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  • What are you reporting?
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    What is erosion?

    Erosion? Dermatologic!All that the cervix can be seen as spots -defects covering her mucous membrane (epithelium) - referred to as erosions, - says head of the gynecological department of the Moscow City Clinical Hospital, d m n... Elena Kauhova. - In fact, the true erosion (similar sores) bit.

    As a rule, they appear as a result of purulentinflammation or injury. Most often we are confronted with false erosions. These are areas with a very different, are not peculiar to the outer surface of the cervix epithelium - pieces of benign glandular tumor. The normal glandular epithelium covers only the inside of the neck.

    What are you reporting?

    Erosion can occur at any age, they are notspare even the young girls are not sexually active. The fact that a woman has a disease, it can be unaware for months or even years, and found only after a visit to the gynecologist. The most common complaint - selection (this mucus, which produces glandular epithelium). They may be light, cheesy, with infection - greenish or yellowish. Sometimes it forces women to always use pads.

    The second complaint - pinkish or bloody dischargeduring intercourse with a man. This is quite a serious symptom that may indicate the development of a malignant tumor. As a rule, uncomplicated erosion of women do not experience any pain. They arise in the event of an infectious inflammation of the vagina.

    Despite the fact that the doctor can detect erosion inroutine inspection, have to be in-depth research: under the microscope (colposcopy), cytology (smear-scraping) - to make sure that there is no beginning of degeneration into cancer, dysplasia.

    If the results do not showsubstandard process, young nulliparous women are advised not to carry out a biopsy, that is, to take on histological examination of the neck piece (not study individual cells, trapped in a smear, a cytology and a single tissue section). This is an additional uterine trauma. Furthermore, it is necessary to do a biopsy scraping the cervix (cervical extends inside and connects it to the uterus) and sometimes the entire uterus.

    Remove the "wrong" cells

    Usually erosions women complain of poorsmear. So before you treat the cervix, it is necessary to put in order the flora in the vagina. But this is not always feasible, because she supports the erosion of inflammation. Women often drink endless antibiotics for months, resulting in disrupted bacterial balance in the vagina develop candidiasis (thrush). Therefore, chasing the "purity" of flora to anything. Suffice it to restrict the traditional anti-inflammatory medication (all doctors know what it is), and then do the neck.

    Cure erosion - so remove glandularcervical epithelium surface. All procedures are preferably carried out after menstruation. Firstly, there is a certain guarantee that there is no pregnancy. Second, faster healing will take place. After treatment, the cervical mucus is restored 8-10, a maximum of 12 weeks. But the beloved will have to "suffer" 3-6 weeks.

    Not after, but before!

    It used to be that young nulliparous womenbefore delivery no measures need to be taken to address the erosion. At best, the swabs were appointed. However, the treatment is dangerous in that the erosion can cause the development of tumors. Furthermore, mucosal areas bared easily pick up the infection. A local inflammatory processes in turn can lead to infertility.

    It is proved that every fourth woman does notable to conceive a child, becomes pregnant and gives birth after cervical treatment. Approximately 70% of the extensive erosion of the inflammation become a cause of non-developing and ectopic pregnancies. The fact that the neck of the disease in combination with infection changes the acidity in the vagina, breaks down the speed of advance of sperm to the egg. Therefore, if a woman is planning to have a baby, it is necessary first to solve the problem of erosion. In it is not recommended to treat the cervix during pregnancy and the first few months of breastfeeding.

    Why does not like the cervix:

  • frequent abortions
  • too early sexual activity
  • frequent genital infections
  • wrong contraception
  • hormonal imbalance
  • trauma, lacerations.

    How to cure erosion:

  • introduction of tampons (oil, with antibiotics, and others.) - virtually no effect
  • treatment of cervical medicinal substances (as Solkovagina, Vagothyl) - painful and traumatic
  • burning electricity (electrocautery) - not recommended for nulliparous women: can form scars, neck becomes inelastic, and this will lead to complications during childbirth
  • the impact of the laser beam - high precision cut, preserving healthy tissue, rapid healing
  • Treatment with liquid nitrogen (cryosurgery) - damaged area "frozen out" to healthy tissue; after the course of the cervix "thaws" procedures - stands clear liquid
  • elektroradioluch - quick, bloodless.
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