How to beat insomnia and stress?


Can not sleep? You are not alone! We toss and turn until dawn in their
beds, briefly forgetting disturbing half-sleep and wake up again, cursing
painful morning awakening after an almost sleepless night. Today in the world
periodic sleep disorder affects roughly one in three people. In the US, this
figure exceeds 40 percent in Europe - approaching 60. Eighty percent
Russians now live under constant stress. And the faster
It becomes the pace of our lives, the higher these numbers are growing.

How to beat insomnia and stress?Primarily it occurs in large cities, where
rhythms inherent nature of human existence has long been dramatically
strayed. We go to bed late, get up too early. Our day passes in rapid
tempo, filled with emotions and stress. It is in the XIX century was insomnia
the lot of lovers, poets and romantics. Today it is the bane of most people,
regardless of their age and occupation. Doctors are sounding the alarm, because the
the body is not receiving the proper rest during sleep, wears out sooner
time, which inevitably leads to shortened life. The worst affected
insomnia weak half of humanity. It is no accident the modern women
two to three times more likely than men to seek the help of psychiatrists. Business,
career, making money does not make discounts here all on equal terms. But
taking care of the family, household chores, as well as before, are female
shoulders. Do not forget about the specific "women's" stress.

Strong opiates, which are trying to resort
many do not solve the problem. They do not provide a full sleep, and thus are often

How not to harm the body, overcome insomnia, remove
stress, how to restore normal sleep and waking?

Pharmacies is commercially effective, and most importantly, inexpensive medication - pills
"Evening" and "Evening
+ Motherwort. " Drops "Evening" and "Evening + Motherwort" - a complex
herbs have long been used in Russia as sedatives: valerian, hops,
motherwort and mint. How to beat insomnia and stress?In the production of raw material is not subjected to high
temperature and chemical processing, which allows to preserve the composition
plants, and hence its healing power. Efficiency Bean "Evening" and
"Evening + Motherwort" confirmed by research. Appreciation drug
He received somnological center of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. Admission pills
"Evening" and "Evening + Motherwort" during the day will smooth stress load
on the body, intake before bedtime will allow for faster sleep and wake up in the morning
fresh and rested. To date, in terms of price and efficiency
Bean "Evening" and "Evening + Motherwort" is one of the leaders.

Thus, coated "Evening" and "Evening + 'rated
experts as an effective remedy recommended in patients with impaired
sleep, difficulties with waking and daytime sleepiness. And all the people,
experiencing anxiety or stress, as a mild sedative, not causing
addictive, natural and affordable means.

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