How to treat missing voice


Kak_lechit_propavshij_golosThe problem of missing voice is most familiar to people whose work is related to the overvoltage of voice ligaments. These include teachers, doctors, actors and singers. In most cases, people find that they have a voice in the morning when we wake up. With this state, the person is sometimes hard to speak even in a whisper. Throat pain do not always accompany voice loss. In addition to overloading voice ligaments, their cause is also a narrowing of viral and bacterial infections (during laryngitis, pharyngitis and an angina).

If the voice is disappeared or Osip on the background of dry cough and disintegration in the throat, then a possibility of such a phenomenon has become an ordinary cold or laryngitis. Larygitis is accompanied by inflammation of mucous larynx, and this entails the difficulty of voice speech activity. To the main reasons for voice loss include:

  • infections of viral and bacterial nature;
  • overload of voice ligaments;
  • consumption of hot or cold drinks, acute food;
  • Chemical poisoning effect on bundles;
  • Strong stress and neurosis.

Return the missing voice will help the otolaryngologist and folk treatment methods.

Cautions when voice loss

If you lost a voice, try not to strain the ligaments and do not talk. Remember that the whisper is carried out due to the stronger voltage of voice ligaments than with normal speech. If the voice has lost a smoker, he will have to raise his desires and refuse at least at the time of the bad habit. The breath of the mouth very negatively affects the voice ligaments and respiratory tract as a whole: with such breath, the infection easily penetrates the body. Breathing through the nose provides heating and moisturizing of the incoming oxygen.

Voice loss will affect your diet: if you want to recover sooner, then refuse to consume very hot and very cold, eliminate carbonated drinks. Eat foods that do not cause an irritation of the mucous membrane. Do not take alcohol, coffee and tea while the disappearance of the missing voice.

How to return the lost voice

How to return the lost voiceTreatment of missing voice directly depends on the cause, which led to such a state. If the voice disappeared due to strong stress, then the use of sedatives and antidepressants will be included in the treatment plan. Among medications in the pharmacy, you can find sprays, syrups and lollipops for voice recovery. Restoration of the lost voice is to warm and tranquility of voice ligaments. For warming, you can wind the throat with a scarf. If, in addition to the loss of voice, pain in swallowing is observed, then a good choice will be a glass of warm milk with a spoon of cream oil and a spoonful of honey. This mixture is carefully enveloped, heats and removes inflammation from the mucous. With Laryngitis, a variety of expectorant drugs will come to the recovery of voice recovery. If the missing voice is a consequence of colds, then antiviral drugs should add to expectorant means.

People's methods of treatment are actively applied in the treatment of missing voice. The most common is the following means and procedures:

  • mustard foot baths;
  • Rinsing the throat with beetted juice: a glass of juice with the addition of a tablespoon of apple vinegar 9%;
  • heated, but not hot milk (100 g) with egg yolk dissolved in it, which you need to drink small sips;
  • steam garlic;
  • Inhalation with eucalyptus oil.

Before starting treatment, find out the reason for which voice disappeared.

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