Diet for children after a year with phenylketonuria


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  • Menu for children with phenylketonuria, depending on age

  • Food for thought

    Phenylketonuria is among the hereditarydiseases in which nutritional therapy is the only treatment option. According to foreign authors, 60% of patients - idiots, 30% - weak-minded, and only 10% of patients have a slight degree of mental retardation (dementia). Spontaneous improvement of mental functions has never been observed with phenylketonuria, because as important as the disease can be used to identify and assign the appropriate power supply. Translation of the child on a special diet at the early detection of disease ensures the normal psychological development.

    Diet for children after a year with phenylketonuriaDiet therapy is based on the principle of a sharpphenylalanine limitation that comes from food. Any protein contains up to 8% of phenylalanine, but because high-protein foods (meat, fish, liver, sausages, eggs, cheese, baked goods, cereals, beans, peas, nuts, chocolate) are excluded from the diet completely.
    Valid natural products includelow-protein cereals, corn flakes, mushrooms, sunflower oil, vegetables, fruits, juices, honey, jams. With the exception of the high-protein diet products fat is inevitable deficit which is filled at the expense of butter and vegetable oil, and the first year of life - and at the expense of fish oil. The fat content of the diet is 35%.
    The need for carbohydrates provided byvegetables, fruit, sugar, starchy foods. Carbohydrate content of the diet is 60% of total calories. Calcium, iron and vitamins in the form of patients receive appropriate drugs. However, the rejection of high-protein products (especially from pasta, cereal and bakery products) can not provide the required amount of food, and therefore the developed protein-free bread, pasta, noodles, cereals.
    To prepare the first and second courses assubstitute cereals used artificial sago is made from corn starch. Corn, wheat, potato starch is used to make jelly, protein-free bread, second vegetable dishes.

    Menu for children with phenylketonuria, depending on age

    Sample one-day menu for children with phenylketonuria in age from 1 year to 1.5 years (in grams):

    • Breakfast: porridge from sago (mashed) - 150 (output of ready meals), apple puree - 50, sweet tea - 150.
    • Lunch: pickle with protein-free grains (grated) - 150, vegetable puree - 150, apricot juice - 150, bread from corn starch - 20, butter - 10.
    • Afternoon snack: fruit puree with sugar - 150.
    • Dinner: Beet Caviar with apples - 150, cherry mousse - 50, sweet tea - 150.

    Sample menu for children suffering from phenylketonuria, aged 1.5 to 3 years (in grams):

    • 6.00 am: juice - 100.
    • Breakfast: braised carrots - 150, prune or apple juice - 50, sweet tea - 150.
    • Lunch: soup vegetarian (grated) - 150, sago porridge - 150, cranberry jelly - 150, protein-free bread - 50.
    • Afternoon snack: fruit - 200, sugar - 15.
    • Dinner: cabbage stew - 150 Cherry juice - 150.

    Sample menu for phenylketonuria patients between the ages of 3 to 5 years (in grams):

    • Breakfast: mashed potatoes with cucumber - 170 bread made of corn starch - 20, sweet tea - 180.
    • Lunch: soup vegetarian - 150, sago porridge - 150, cranberry jelly - 150, grain corn - 20.
    • Afternoon snack: fruit - 200, sugar - 20.
    • Dinner: salad - 200, sweet tea - 150, grain corn - 20.
    Sample menu for children with PKU, ages 5 to 7 years (in grams):
    • Breakfast: vegetable salad - 200, prune juice - 100, sweet tea - 150. Lunch: beetroot - 200, sago pudding - 200, grape juice - 150, Cornbread - 50.
    • Afternoon snack: fruit - 200, sugar - 20.
    • Dinner: stewed vegetables - 200, cranberry jelly - 150.

    Treatment results depend directly onthe age at which treatment is started the special diet. The earlier vveoditsya health food, the blshe chance of a full psychological development of the child. At a later start of clinical nutrition is only possible improvement.

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