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  • What ureaplasmosis?
  • Ways of transmission and pathogens
  • symptoms
  • Treatment
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  • What ureaplasmosis?

    Ureaplasmosis - illUreaplasmosis treatment ureaplasmosisTable of current. not because
    that it did not exist before, just assays ureaplasmosis did not
    often detected rarely and usually not often talk about it
    diseases such as, for example, gonorrhea or syphilis. And all because he
    often it occurs in a latent form and few symptoms notes
    disease. About him often learn at delivery of analyzes.

    By the way, in some countries, still
    ureaplasmosis not something that does not heal, even tests for the presence of do not pass. A
    nothing. After all, many experts civilized countries, including
    Russia has already taken its treatment standards and revealed impacts that
    threatening in case of illness.

    If ureaplasmosis sick man, he
    could face an inflammation of the prostate (prostatitis). Besides
    ureaplasma may violate the motility of sperm, and even
    kill them. It is dangerous because it causes inflammation to the female and
    Spikes in the fallopian tubes, which leads to increased risk of infertility and
    ectopic pregnancy.

    If ureaplasmosis ill pregnant
    woman can happen pathology of pregnancy and the fetus. For men and
    ureaplasmosis women equally dangerous because it can lead to
    inflammation of the joints.

    Ways of transmission and pathogens

    Ureaplasmosis Pathogens - microorganisms. Their
    It can not be attributed to viruses, although they are comparable in size. Same
    It can not be attributed to a single-celled. These microorganisms structure
    It is as it were between the two.

    Dispatched ureaplasmosis sexually
    prenatal (from mother to fetus). And if you hit the ureaplasmas
    Child sexual way - they can stay there as much as necessary, in any way
    not prove itself. It is worth noting that very often between a man
    and a woman (married or just in a couple) conflicts arise on the topic:
    "Who gets infected." But when the disease is difficult to answer this

    Ureaplasmosis may reside in the human body both by day
    his birth (if it is infected by intrauterine) and from any
    sexual partner. That is, if a person had more than one sexual
    partner, it is difficult to tell from someone infected has goneUreaplasmosis treatment ureaplasmosiss.


    As already mentioned, often ureaplasmosis
    asymptomatic. Most often it concerns women. Nevertheless,
    divided into forms - acute and chronic. For no ureaplasmosis
    such symptoms that would be characteristic only for him. These
    Symptoms are similar to those that are in other diseases
    sexually transmitted diseases. The first symptoms can be seen after 1-3
    weeks after infection. Women and men are different.

    The men of
    urethra may be clear discharge, burning during
    urination, or symptoms of prostatitis (if struck by prostate

    In women, scarce, just clear discharge from the vagina,
    burning sensation when urinating and severe pain, pain in the abdomen (if
    inflamed uterus and appendages). Discover ureaplasmosis possible, surrendering analysis
    smear. Women should see a gynecologist, men - to the urologist. AT
    average in private clinics in Moscow, this analysis is from 120 rubles.


    Get rid of ureaplasmas quite difficult.
    There are cases when patients ureaplasmosis carried out up to 5 courses
    treatment, and even more. This happens when patients do not fulfill all
    a doctor's prescription (for example, during treatment can not live a sexual
    life, to drink alcohol), continue to have sex with
    untreated partner after treatment, flow, take antibiotics.

    ureaplasmosis same may remain if the treatment regimen was chosen
    wrong. Therefore it is very important to consult a qualified physician.
    Moreover, after one course of treatment ureaplasmas more resistant to
    antibiotic, and subsequent treatment regimen should be more
    significant with more potent drugs to permanently
    get rid of ureaplasma.


    Perhaps the only preventive tool
    by ureaplasmosis remains good old condom. If there was an oral
    Contact any better to rinse your mouth with an antiseptic solution, you can
    even diluted vodka. In general ureaplasmosis not afraid of those who
    We have a steady sexual partner, who will not fail and do not give the
    most ureaplasmosis.

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