Pain these days? You are not alone…


  • Pain of the calendar
  • Why it hurts
  • I — and algodismenorye?
  • To endure and forth?
  • Than treat
  • And whether there were pain?

  • Pain of the calendar

    …These pains torment us, women, with merciless frequency. Once a month, from one to three or more days, more than 50% of women suffers from pain syndrome during menstruation!

    Why it hurts

    Pain these days? You are not alone & hellip;During the monthly uterus, the muscles react to these reductions with painful spasms. Various reasons can provoke severe pain in menstruation: elevated levels of estrogen hormone, uterine underdevelopability, increased activity of the thyroid gland, violation of the hormonal balance (excess of prostaglandin and progesterone). In some women, the uterus is slightly rejected back, shrinking, presses on the nervous centers, which provides a feeling of gravity in the lower abdomen, painful lumbar lumbar and sacrats. Painfulness during menstruation can vary from moderate to very strong. Certain Number of Women (every Tenth!) These days are not able to do anything else, except to lie, or sit, loosen, clutching for the belly. Pain and gravity in the abdomen, sobbing in the back during menstruation is often accompanied by chills.

    According to research, the pain syndrome under menstruation is experienced for most young, broken women.

    I — and algodismenorye?

    If menstruation is too painful and long, you should consult a doctor. By the way, when was the last time you were at the gynecologist? Gynecologist if he «do not like» Your monthly, send you to the endocrinologist. After a number of additional research you can be diagnosed «Algodismenorye». This is a disease whose name is translated from Latin as «Painful monthly», is among the most common gynecological ailments. Women suffering from algodismenore, during menstruation tormented from headaches, vomiting, stomach disorders and even lose consciousness. And all this besides «Careful» pain and severity at the bottom of the abdomen!

    To endure and forth?

    Pain these days? You are not alone & hellip;…And how many excellent meetings and important events were missed and torn — And do not mention! Monthly after all will not be transferred, and painful syndrome — Do not cancel…

    Stop, Stop, Stop!

    So we touched one of the common female delusions. There is a checkered opinion that pain in menstruation should be tolerated, carry, so to speak, «cross», assigned to the best half of humanity in compensation for its perfection…

    It's a shame that monthly becomes for many women like the expected monthly torture, mandatory flour. It is not surprising that in «Anticipation» Pains in a woman will determine the mood, they become irritable, and there and depressed is not far…

    Women should realize this: with menstruation pains need to fight, especially since there are effective and secure funds.

    Than treat

    Pain these days? You are not alone & hellip;The meaning of the treatment of painful menstruation is the rapid and effective removal of pain. However, doctors do not recommend taking painkillers in this case. The danger of analgesics in disease menstruation is that these drugs gradually reduce the sensitivity of the body to pain and make it possible to progress without severe pain syndrome.

    For this reason, doctors recommend to use antispasmodics to remove menstrual pain. The preparation of buckopan, which has no analogues in Russia and abroad, eliminates spasms in the muscles of the organs of the small pelvis and the abdominal cavity, due to which the rapid and efficient pain relief effect is achieved. Buskopan does not mask pain, how they make analgesics and even some spasmolitics, but affects the cause of pain — Spazm muscle. The antispasmodic effect of the buckopan is due to its cholinolitic property, which contributes to a decrease in the increased tone of the uterus. Acting towards the place of spasm, busspan® Quickly relaxes spasped areas of the smooth muscles of the uterus, eliminating pain.

    And whether there were pain?

    Acting effectively and absolutely safely, buckwop quickly returns a woman to normal life. You wake up, realizing how, it turns out, carefree and even a pleasant period may be these days. Look good and feel during menstruation can every woman. You — especially!

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