October 18 - International Menopause Day


October 18 - International Menopause Day
Menopause - a time when terminatedmenstruation. Somewhere in the 35 years of a woman's ovaries begin to change the number of produced estrogen, a hormone necessary for menstruation and pregnancy. With age, estrogen is getting smaller - up until menstruation stops and a woman will not lose their reproductive function. The average age of women at menopause 51 years, but this period may occur earlier or later - between 40 and 55 years.

In Russia, 37% of women older than 50 years, of which 15%age 50-59 years. The onset of menopause every woman is accompanied by certain physiological changes - hot flashes, vaginal dryness, problems with the genitourinary system, mood changes, and poor sleep. Menopause symptoms often have a negative impact on the daily lives of women. Of course, menopause - is not in itself a disease, but it may cause the development of many diseases such as cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis system.
"Menopause - a natural period in the life of every woman. Modern medicine allows each woman to choose the method of treatment that is right for her and improve her quality of life"- Says MD, an obstetrician-gynecologist Kovaleva Larisa.

There are several approaches to the treatment ofmenopausal disorders in women - psychotherapy, dietary changes, work and rest, exercise, massage, physical therapy and drug therapy. Drug therapy includes the use of non-hormonal drugs and hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Particular attention is paid to doctors HRT, as it is the only treatment of menopausal disorders with proven efficacy. The classical method of HRT are estrogen replacement therapy and the combination of estrogen with progestogen, but in recent times there was a fundamentally new approach - STEAR - tissue selective regulator of estrogenic activity, which is characterized not total "replacement" hormone deficiency and selective effects on various organs and the female body tissue . An important addition is the action STEAR drugs on mood and libido. Unlike other conventional drugs HRT nagrubnaie tibolone does not stimulate breast, thus increasing adherence to therapy women.

Maintaining the body during menopause - an importantissue for every woman. Keep comfort and support the mood of women helps modern therapy at an affordable price. International leader in the development, manufacture and distribution of high quality, affordable generic drugs intended to improve the quality and extend the life of patients Zentiva is in many countries around the world. So, taking special drugs during menopause gives women the opportunity to lead normal life and reduces the risk of many diseases.

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