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    For any woman motherhood - a natural need and one of the most beautiful part of life.

    After learning about the "interesting situation", the expectant motheroften change their habits, putting all forces for the birth of a healthy baby. If a pregnant woman has a cat, often it swoops host of friends and relatives with the "good advice" to get rid of Murka for health of a child. "Knowledgeable" people frighten pregnant Cat Lady tales of terrible diseases carried by cats and deadly for the child, as well as fables, like the aunt, neighbor's cat climbed into the cradle, lay down on the face of a helpless baby and strangle the baby. Frightened, the future mother pours tears and gives his beloved cat in good hands. A neighbor in the hospital ward, successfully gave birth to a second child, she sings the praises of his Barsiku tells how wonderful her firstborn gets along with the cat, and laughs at silly prejudices about the danger of a cat for baby. So who to believe? Useful or very undesirable presence of cats in the family expecting a child? Having reliable information on this issue, the expectant mother will not wrestle with the dilemma of "a cat or a child", realizing that these two wonderful creatures can live perfectly side by side.

    What is known about the toxoplasmosis

    When you first visit the antenatal clinic doctorusually future mother asks whether the animals in the family live. Upon learning of the presence of a cat, a doctor, without explanation, only mentioning the incomprehensible toxoplasmosis, will advise as soon as possible to get rid of it. We strongly advise to find another doctor, a competent and knowledgeable. An experienced doctor will tell in detail about the disease and the precautions and may appoint a woman to a special blood test for toxoplasmosis.

    Mom and toxoplasmosisIt is an infectious disease of humans and animals,caused by microorganisms Toxoplazma gondii. In addition to cats, dogs are carriers of Toxoplasma, mice, birds, pigs and sheep. So that communication with virtually all domestic and farm animals potentially dangerous. Toxoplasmosis in cats, in most cases takes place secretly, sometimes there are non-specific symptoms: weight loss, diarrhea, eye redness, fever. Pathogens toxoplasmosis found in the feces of the animal, as well as its organs and tissues. The cat becomes infected with toxoplasmosis by eating mice and birds. The owner, offering cat raw pork or lamb, also inadvertently increases the risk of infection. Although accurate statistics on this issue does not exist, veterinarians believe that toxoplasmosis ill with the vast majority of domestic cats.

    In the human organism Toxoplasma, likemost parasites enter through the gastrointestinal tract. For people toxoplasmosis is not dangerous. It is extremely rare after a couple of weeks after the infection there was a slight increase in the temperature and swollen lymph nodes. But as a rule, a person is not aware of the disease. Then he becomes immune to toxoplasmosis.

    In the blood, with a special analysisdetected antibodies to Toxoplasma. Therefore, re "meeting" with these organisms is absolutely not afraid and does not cause disease. You can become infected not only cats but also by eating raw or poorly-done meat and undercooked. According to infectious disease physicians, immunity to Toxoplasma has half the population of America. In Europe, the figure is higher, for example, in France 90% of the population suffered toxoplasmosis. The real disease is dangerous only for the fetus and infants, because facing serious violations of up to severe brain damage. In extremely unfavorable (and unlikely) circumstances it is during pregnancy, a woman that has no immunity to toxoplasmosis, can contract the disease and infect the fetus. The longer the pregnancy, the greater the likelihood of fetal infection: in the first three months it is 15%, then increases. On the contrary, the risk of serious complications to the fetus decreases with pregnancy.

    For your own peace of mind expectant mother canto donate blood for the presence of antibodies against Toxoplasma. This can be done before pregnancy, and at its beginning. Most likely, the woman having a cat has been ill with toxoplasmosis. Then her serological test is positive, that is, indicates immunity to the disease. In this case, relax quietly to bear a child, as before, take care of your cat. If the test was negative, do not panic and quickly get rid of Murka. Needed only simple precautions, and do not forget that the source of Toxoplasma can not only be a cat!

    Preventing infection

    Once again we list the pathways of malicious microbes in the human body, and infection prevention.

    Toxoplasma may be contained in the catexcrement and get into the human body, the cleaning litter box. Therefore, pregnant women should either charge cleaning the cat tray to one of the home or remove it in rubber gloves. Expectant mother, working in the garden, you should also be careful: street cats can relieve themselves in the garden! So dig in thick rubber gloves and thoroughly wash and cook the best carrot and similar roots in order to avoid infection.

    Toxoplasma source may be underdone orundercooked meat. Expectant mother-lover of steak with blood should abandon this wonderful dish: although Toxoplasma prefer lamb and pork, in a slaughterhouse or in a restaurant kitchen often use the same grinder, knives and cutting boards and pork, and beef. House after the cut of meat you need to wash your hands well, and it is better to entrust this part of the kitchen work husband. If a pregnant woman has no immunity to Toxoplasma, in addition to these precautions she should hand over the cat feces for analysis. If Toxoplasma identified, it is necessary to strictly observe preventive prescription. If the cat is healthy, it is necessary to protect it from possible infection. Do not feed it raw meat, do not let the hunt mice or birds, limit contact with relatives, and it is better not let her out.

    Thus, toxoplasmosis is not soterrible as it may seem at first glance. Almost all cat owners unwittingly suffered the disease. Therefore, knowing that the expectant mother lives side by side with a cat for many years, and the doctor can not assign a blood test for toxoplasmosis, because and so it is 99.99% show immunity to Toxoplasma.

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