Choleretic products

Normally, in our body, all organs and systems should work harmoniously and coordinated. Nothing casual in the body is not produced. For example, our liver should produce bile in a volume equal to 500 milliliters or a little more - this is for an adult.

If the bile is not enough or it enters the digestive tract is not at the time when it is necessary to split fats with the products, contribute to their suction, then the person suffers from unpleasant symptoms (flatulence, Pain in the right hypochondrium and abdominal areas, stool violations). In the future, the condition of the whole body deteriorates. Before starting reception of choleretic drugs, you can try to correct the situation by including choleretic products in your daily diet. About this our site and offers to talk.

Why in the body bile?

  1. Thanks to the antibacterial properties of bile, in the intestine on time «Dimmer» Pinged and fermentation processes.
  2. The body is timely released from excess cholesterol.
  3. Bile helps the wigs of intestinal walls sucking fat-soluble vitamins (D, K, E, A), preventing their deficit. These vitamins are needed that the bones are durable, the guises are not bleeding, the blood during cuts quickly stopped, the genitals function well, vision and skin were fine.
  4. Pushes the pancreas for the production of enzymes, increases their activity.
  5. Neutralizes a dangerous for the intestinal tract the action of incoming gastric enzymes.
  6. Improves the motor activity of the small intestine.

Choleretic products

If the doctor confirmed the guesses and assumptions that your liver produces little bile that it accumulates in the gallbladder for a long time and does not enter the intestine for any reason, then you may need to revise your diet, including choleretic products in it. MirSovetovs assures that they are familiar to you, but not everyone knows that they have such useful and necessary properties. For example, fats of vegetable origin have excellent choleretic properties. These are oils - corn, olive, sunflower, peanuts. Use them for refueling vegetable salads - carrot, cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, Beijing cabbage, greenery. Do not forget about the vinaigrette. But if you eat foods that roasted on these oils, the effect may turn out to be the opposite. In such cases, sophisticated chronic processes in biliary tract often exacerbate. Sometimes with strong pains have to resort to surgical interventions.

You can still improve bile outflow, eating a millet oil or sea buckthorn oil.

List and other common food for your dining table:

  • celery;
  • tomatoes;
  • Cabbage white, color;
  • dill, rhubarb, spinach;
  • carrots, pumpkin;
  • Artichokes, olives;
  • Solid grains;
  • cottage cheese, fermented milk products;
  • oat or corn bran;
  • avocado;
  • Drink from chicory;
  • honey;
  • Kuraga, figs;
  • Mandarins, lemons, grapefruits.

Fresh juices are useful: cabbage, beet, raid, from parsley roots, topinambura or turnips, grape.

When cooking various dishes, add spices and spices in them: turmeric, ginger, curry, cinnamon.

And even for normal production and outflow of bile, you need to drink enough liquid. It's about a half liter for a day. Before meals, you can drink heated clean water, into which a little lemon juice added, home apple vinegar.

Suffering from gallbladder, liver, accompanied by bile impairment, benefits will bring mineral water, such as «Essentuki» №17 or №4, «Smirnovskaya», «Slavyanovskaya», Zheleznovodskie, Jermuk. These waters increase the selection of bile with hepatic cells due to the so-called water component, while reducing the thickness and viscosity of bile. And the effectiveness of such water depends on sulfate anion, primarily associated with magnesium cations, and then sodium cations. If the doctor did not appoint otherwise, these therapeutic waters take five times a day in 100 ml (half a large glass) 30 minutes before meals, without gas and warmly. But there are other treatment schemes.

Choleretic fruits and berries

Stimulate the outflow from the gallbladder - a bag-shaped tank, which flows from the liver bile, acid berries and fruits - sea buckthorn, cranberry, lingonberry, rowan red and rosehip. Including them in your food, you will improve digestion, enrich the body by trace elements, vitamins, increase immunity. Cinnamon's rosehip can be purchased in a pharmacy syrup familiar with everyone since childhood. And from the fruits of doggy dogs make another syrup with a more pronounced choleretic effect, called «Holyas».

You can prepare in the fall on your own generous gifts of autumn - Beautiful bunches of rowan, a variety of shape and bright coloring Rosehip fruits. Then they can be dried and brewed in the thermos. Enough to take one tablespoon of frods, pour into a thermos, pour a glass of boiling water. Spin the lid and leave for the night to insist. You can take on one third or half a large glass in warm form before welcome. You can add a spoon of healing honey or sugar.

Barberry or sea buckthorn freeze in special sachets in the freezer of your refrigerator. And then deliver small portions, defrost and make fruit, drinks, allowed to add sugar to them.

Golden herbs

The strongest choleretic effect was given the nature of medicinal herbs. Among them:

  • Calendula flowers;
  • List of peppermint;
  • Flowers of immortelle;
  • Barbaris roots;
  • corn columns and their stilts;
  • grass dispatch;
  • birch leaves;
  • Pijmas flowers;
  • Kornevishche AIR;
  • Dandelion roots and its floral baskets.

If you are sure that your gallbladder is clean from stones, you can safely brew infusions using one of the listed components or making it a gilent collection, consisting of four or five ingredients. On the package acquired in the pharmacy, or inside the box you will read the instructions, where it is indicated in detail how much to take the medicinal plant and how to brew it. Drinks such infusions are better 20 minutes before meals in warm form. Course of recreation treatment Continue about two weeks or a little more. Then take a break. And then act on well-being if a desire arises, then the treatment will repeat, making the collection from other ingredients.

With special care and with the permission of a doctor you can treat these herbs to those who have suspicions that there are concrete (stones) in the bustling bubble (stones). Otherwise, the thread of bile can move the stones, and they can cause a liver colic.

Sometimes stones behave quietly, do not give any signs of their presence, they can only be removed when conducting an ultrasound.

And if the stones are still revealed, then it is allowed to take a membrane, which is a powder from its seeds. First, the treatment starts with one teaspoon of ground seeds acquired in the pharmacy, twice a day, also before welcome (in 30 minutes) by writing a glass of warm water. After a week, if the well-being is good, then the dose can be enlarged - 2 teaspoons twice a day. A week later it is allowed to take 2 tea spoons not twice, but three times a day. After three weeks of reception takes a break for two weeks. Then again there is a repetition of the shoot of the shrovers.

If pain in the field of right hypochondrium, violations of the formation of bile and her outflow accompany you constantly, then be sure to pass the necessary surveys, visit the doctor to determine the cause of your health problems.

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