If a baby flatulence


  • How do you know that the baby flatulence
  • Tips of our grandmothers
  • How to prevent flatulence

  • How do you know that the baby flatulence

    If your child makes a short and piercingcries with certain intervals, while he squeezed his eyes shut his eyes and wrinkled brow, he constantly touches legs and spinning, and his tummy resembles an inflated ball - you know, you are dealing with flatulence, or bloating that often disturb infants.

    Flatulence - a sharp pain in the tummy of the childdue to hyperextension of individual sections of the intestine caused by accumulated gas there is in the process of feeding. Flatus may be delayed in case of constipation and diarrhea. Typically, colic often disturbed boys than girls and tested to three months when the normal digestion. However, periodic bouts of flatulence and children overcome over the next months to live.

    Tips of our grandmothers

    There are several ways to helpto kid. Almost all of them still invented by our grandmothers, great-grandmothers. One of them - the warming of the abdomen, while relaxing the body muscles (including intestines), spasms of individual sections of weakening, and restored normal patency of the gastrointestinal tract (you'll see it on the discharge of gas.)

    If a baby flatulence To do this, the child dry warmingcompress: put the hot iron on his tummy diaper (necessarily sure that it was not hot!). Reviled him in her arms, belly pressed to his body, make a warm bath. You can also put the baby on his tummy, this way it is also warmed. Try to give your baby with a pacifier - it will strengthen the effect of the treatment.

    Especially effective in flatulence massage- Circular stroking the abdomen in a clockwise direction - with the air bubbles move to the exit and cramps subside. Do not forget to give your baby herbal teas, which normalize bowel function and relieve spasms. They include chamomile, fennel, mint and dill.

    If none of these methods are notIt helps, use the vapor tube. To do this, think in advance about its availability in your medicine cabinet. This procedure is performed as follows: the child turning on your left side, bend your legs at the knees and hips (it can also lie on your back with your legs); the rounded end of the tube smear Vaseline; with his left hand, spread the buttocks and gently push the tube into the anus of 1-2 cm; the other end lower in some dishes, as with the gases can go out and bowel movements. The tube can be left for 20-25 minutes in the gut, combining the procedure with abdominal massage, which we mentioned earlier. Do not forget to place around the anus wash with warm water and rub baby oil. However, in spite of all the effectiveness of this method of controlling flatulence, it should not be used often, so as not to irritate the rectum.

    How to prevent flatulence

    Pay attention to your own diet. Drinking coffee, strong tea, grapes, cabbage, beans, a large number of fruit or raw vegetables - all of which can cause trouble to your child. Adhere to proper technique of breastfeeding, then the child will not swallow air sucking.

    Also, for the prevention of flatulence important timeget rid of the air that has entered the child's stomach. Therefore, after feeding, hold the baby in an upright position 'column. " The most convenient way to do so: the left hand keep the kid behind him, and with his right hand, press the tummy. And you will feel like after the baby spit-up air becomes easier.

    Too much a part of the intestine bulges in a child requires a doctor's advice. Perhaps this background developing dysbiosis, or eating disorders.

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