What do you get from a pet?


What do you get from a pet?Rare people do not like pets, manyhis life are not without a cat or dog, as some consider it quite normal cuddle cute creature to kiss him, to feed with it, lay beside him in bed. However, few people think that such a close communication can be fraught with disease.

Scientists estimate that the four-legged and Dipterapets can suffer 250 different diseases, of which more than half can be transmitted to humans. In Europe, these diseases were only 30, however, from this we, the people, not easier, many of these ailments can cause significant damage to health and even cause death.

Worms from the seals and dogs

Animal diseases that can be transmitted to humans, called zooantroponozami. The most common of these are considered to helminth infections, or simply diseases caused by worms.

Helminthiases very widespread amongpets. Eggs of worms ingested cats and dogs while walking on the street, as well as licking paws and other, not sterile parts of the body. Some cats and dogs suffer coprophagy, ie the tendency to eat someone else's feces, and this - even direct to infection.

A person infected with the animal by close contact with him and the lack of proper hygiene, especially hand washing and rare if shares a bed with her beloved pet.

The most common helminth infections

  • What do you get from a pet?Echinococcosis. Its causative agent is a larva tapewormechinococcus inhabiting the intestines of dogs. The eggs of the parasite found in the animal's fur, dirty hands are brought into the mouth and even fall in the human intestine. Hatched larvae perforate the intestinal wall and are carried by the bloodstream to all organs, causing the formation of hydatid cysts. brain damage, liver (75%), lung (20%) of the kidneys, the heart can lead to death.
  • Toksokaroz - Helminthiasis, caused by Ascaris or dogtoxocara typical disease of dirty hands. They often suffer from children, catchy handle on helminth eggs while playing in the street. Unfortunately, dog walking locations we have a little, and some unscrupulous owners allow their pets to defecate right on the playgrounds. Toksokaroza danger that helminth larvae easily penetrate the gut wall and entered the blood stream to the lungs, where they cause the development of low-grade pneumonia. Additionally bot accompanied allergization child.
  • strongyloidiasis - Another version of helminthiasis dogs and cats.
    The disease occurs with abdominal pain, stool disorder
    intoxication caused by the products of vital activity of worms,
    manifested by headaches, dizziness and general weakness.
    Children with strongyloidiasis, Anemia develops, there
    the lag in growth and development.

Diseases caused by protozoa and microbes

  • Rabies - One of the incurable disease, leading toof death. rabies virus enters a person through animal bites, or licks with the skin and mucous membranes. If you are bitten by a stray animal or own a dog that recently behaved strangely and aggressively, immediately contact your doctor. Save a life can only timely vaccination! All pets must be vaccinated against rabies!
  • giardiasis - A disease caused by protozoaorganisms, giardia, parasites in the digestive system of animals. Contact lamblia in the human body causes weakness, headache, dizziness, nausea, abdominal pain. Lamblia parasitism in the bile ducts and gall bladder leads to a violation of the outflow of bile, enlarged liver, pain in the right upper quadrant, anemia. Often it develops hives and celebrated the defeat of the joints.
  • Felinoz or cat scratch disease - another payofffor the love of pets. Pathogens felinoza contained in saliva, urine, on the paws of cats and get into the wound during the scratching or caring for animals. About the beginning of felinoza evidence does not heal the wound on the site of the bite or scratch. Later, fever, swollen lymph nodes, there are symptoms of intoxication. With proper and timely treatment recovery is guaranteed.
  • Toxoplasmosis. His carrier are also cats, especiallythose who are not averse to hunt for mice and other rodents, happy to regale raw meat infected pets. The disease is characterized by damage to the nervous and lymphatic system, muscles. Toxoplasmosis in pregnancy is fraught with infection of the fetus, its deformities and death.
  • Leptospirosis - It is a serious disease, occurring withliver disease, kidney, brain membranes. Leptospires enter the body through the nose, the mouth, through the damaged mucous membranes and skin. The patient has a fever, a headache, pains in muscles and joints, abdominal. Can even death.
  • Microsporia, trihofitia - Skin disorders caused by fungi. Carriers of the disease can be cats and dogs, but people can also act as a source of infection. With regard to Microsporum and Trichophyton animal should guard the appearance of bald spots on the body of the animal and scaly areas of skin peeling. In humans, the disease occurs as dermatitis and may result in patchy baldness.
  • parrot disease in the broadest sense - is the disease,peddler of which are birds. In particular, from the home parrot or canary is quite possible to be infected with chlamydia. Patient bird differs from the presence of the source of inflammation at the base of the beak, runny nose, shortness of breath and bleary-eyed. A person infected by inhalation of dust contaminated with feces and secretions from the nose birds. Infection causes the development of atypical pneumonia, which flows with a high fever, severe symptoms of intoxication, lesions of the heart, liver and nervous system.

What do you get from a pet?

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