

  • Do not share toothbrushes, and do not let anyone own.

  • Do not get carried away with the national cuisines of the world.

  • Try less often go and see the catering - home cooking is much safer.

ulcerative menu

Any disease of the digestive system,gastric ulcer will have to make drastic changes to the menu. The basis of the food must be pureed dairy, vegetables (without the addition of cabbage) and cereals soups, cooked vegetables in the form of mashed potatoes and steamed puddings, mashed porridge with butter or milk, boiled fish low-fat varieties (cod, perch, pike), meat or fish, steam cutlets , boiled chicken without skin, butter, olive oil, sunflower oil, stale white bread, sweet berries and fruits, vegetable, fruit and berry juices, dogrose broth, jelly, fruit drinks, weak tea and cocoa with milk. Eating should be not less than once every 2 hours and chewing food thoroughly, which should be neither too hot nor too cold. But on fried, fatty, spicy and savory dishes will have to forget. Also contraindicated alcohol.

Slightly herbal medicine

It is still not created a single drug that can completely heal stomach ulcers. Therefore, whatever is prescribed by a doctor, it would be superfluous to have recourse to medicinal herbs. Here's one recipe. Mix 1 tbsp. spoon roots and Valeriana knotweed, plantain leaves, herb St. John's wort and camomile. Two tablespoons spoon collection pour 1 liter of boiling water, leave for 3 hours and strain. Take your medication on 1/2 cup 30 minutes before meals 5 times a day for two months. Then make a break for 2 weeks. The infusion is necessary to drink for a long time, a year and a half. In order to prevent take fee for 2 months in the spring and autumn.

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