Asthma and Stress


    The impact of emotions on the course of asthma

    Asthmatics often ask yourself the question, "How are myemotions affect asthma? "themselves stress and nervous overload are not a cause of asthma, but the physical condition of asthmatics themselves they can affect. Anger, fear, anxiety, laughter and crying, negative emotions often provoke attacks and worsening of the disease. Stress choking patient. Researchers had found that emotional stress "breath" in 70% of adults with asthma, and 5% of children after a small stress condition worsens and it can not be stabilized until it's time until the causes are eliminated. In 44% of patients with the disease exacerbate conflicts in the family, 9% - at work, and in some it is associated with increased care or neglect by parents. In principle, there is nothing surprising, because strong emotions are almost always affect the physical condition. In this regard, the experience of USSR artist Inna Makarova, who has asthma for the first time declared itself when it is frozen on the road to a low-cut dress. After that, whenever she felt the excitement, strong emotional lift as asthma immediately made itself felt. I had to use inhalation with hormones.

    What to do?</ H2>

    Asthma and StressWhen the tense situation dealt nerves, getthe strength to ... relax! Read Dale Carnegie, celebrate their failure, take a soothing bath with sea salt and herbs (if they are not allergic). In situations of alarm and terror of growing appears shortness of breath, which can manifest itself not only speed, but shallow gasp, yawning. When you have the whole day sighing yawn yes - you have unbalanced breathing process, and this, in turn, causes an increase in anxiety. After you exhale more carbon dioxide, the respiratory center, and your brain feels obliged to stop this mess and inhibits breathing up to fainting. No wonder Muslims yawning considered very unseemly action which opens the passage to the evil ones. If you feel not just a fear of future, and panic, try the method of US experts.
    Sit with your back straight, push the tip of the tongue totubercles in the upper teeth, and keep it so for the entire exercise. So, open your mouth, but breathe out through the nose. Close your mouth and inhale slowly through your nose, about to count myself to 4. Then hold your breath and count to 7. At the expense of 8 make a full exhale through the mouth. The exhalation should be twice longer than inhalation. Again inhale and repeat 2 more times. Focusing on the process, you will forget about you frightening phenomenon or event, which gradually loses its supervaluation. And in any case do not shut off the stress of alcohol, smoking and tablets (without a doctor, of course). These "spikes" of the spirit will never teach you to walk through life with head held high.

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