How to avoid the thrush


    How to avoid the thrushIf a man with "thrush" the word most oftenare plump woman in a white robe, the woman in the first place remember the hateful fungal disease. Yeast-like fungi of the genus Candida are not a threat to a woman's life, but significantly spoil her mood. The natural vaginal flora consists mainly of lactobacilli, which produce lactic acid, which is a natural defense against pathogenic fungi. When lactic acid production decreases, mushrooms activated. This is what happens with antibiotics, some infections, change in hormonal balance, the use of contraceptives and other means.

    Vaginal candidiasis (thrush) is accompanied by:

    • itching, burning or irritation in the genital organs;
    • discomfort when urinating, during ovulation, before, during and after menstruation;
    • heavy cheesy discharge is odorless;
    • discomfort during sex.

    thrush Treatment

    If you've found at least one of the symptoms,should immediately consult a gynecologist. Now there are drugs that can get rid of the disease in only one step! In addition, it is useful to stick to the diet. Thrush loves sweets, so the sugar, chocolate, sweets and pastries, should be excluded from the diet. Replace white bread products made from wheat flour. Drink 1-2 cups of sour milk or yogurt each day. Do not forget about vitamins: thrush may well wake up during beriberi.
    While thrush is gone, you can engage in sexOnly with a condom, as the sperm for Candida species is a very favorable environment. Of course, the latex will irritate. But this is only an extra incentive to get rid of the disease.

    Prevention of vaginal candidiasis

    The most pleasant is the prevention of thrushsex. It increases body temperature and metabolism, which is beneficial to the microflora. It is necessary to avoid strong foaming hygiene, synthetic underwear, frequent douching, antibacterial and perfumed soaps. Wear cotton panties and change them daily. Use white unscented toilet paper and, of course, do not take any antibiotics on their own, even if the temptation to get rid of "one day" of infection is very high.

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