What threatens the umbilical cord entanglement

"Mom, you just do not worry" - crownphrase most physicians who conduct ultrasound of a pregnant woman. It would be better if they did not speak! Not having to get up from the couch, the woman is already in a state of stress and perceive the information appropriately cord entanglement can not.

pregnancy, hypoxia, entanglement umbilical cord, the umbilical cord

In fact, during pregnancy, this phenomenon occurs frequently. And gynecologists entanglement umbilical cord of the fetus in the womb is not even considered a pathology.

Why is this happening, and that is the umbilical cord, explain MipSovetov.

During pregnancy, a woman from all sidessurrounded by relatives and neighbors who are trying in every way to give advice. Not always such recommendations are valid, and often altogether absurd. For example, future mom can not knit or weave anything from threads or rope - it is possible to "earn" the umbilical cord entanglement. And if not to receive an award for their work in the form of multiple nodes.

It turns out that such a sign there was a very long time,when a woman gave birth at home, and the whole process is controlled by "traditional birth" of women. And in those days, staying in an interesting position the woman except to do needlework, to do nothing is not allowed, so they are knitted, woven lace and sewed clothes. Born entanglement with babies often died. According to midwife this happened because the umbilical cord cover baby's neck tight ring (like a loop of twisted thread). In fact, babies were dying not from this, and due to the lack of experience of childbirth and first aid to the newborn.

But knitting, in fact, is an excellent therapy for women: the nerves calm down, but the dowry for the baby already has.

About the umbilical cord

pregnancy, hypoxia, entanglement umbilical cord, the umbilical cord

Definitely answer the question of whether the umbilical cord entanglement, doctors are not dangerous. This phenomenon may depend on such factors:

  1. If the rope is long enough, the kid can "turn around" and more than once, but the discomfort it causes is not.
  2. If the cord length is small, then the baby may experience a temporary shortage of oxygen. Often a child experiencing difficulties trying to disentangle himself. In most cases, he succeeds.

The threat to baby's health entanglement umbilical cord bears when it is violated as a result of the circulation between the mother's body and fetus. This phenomenon is called "hypoxia". In most cases, eliminated by intervention of professionals.


There are cases where excessive activitythe child is not his personal motor ability. For hypoxia can also cause this factor as an unhealthy diet of the mother or her behavior. For example, if a pregnant woman has eaten garlic, drank a cup of cocoa, strong tea or coffee, it can affect the baby's nervous system. The woman did not notice any changes, but the regular use of such products may negatively affect the development of the fetus.

On sensations

Can a woman to understand that the child feels bad? Doctors recommend mums to listen to yourself. You must learn to feel your body.

Fetal movement is felt with a woman 16 weeks. Each child develops his regime, and most moms know when the baby sleeps, and when sports.

The frequency and strength is also dependent perturbationsthe child's condition: if the fetus feels an acute shortage of oxygen - it begins to literally toss. If the blood flow is reduced significantly - the kid will be sluggish and its movement barely perceptible. This silence must be a reason for immediate treatment in the antenatal clinic!

On prevention

pregnancy, hypoxia, entanglement umbilical cord, the umbilical cord

entanglement problem is not considered abnormal -Many women give birth successfully Zdorovenki kids. But pregnancy is not desirable to bring himself to a nervous exhaustion and worry that your baby's umbilical cord entanglement.

Actions of women:

  1. Try not to worry and not to think about this problem.
  2. Do not listen to the horror stories her friends and acquaintances.
  3. Tune in to positive: listen to classical music, visit art galleries and theaters.
  4. Take love.
  5. Sign up for swimming, gymnastics.
  6. Remember that you should not chase the thrill: less adrenaline - better baby.

About diagnosis

pregnancy, hypoxia, entanglement umbilical cord, the umbilical cord

In some cases, a woman may appoint additional research:

  1. Ultrasound diagnosis. The doctor will assess the condition of the fetus in accordance with the term, check the condition of the umbilical cord and amniotic fluid. For baby ultrasound - is a safe procedure.
  2. Check doplerometrii. Detected by the instrument in the nature of blood placenta and umbilical cord.
  3. CTG - reveals the nature and frequency of fetal heart motion. Allowed diagnosis, starting from 33 weeks of pregnancy.


Often pregnant women are free to decide and ask the doctor to make it a cesarean section. To give birth naturally with cord entanglement is not dangerous.

During labor, the doctor should be monitored for the woman and child, using the heart rate monitor sensors. Only in emergency cases the woman may appoint cesarean section.

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