Whitish vaginal discharge: to find and eliminate the cause


Whitish vaginal discharge: to find and eliminate the causeWhitish vaginal discharge concernedmost women and are often accompanied by a painful burning and itching. If you have already encountered this problem, you know that it is very difficult to recover.

What is the cause of belesovatnyh intimate secretions and how to quickly get rid of this problem?

First of all, remember that the whitishallocation in women are caused by two main reasons - it is a reproduction of the vagina yeast (vulvo-vaginal candidiasis) or excessive growth of lactobacilli (cytolytic vaginosis or another name - cytolysis Doderlyayna).

Let's talk about each of these reasons.

So, the first reason - the growth of yeast or candida yeast infection.

It arises from the fact that the fungibegin to grow rapidly and multiply in the vagina. This is due to reduction of immunity, or the intake of antibiotics. Also remember that the mushrooms in a large number live in the intestines and in the mouth. Therefore, oral or anal sex can also cause the appearance of Candida yeast infection.

The second reason - it is the excessive growth of lactobacilli or laktomolochnitsa.

The paradox of this thrush is thatLactobacillus - a normal microflora of the vagina. But under certain circumstances lactobacilli start to multiply excessively and an excess amount causes burning, itching, and accompanied by the appearance of whitish cheesy discharge. The main causes of this excessive growth of lactobacilli may be pregnant when the vagina is formed high glycogen content. What other prichny lead to overgrowth lactoflora:

  • raising the level of estrogen (female sex hormone);
  • frequent use of capsules or suppositories with lactobacilli and bifidobacteria;
  • excessive use of shower gels from lactic acid content and low pH <4,5;
  • rare sexual life or the regular use of condoms.

Now let's talk about how to get rid of these different types of yeast

Quite often, when you are faced withwhitish discharge (thrush), then immediately try to drink an antifungal drug, including because they see such advertisements on TV. But, if the Candida yeast infection, it may help for a short while, when laktomolochnitse - it is wasted money.

One of the other differences thrush is very difficult andeven doctors "by eye" can never do that. But it would be desirable to have a universal tool that helps with the same candida thrush, and laktomolochnitse.

For this purpose, doctors use Kandinorm that due to dual mechanism of action is equally effective and Candida, and laktomolochnitse.

Kandinorm produced as a gel and comprisescomposed of natural ingredients which effectively clean the vagina from Candida (yeast), fungus, and thus it can effectively adjust the acidity of the vagina, which is very important in the treatment of laktomolochnitsy or cytolysis Doderlyayna.

That is why Kandinorm be effective for any reason, whitish vaginal discharge accompanied by burning or itching.

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