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  • Perpetrators - microbes and their toxins
  • We calculate the probability to be ill
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  • Going on vacation, place in a bag of pills indigestion. The probability of a trip, alas, great. No wonder there is such a medical term - "travelers' diarrhea"

    Perpetrators - microbes and their toxins

    The reasons for diarrhea in the trip can be a lot, starting with the most simple: a person changes the usual food, the usual water.

    "Perpetrators" diarrhea - disease-causing germs, bacteria and viruses that enter the body through food or liquid. In distant lands almost all germs unfamiliar to us, from that they are "evil" for us.

    Micro-organisms produce toxins that are notonly lead to the breakdown of the gastrointestinal tract, but also poisons the organism. The result - headache, fatigue, nausea, loss of appetite. It is also possible fever, diarrhea, and sometimes - vomiting.

    Acute intestinal infections, if they are not treated, can lead to the development of chronic diseases: enterocolitis, ulcerative colitis, dysbacteriosis ...

    We calculate the probability to be ill

    travelers DiarrheaThe chance to get diarrhea depends on the standards of hygiene in those places where you are going.

    If you stay in Europe, North America orAustralia, the likelihood of diarrhea is small (about 8%), in southern Europe, Japan, Russia and the Caribbean - 30%. For high-risk countries include Asia, Africa, South and Central America.

    To avoid problems with the intestine intravel only eat at the hotel, where we stayed, or in restaurants. Food and beverages purchased from outside, may be flawed in terms of health regulations. The danger is not only represent underdone or undercooked dishes, but ... ice cubes - most of the "intestinal" microbes tolerate low temperatures and can be stored under it several days. Do not they die, even if the ice is put in spirits (gin, whiskey, tequila).

    It would be desirable to try exoticfruit on the street, have patience and a good first wash them (in high-risk countries - only bottled water!). Often remember a simple rule: "purify, boil, boil, or forget ...", and you will reduce the risk of diarrhea to a minimum.

    help yourself

    If, nevertheless, diarrhea began more drink toquickly make up the loss of fluids and bring toxic substances. If loose stools are recommended to drink boiled water with a pinch of salt and glucose.

    Taking antibiotics for most intestinalinfections is not necessary and are not always effective method of "fixing" agents. Medications such as Imodium quickly eliminate diarrhea, intestinal infections but taking them is not justified: they do not kill the pathogen, and as a result of the microbe causing the problem lingers in the body.

    For the treatment of diarrhea drugs can be recommended,regulating the balance of intestinal microflora, so called probiotics (colibacterin bifikol, baktisubtil, Narine). The basis of their - specially bred germs, in the normal course of business which are released enzymes that improve the digestion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, but also kills most pathogens.

    To cope with the deterioration of the digestive,flatulence (bloating), followed by diarrhea, you can take enzyme preparations (festal, mezim, panzinorm and other - 1-2 pills 3-4 times a day with meals). It may be useful, and receive antacids such as Maalox, Aluminium phosphate gel or smectite (1 sachet 3-4 times per day), having enveloping and adsorbent action.

    Find a place in your travel bag for a fewenterosorbents packages (activated carbon, enterosgel). Chelators can be deposited on the surface pathogens and toxins, thus eliminating toxicity. Moreover, they have no side effects.

    Modern superior sorbents Activatedcoal efficacy and safety. They not only neutralize toxins banal, but pathogens. Admission sorbents should start as early as possible, not giving microbes or toxins reach dangerous levels, and continue to take up to complete disappearance of symptoms.

    After poisoning sit on a diet (in the lungscases, diet is enough one day). It is recommended not very strong tea without sugar with crackers of white bread. If absolutely no appetite, starve, it will benefit. To make up for lost fluids, drink more than you can - mineral water without gas.

    But if the thermometer reads off scale, loose stools up to ten times per day or repeated vomiting has begun, do not try to treat yourself, call your doctor.

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