Ulcer retreats to honey


  • Coping with ulcer and will be able to do: improve immunity
  • Tasty medicine from nature
  • Most Valuable honey

  • Coping with ulcer and will be able to do: improve immunity

    Autumn-Winter - it's time for the recovery tousing bee products. 1-2-month course natural "treatment" will help to saturate the body with vitamins, trace elements. It enhances immunity, which reduces the likelihood of SARS and influenza. This course will be useful for those who have stomach ulcers worsened in the autumn - gastritis and ulcers. To do this, be sure to take a 10% propolis tincture 50-60 drops inside (this dosage for adults!), Dissolved in 0.25 cups of milk (or water) fasted for 1.5 hours before meals 3 times a day for a month. Already in the 4-6 days of treatment disappear pain, heartburn, nausea, normal sleep, and with concomitant hypertension - pressure is reduced. If you have the stomach is all right, then everyone - adults and kids - we recommend every day to eat honey. Do not get sick ulcer who every morning fasting eat 1 tbsp. l. honey, washed down with a clean (preferably the well) water.

    Tasty medicine from nature

    Ulcer retreats to honey Extremely useful honey comb - this is the bestchewing gum, which you can think of: a genuine, helpful and healing. And, after you've chewed this gum for 30-40 minutes (until then, until the wax begins to disintegrate), it is possible - and even necessary! - Swallow. The wax will act as an adsorbent, taking all the harmful substances from the gastrointestinal tract.

    But the peak of "creativity" bee - royal jelly. On its medicinal properties, you can compose a poem. This is a cure for colds and flu, and a drug that kills only the virus, but does not harm human cells. On the contrary, it helps to restore damaged cells with the virus, and what is its main Unlike synthetic drugs. Royal jelly is useful for anemia - a few hours after his admission hemoglobin increased, which can easily be checked with the help of laboratory tests.

    Of course, the most famous, the most commonand most affordable bee products - honey. It is known that honey can be different -.. Clover, espartsetovy, sunflower, buckwheat, acacia, lime, osotovy, buckthorn, soforovy etc. But the so-called monotsidnye honey do not occur very often - bee fail to indicate from which plants take pollen , and she would prefer more honey plants, rich nectar.

    Most Valuable honey

    Diastaznoe number - a measure,which characterizes the activity of the enzyme diastase. This is an important measure of the quality of honey. It is sharply reduced or even completely lost when heated over 60-80 degrees of honey and honey during prolonged storage exceeding one year in a warm room. Diastaznoe number according Guests must be at least 7 units, and honey locust - not less than 5 units. But diastaznoe number does not characterize therapeutic honey, and is a testament to its naturalness. Diastaznoe number can range from 1 (rarely) to 50, and is considered a good indicator of 12-16 units, and may serve as an approximate indicator of quality, and as a result, the usefulness of honey.

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