Rules for issuing certificates for diseases, injuries or abortion


  • Issuance of disability leaf with disease, injury or abortion
  • Features of disability

  • Issuance of disability leaf with disease, injury or abortion

    The sheet of disability is issued by the patient for a period of time from the beginning of the disease before restoring the disability or the occurrence of disability (disability). In the operation of the abortion of pregnancy, a disability sheet is issued from the first day for the entire period of disability, but at least 3 days, including in miniature.

    Rules for issuing certificates for diseases, injuries or abortionIn case of diseases and injuries, the attending physician issues a sheet of disability at a time for up to 10 calendar days and prolongs it alone for up to 30 calendar days, taking into account the estimated time of temporary disability approved by the Ministry of Health in various diseases and injuries.

    Doctors engaged in private medical practice outside the medical and prophylactic institution and eligible to issue temporary disability issues may produce them for a period of not more than 30 days.

    In special conditions (in remote areas of countryside, the Far North and T. NS.), by decision of the local health authorities, the issuance of disability leaves can be permitted by the doctor to fully restore disability or sending it to medical and social expertise.

    Average medical worker who has the right to issue disability leaves, alone and at the same time gives it for up to 5 days and extends to 10 days. In exceptional cases, after consulting with a doctor of the near medical and prophylactic institution - up to 30 days.

    During the time of temporary disability, more than 30 days, solving the issue of further treatment and extension of a sheet of disability is carried out by the Clinical Expert Commission appointed by the head of the medical institution.

    By decision of the Clinical Expert Commission, with a favorable clinical and labor forecast, a disability sheet can be extended to complete disability, but for a period of no more than 10 months, in some cases (injuries, condition after reconstructive operations, tuberculosis) - not more than 12 months , with the frequency of extension by the Commission at least in 30 days.

    For diseases (injuries) disability sheet is issued on the day of disability, including festive and weekends. Its extradition is not allowed over the past days when the patient was not examined by the doctor. Citizens sent to the healthcare and prophylactic institution and recognized disabled, disability sheet is issued from the moment of appeal to the health care. In exceptional cases, a disability sheet may be issued for the past period by decision of the Clinical and Expert Commission.

    Citizens who applied for medical care at the end of the working day, a disability sheet, with their consent, is issued from the next calendar day.

    Citizens needing treatment in specialized medical and preventive institutions, treating doctors issue a sheet of disability, followed by the direction in the establishment of the appropriate profile to extend treatment.

    When discharge from the hospital, disability sheets are issued for all the time of treatment in the hospital, for nonresident, taking into account the days of travel to the place of residence, on the day of statements. Recording in a sheet of disability is made by one line for two signatures: the attending physician and the head of the department. If necessary, the hospital doctor can extend the disability sheet for a period to the first appeal to the clinic or call a doctor to the house, but not more than 10 days, counting from the date of statement from the hospital.

    With a long-lasting disability, the doctor at the request of the patient is obliged «Close» disability leaf, timing to the day of wages, and issue «continuation».

    A temporary disability document is issued and closed, as a rule, in one medical and prophylactic institution and when testimony can be extended in other.

    Features of disability

    Citizens who are outside the permanent place of residence (travel, vacation and t. NS.), the sheet of disability is issued (extended) by the attending physician who have established disability, with the permission of the administration of a medical and prophylactic institution, taking into account the days required for travel to the place of residence. On such a sheet of disability is made by the coat of arms (round) seal of a medical and preventive institution.

    When leaving a temporarily disabled, having a sheet of disability from the place of permanent residence, its extension elsewhere is permitted only if there is a conclusion of the attending and chief physician or a clinical and expert commission about the possibility of departure.

    Documents confirming the temporary loss of working capacity of Russian citizens during their stay abroad, on returning to be replaced by a sheet of disability by the attending physician with the approval of its administration of the medical and prophylactic institution.

    In the case when a disease or injury caused by temporary disability was a consequence of alcoholic, narcotic, non-arcotic intoxication, a disability sheet is issued with an appropriate mark of intoxication in the history of the disease (outpatient card) and in a disability sheet.

    With the temporary disability of women on maternity leave, or people who work for a child who work on an incomplete working day or at home, a disability sheet is issued on the general basis.

    Citizens aimed at a court decision to forensic or forensic psychiatric examination, recognized as disabled, a disability sheet is issued from the date of receipt to the examination.

    With an outpatient treatment of patients for the period of invasive methods of examination and treatment (endoscopic studies with biopsy, chemotherapy for intermitting method, hemodialysis, and t. NS.) a sheet of disability, by decision of the Clinical and Expert Commission, may be intermittent, on the days of appearance in the medical institution. In these cases, the days of the procedures are indicated in a sheet of disability, and exemption from work is made only for these days.

    With the occurrence of temporary disability during the vacation period without preserving the content, maternity leave, in partially paid leave for child care, disability sheet is issued from the date of the end of the specified vacations in case of continuing disability.

    With temporary disability arising during the annual regular vacation, including with spa treatment, a disability sheet is issued in the manner prescribed by the instruction.

    Citizens, independently applied for advisory assistance, undergoing research in outpatient and stationary institutions in the direction of military commissariates, investigative bodies, prosecutors and courts, issued an arbitrary form.

    In the event of a disease of students and students of secondary and higher educational institutions, a certificate of the established form is issued to exemplate them from studying.

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