Abortion: Two sides of the same medal


  • Abortion — Crime against nature
  • Medical abortion as a necessity and opportunity

  • Abortion: Two sides of the same medalAll our life — Continuous struggle opposites. As in the mixing of black and white, the nuances of gray tones are born, so in the confrontation of two opposite points of view, truth is born, and the lack of alternative opinions in this case leads to painful distortion of reality. Abortion for evil and abortion for good — Two sides of the same medal that were always and continue to exist to today.

    Abortion — Crime against nature

    Undoubtedly and with this will not argue, abortion — evil!

    • First of all, abortion — Crime against humanity, losing life helpless human being, he violates the laws of nature.
    • Abortion — this is a violation of the rights of the child, even if not born, but already animated.
    • Abortion — Demographic catastrophe for a low birth rate, for people, Belarus, Ukraine and most Western countries. It is the path to aging of the population, the way to nowhere.
    • Abortion Violation of the rights of man and father, whose opinion is often not taken into account by a woman who decided to interrupt pregnancy.
    • Abortion — This is a miner of slow motion, which threatens the family's existence, breaking family values.
    • Abortion harms women health. Hormonal disorders, inflammatory diseases of the genital organs, infertility, psychological problems — All these are the consequences of an abortion, and not so rare.

    Medical abortion as a necessity and opportunity

    Despite the fact that the number of opponents of abortion is growing every day, and their arguments are pretty weighty, artificial abortion of pregnancy continues to remain the key to solving many problems.

    • Abortion — This is the protection of a person's population from the accumulation of genetic defects, inevitably leading to degeneration. The highest level of development of medicine allows today to preserve the life of people who did not even have a chance for his birth in the past time, not to mention the reproduction of offspring. Abortion for medical testimony, if a child has coarse congenital malformations — In this case, the benefit, no matter how blasphemous it sounds.
    • Abortion — keeps the health and life of a woman who is not able to endure and give birth to child.
    • Abortion in a medical institution — This is a means of preventing criminal abortion. After all, if the woman finally decided to get rid of the child, she will do it, despite the prohibitions and various obstacles. The increase in the number of criminal interventions after adoption «Act on the ban of abortions in the USSR» In 1936, it clearly confirms that no government decisions are able to make a child welcome. At the same time, criminal abortions, as a rule, ending with infertility, make tremendous harm for women's health, and sometimes lead to death. Oddly enough it sounds, but it turns out that abortion — Method of increasing fertility, because only retaining health, a woman after an artificial interruption of pregnancy in the future will be able to have children.
    • Abortion — This is a way to control fertility for countries with high population, such as, for example, China.
    • Abortion — This is a way to solve economic and social problems of the family. It is no secret that the birth of the third and fourth child — Heavy load for the budget of the average family in Russia.
    • Abortion — A way to avoid additional costs of the state to the manuals and development of a network of orphanages. In Russia, more than 1.5 million is interrupted annually. pregnancies and these statistics only health care facilities. Such a number of nobody needs — Understanding Nosha for the state, as it were, the voices of human rights defenders in favor of the abortion ban.
    • Abortion — The way to reduce the number of children left for the state. Despite the propaganda of the slogan of supporters of abortion prohibition «Rhodes and we grow», The number of children's houses is steadily growing and an increasing number of children do not get caress, warmth and care that the child is so necessary since birth. The prohibition of abortions will inevitably lead to an increase in the number of abandoned children, and well, if they are left in the shelter, they are not thrown into the tank of the garbage tree or from 15 floors of an apartment building.
    • The right to abortion — This is a woman's right to dispose of her body. Unfortunately, while the level of education and income of the population is such that the abortion remains the main means of contraception, it is with its help women protect their welfare, implement their rights to career growth or creative development to the detriment of the family.

    As you can see, with all the moral cleanliness of the first side of the medal, the second comes out more substantive. Abortion — Explicit evil, but the fight against him, rather, should be conducted not on the principle of the legislative prohibition, but at the level of education and education.

    Abortion — it's really murder, and not a way to protect against unwanted pregnancy. This is not a means for solving economic, social, psychological and other problems in the family or society. There is modern contraception that does not provide for killings and not forcing the choice between good and evil. And when everyone will know about it, the problem of abortions will be solved. In the meantime, unfortunately, women are often choosing between the first and second.

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