Treacherous belching or keep up appearances


  • Why does eructation
  • How to prevent belching: tips

  • Why does eructation

    Treacherous belching or keep up appearancesOnce you have finished with deliciousportion of grilled sausages, you have given will burp that could ripple to the Bavarian Alps. The reaction of the innkeeper quite supportive: the invitation for the next year to the Polish party. But your stomach pain responds: Thank you for a little bit, you can let off steam - or, at least, the inside air.

    As long as you chew the food and sippingliquid, air is naturally gets into your mouth and swallowing quietly slips into the esophagus. After that, there are two possibilities. The air passes on either the stomach or retained in the lower esophagus, waiting for arrival of the next batch. Then, like bubbles poaching water, the air suddenly rushes in the opposite direction to the throat and out of his mouth - sometimes with a peculiar sound.

    You can feel that the stomach is fullair, but it need not be completely eructation. But if someone swallows air and it accumulates in the esophagus, the probability is very high burp.

    Apparently, air ingestion is the most common cause of regurgitation.

    Food allergies and hypersensitivity to milk can also cause burping with insufficient secretion of acid in the stomach.

    Like heartburn, belching related to exposureof acid from the stomach into the esophagus - narrow passage that connects the mouth with the stomach. Suffice it to even a small portion of the discharge or write to acid from the stomach, so they once were in the throat.

    People suffering from belching, notesperiodic relaxation of lower esophageal sphincter - the valve block the passage between the stomach and esophagus. This valve is designed to pass food. In the normal state, it must remain closed for the duration of the digestion process. However, when it is opened, the contents of the stomach can pass into the esophagus or into the mouth. Sometimes, under the influence of a mixture of sour taste in humans a phenomenon called belching. Sometimes it is enough to be in a stampede, a tight situation or simply a square meal that came belching.

    Belching happens to everyone, but for some people it occurs more frequently than others. Sometimes it happens so often that there is heartburn.

    The disease, known as diverticulaCountersinks, can also cause belching acidic stomach contents after a previous meal. In the case of diverticulum Race Seat food does not fall directly into the stomach, part of it is retained in the pocket of the esophagus. If you are after a meal at a time lie down, the pocket can be emptied and write part will move in the opposite direction. Food is thus never completely reaches the stomach, it is stuck in the pocket.

    How to prevent belching: tips

    Although burping and is not a disorder, it can cause you inconvenience, especially when you are in public. The proposed recommendations will help you to better observe the rules of decency.

    Try to swallow less air. Despite the fact that there is no evidence that chewing food with your mouth closed may suspend belching, still slow and thorough chewing helps to write. It also contributes to better digestion and reducing the formation of gas in the stomach.

    Calm your nerves. Some people are nervous state begin to touch or tap your fingers. Some literally begin to swallow air when they dry in the mouth and throat. Try to find another outlet for their stress. Stand up. stretch and knead, having made a walk around the house.

    Avoid carbonated beverages. An undesirable consequence of the use of drinks with soda is increased gas formation, which is seeking a way out. If you do not want to suffer because of the long burp after eating dinner, you should be more cautious in respect of certain beverages. It is better to opt for those that do not contain carbon dioxide.

    Get rid of chewing gum. Chewing gum promotes the accumulation of saliva, which is then swallowed with the air.

    Drink water from a glass or cup. When people are drinking beverage through the straw or fountains of water, the greater the amount of air mixed with water.

    Limit the use of air products. Whipped products such as milkshakes and souffle usually contain a significant amount of air, thereby increasing the risk of regurgitation.

    Treacherous belching or keep up appearancesAvoid certain foods from your diet. If none of these methods does not help you get rid of the burp, it is possible that the reason for it lies in a food allergy or intolerance to milk. If you try to eliminate certain foods from your diet, you will be able to clarify this question. The most frequent regurgitation is associated with products such as milk, eggs, wheat, corn, soy, nuts, citrus, cola and chocolate.

    If you have a few days to stop usingMilk, for example, and you then disappear burping, consider that the source was found. But to be sure, try again to add a little milk in the food. If belching resumes, then you should seek another source of calcium.

    Run the test. If you have considered all the reasons for his burps and did not find the answer, ask your doctor to check the level of stomach acidity. Excess acid leads to ulcers. Insufficient acid slows the digestive process, causing belching.

    Add a little acid. If you have observed a reduced stomach acidity, you may need to add a little acid in the beginning of the meal, such as a tablet with hydrochloric acid.

    Try not to lie down after a meal. It is tempting to take a nap after a delicious dinner. However, you risk causing belching, asleep lying on his back, so if I want to sleep after dinner, do it while sitting in a comfortable chair so that the body was in a slightly elevated position. But it will be much better if you prefer something else, for example, go for a walk. Thus reducing the probability of hitting the stomach contents into the esophagus. Since the appearance of regurgitation is due to the same reasons as heartburn, it helps to get rid of the same medication.

    Show your doctor. If none of the funds intended for the elimination of heartburn does not help and you still bother burp, your doctor may make an examination of the esophagus. In case of diverticulum Race Seat can correct the situation with the help of surgery.

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