Climax: folk remedies. Help itself


Climax: folk remedies. Help itselfClimax is
a natural stage in the life of every woman. Since scheduled nature that
age 45-50 years of the hypothalamic-pituitary brain system begins
age, and stops sending signals to the ovaries, responsible for the maintenance of
menstrual function. In normal menopause lasts for about 2 years old and does not cause
any pain was a woman. Minor violations
being corrected folk
means of menopause
. But in some cases for biological processes
broken, the woman begins to experience a lot of very painful symptoms,
that doctors are combined under the title "menopause".

menopause It affects the whole organism of the woman. If
normal menstruation during menopause are initially scarce, rare, and
then completely stopped, the pathological course of the process is fraught with
bleeding and hormone-dependent diseases of the female genital organs. because of
violation of the barrier function of the genital tract there is a tendency to a prolonged
current obesity, vulvitis. Lack of estrogen leads to wilting sex
bodies, their omission, the periodic incontinence when coughing, sneezing or

In different
combinations are manifestations of menopause "hot flashes", sweating,
fluctuations in blood pressure, dizziness, heart pain, seizures
unmotivated anxiety and fear for their own health, nervousness,
memory impairment, depression. During menopause begins to increase body weight,
increases in blood cholesterol levels, increasing the threat of cardiovascular
diseases. Disappearance of female sex hormones leads to poor uptake
calcium and osteoporosis, sometimes violated function of the thyroid and pancreas

When menopause symptoms significantly disrupt health and
deprived of disability, we should not sit idly by. At the initial stage it is possible
try to help yourself.

So, popular
funds from menopause

  1. In order not to overload the already weary
    hormonal changes in the body, it should strictly adhere to the regime of work and
    recreation, daily walks in the fresh air, and to engage in activities to comply
    diet, avoiding spicy, fatty and fried foods, strong tea and coffee, limiting the consumption of
    salt and sugar.
  2. Give up smoking and alcohol.
  3. Increase
    the share of dairy products, especially of dairy products in the diet. They are
    a magnificent source of calcium, a much-needed female body.
  4. FROM
    the purpose of the prevention of osteoporosis take calcium supplements and vitamin D, taking into account,
    that the daily calcium intake for women aged 35-50 years of 1000-1500
    mg. Do not forget about the usual vitamins.
  5. Climax: folk remedies. Help itselfNatural phytoestrogens found in oregano, lime tree,
    Hop cones, Krasznai brush, Veronica and heather. Fungoestrogeny contains mushroom
    shiitake, used as a tincture on vodka, cognac, wine or olive
  6. Raise your spirits and help get rid of depression
    preparations on the basis of Hypericum perforatum.
  7. Of popular
    funds from menopause
    soften autonomic manifestations can broths and
    infusions of lemon balm, hawthorn, motherwort, valerian, uliginose.
  8. From excessive sweating save sage in the form of tea or broth for
    of the day and at night.
  9. From causeless fear, anxiety and depression relieve root cyanosis and all
    The same St. John's wort.
  10. The course of menopause will be more lenient if you take a bath regularly with
    herbs, nitrogen, mineral salts and massage.

We live in the XXI century, century
the development of medicine, so to endure the painful symptoms of menopause did not
required. If you can not cope with them Folk remedies for menopause, Call on the classic aid
medicine with hormone replacement therapy. But there has always need
medical advice gynecologist.

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